” John E. Pennington, Snohomish County’s former Director of Emergency Management, Linked to Largest Corruption Scandal in Washington State’s History”

Most of you know me as the investigator blogger/reporter in Snohomish County Washington who exposed Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon for the criminal harasser scum bag that he is. Scott North, who claims to be a friend to open government recently stated that I was a prolific public requester; Scott North conveniently left out these facts, probably because he doesn’t like be “scooped” especially by someone who only works at reporting part-time.

But that’s ok because Scott North and I are supporters of Open Government, so I’ll forgive him for leaving off the fact that I am a journalist and an author.

What many of our readers may not know is that the Snohomish County Daily Herald’s February 13, 2013, article ” Reardon’s staff linked to harassment” was just the tip of the iceberg on Aaron Reardon’s little RICO gang of thieves.

The events that lead up to Reardon’s staff being exposed were first unearthed by the Gold Bar Reporters in late summer 2012. Because two dumb as a fuckin posts Snohomish County executive employees Kevin  ” Thomas” Hulten and Jon Rudicil, both directly linked to one of Washington State’s biggest piece of shit, Senator Steve Hobbs, were simply sloppy and uneducated on how to set up a blog, like Reardon and his gang did on the Sky Valley Chronicle.

see http://www.heraldnet.com/article/20130214/NEWS01/702149999

After seeing emails and Outlook calendars from public records we requested on disgraced Executive Reardon, we learned that Senator Tracey Eide, Senator Steve Hobbs, convicted criminal harasser Kevin ” Thomas” Hulten and Aaron Reardon  were having “special meetings” in Aaron Reardon’s Office in early January 2013. This was one month prior to the Daily Herald’s story ” Reardon’s Staff Linked to Harassment.”

Once Reardon’s executive officers got caught with their pants down, and emails connected Aaron Reardon’s staff to criminal harassment, I filed a 10 M tort claim upon Snohomish County, Washington, noting that the Daily Herald only covered part of the story.  The other half of the story involves John E. Pennington’s involvement in tossing Snohomish County Whistleblower Tamara Dutton under the bus to save a much bigger political fish named Deanna Dawson.

From public records we are confident to report that not only was Tamara Dutton engaged in an extramarital affair with Reardon, but Deanna Dawson, President of Southern Washington Association of Cities, was also engaged in an extramarital affair with Reardon.  Unlike Tamara Dutton, Deanna Dawson lied in her statement to the Washington State Patrol during the Reardon investigation.  This issue is water under the bridge but it sure does help understand how we got to where we are today.

In a nutshell, Reardon’s ” little RICO gang” threw Tamara Dutton under the bus to save Deanna Dawson from political ruins for sleeping with a married executive. For this, we are going to keep our eyes open on issues that relate to Dawson because any female that would toss another female under the bus to save their ass is a piece of shit that deserves public scrutiny.

Then in late February 2013, the Snohomish County council stripped control of our public records from Aaron Reardon’s control. Scum bag Reardon resigned, but not before ordering Snohomish County Prosecutor Margaret King and Sean Reay to write and file WA State Bar complaints against Gold Bar reporter Anne Block (me).

Whether Mark Roe knew whether or not that Sean Reay and Margaret King had entered Reardon and Pennington’s conspiracy to harm me is still under investigation, hence why Prosecutor Mark Roe was not listed as a defendant in my RICO suit.

To Mr. Roe’s credit, it appears that he did not know until I filed a First Amendment Brief with the WA State Bar basically telling the Bar to stay out of my First Amendment activity outlining a bit of what we write here.

In July 2013, Crystal Hill Pennington sent me a private “tweet” stating ” can’t wait to go to your disbarment hearing. ” The tweet didn’t say ” I hope you get disbarred” it said I cant wait to go to your disbarment hearing” as though the fix was already in. Crystal Hill Pennington’s Tweet prompted me to start investigating WSBA lead counsel Linda Eide’s connection to all of this.

It didn’t take a genesis to connect the dots between WSBA lead counsel Linda Eide and Senator Steve Hobbs’s and John Pennington’s friend Senator Tracey Eide. Eides are related.

Why Reardon’s gang of thugs wanted to get me disbarred was simple, I, not the Herald reporters, basically exposed Reardon for the criminal he is, and I filed a 10 M tort claim upon the County for his little RICO gang’s constant harassment on a Snohomish County controlled blog spot titled ” Sky Valley Chronicle”; and the City of Gold Bar’s Mayor Joe Beavers has been hiding Reardon and the Penningtons’ emails crimes for over five years costing the taxpayers of Gold Bar over 1 Million dollars with no end in sight.

As I have stated time and time again, there shall be no end until the City of Gold Bar complies with the Public Records Act. Further, the dumb asses thought that somehow by getting me disbarred this would reduce their liability.

What we uncovered over the last year will only greatly increase their liability, and since Kevin Hulten plead guilty to criminal harassment, he and the county at min. will be deposed. Once deposed, the whole shit and caboodle comes out . What John and Crystal Pennington and Gold Bar’s demented old Mayor Joe Beavers did on the Sky Valley Chronicle only enhances damages. An issue we will save for federal court, and after the assholes got caught criminally harassing me, they continued under the leadership of Executive John Lovick and without detection of Prosecutor Mark Roe.

I say blindly, somewhat, without the detection of Prosecutor Mark Roe, because John and Crystal Pennington recently set up a Twitter account “ NSCrier” posting only pictures of Tamara Dutton in a jail jumpsuit, John Lovick, and Mark Roe ( posting information about Mark Roe’s DUI arrest in King County earlier this year. An issue that we’re not interested in unless Mr. Roe harmed another human life, which he DID NOT). In addition, we reviewed Mark Roe’s email communication during a two year period, and besides seeing very unprofessional emails between Mark Roe and John Koster about Judge Wiseman, I didn’t see much to be too concerned about. But nonetheless, I decided to post Mark Roe’s emails hoping that Mark Roe would learn a lesson that as a politician his actions are subject to public scrutiny.

In October 2014, I filed a First Amendment injunction against the WA Bar citing massive corruption. In my response to the WSBA’s political payoff ( Yes we are claiming that Pennington and Reardon paid off WA Bar Hearing Officer Lin O’Dell using O’Dell’s convicted murderer boyfriend Mark Plivelich to make the payment exchanges with the Penningtons in Duvall and will be posting our findings within the next week or sooner) to disbar myself, and on behalf of Aaron Reardon and John and Crystal Pennington, I submitted a hell of a lot of evidence that John E. Pennington ran illegal background checks, is in fact a pedophile, etc. ( see Gold Bar Reporters archives for more information).

I also submitted at least one hundreds posts John and Crystal Pennington and Gold Bar’s Mayor Joe Beavers posted on the Sky Valley Chronicle. A source inside Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office informed us that Mark Roe called Pennington and said “ If you don’t stop harassing Block on the Sky Valley Chronicle, I’ll charge You with cyber-stalking” immediately John and Crystal Pennington and Gold bar’s Mayor joe Beavers stopped.

For this reason, I do not believe that Mark Roe knew that PENNINGTON, King, and Reay were posting on the Sky Valley Chronicle. I only fault Mark Roe for not monitoring his employees, and have since decided not to Recall him. I also thank him.

An additional thank you to Gold Bar’s current Mayor Linda Loen, who confirmed the Penningtons and Beavers involvement in cyber-staking me on the County controlled Sky Valley Chronicle.

Because this story is huge, and involves a financial pay off using federal resources, this blog is just the first in a series of posts to follow on this story. So stay tuned on Monday morning following Thanksgiving; what we uncovered and will report on will send a shock wave through the 40,000 WA State Bar members and John Lovick’s career will end as a result of John Pennington, just as Aaron Reardon’s did. Reform is coming,

A special Happy Thanksgiving thank you to my childhood hero Frank Serpico.

Lin O’Dell Bad Business,Murder, & Undue influence (Part 1)

WA State Bar Hearing Officer purchasing clients homes for pennies on the $$$.

Snohomish County Reporter

It seems when I find another corrupt piece of crap I don’t just stumble over it, I come crashing down like thunder on it.

This is a story that is going to need a few parts, maybe more then a few This one is past bizarre & it is TRULY EVIL.

Lin O’Dell ~ AKA ~  Linda Diane O’Dell ~ AKA ~ Linda Worthington

I was researching the member’s of the WSBA disciplinary board & found that this woman lives with a man who killed his friend

Spokane Chronicle - Google News Archive Search 2014-11-17 23-31-24
Spokane Chronicle - Google News Archive Search 2014-11-17 23-32-33
Spokane Chronicle - Google News Archive Search 2014-11-17 23-33-35
Spokane Chronicle - Google News Archive Search 2014-11-17 23-34-23
Spokane Chronicle - Google News Archive Search 2014-11-17 23-35-08So everyone has a past, myself included so that didn’t really strike any cords with me, he served his time even though he got off pretty easy.

I see a familiar name: Caruso, I haven’t had time to write or call Robert Caruso to see what his connection is to this Fred Caruso but kind of interesting to me that the WSBA is…

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Gold Bar’s Mayor Linda Loen ” too high to function”

Gold Bar, Washington, has quite a history of appointing or electing criminals, drug dealers, demented Mayors, and now the City of Gold Bar has Linda Loen, or as we correctly stated  ” High as a fuckin Kite Loen.”

This post is by no means a statement against medical marijuana users, but our sources tell us that Linda Loen is not a medical marijuana license holder.  ” Every time we go into City Hall to collect records or pay a water bill, Linda is as high as a kite” one resident told the Gold Bar Reporters.

We also know this to be true based on our encounters with Linda Loen.  Unfortunate; as Jim Hightower said ” if the Gods had wanted us to vote they would have given us candidates.”  The Gods must hate Gold Bar because all we ever get as public officials are “boob flashing” Mayors, demented ( Beavers) or drug users.

Gold Bar’s drug invested leaders is no surprise to those of us who know the City’s long history of corruption. In the late 1990s, a Snohomish County Sheriff’s Officer was dealing drugs from City Hall. Another Snohomish County Sheriff’s Officer was recently caught breaking into homes in 2013.

In the early 1990s, a elderly female Mayor tried to expose massive monies missing from the City’s water fund.  After meetings the Mayor had be escorted to her car, after receiving threats to her life by County and City officials.

Well this brings us back to how a pedophile from Snohomish County managed to slip under the radar after public records document that he enjoys children.  Our readers should be happy to know that the pedophile, also the man who caused 44 deaths in Oso Washington, and thousands more in Hurricane Katrina, was removed as the Director of Emergency Management up here in Snohomish County Washington.  It’s a little late.  Think of how different life would be for his Oso mudslide victims had the County heed the warnings we issued over the last five years.  Warnings we started sending out after public records documented that he has a fetish for children and can’t keep his hands to himself.

Fact is that this same male child lover’s mistress created the largest public records lawsuit in Washington State history, with no end in sight.

Then our last Mayor, demented Joe Beavers used county employee John E. Pennington to access files from Homeland Security. Then the sociopath disseminated those files into emails. Now, Pennington brags about having friends inside Hughes spying on us.  Once hearing this we called American Military online asking them if John Pennington received any American Civics classes, like government. Their answer was ” not required.”   LMFAO

We sign every post we make evidenced by the bottom of the page of each blog names appear. This is in complete contrast to John and Crystal Pennington’s blogs on the Sky Valley Chronicle. We saved all 69 blogs posts John Pennington, Crystal Hill, and Joe Beavers made on the taxpayer’s dime in preparation for litigation.

Snohomish County Washington has stellar criminals in charge.

” In the eye of the storm we uncover one layer of the rotten onion”

OnionThe Gold Bar Reporters are first to report on Washington State corruption. This time its pretty juicy stuff and its involves several Spokane attorneys linked to stealing, elder abuse, fraud and WA State Bar hearing officer Lin O’Dell and her partner Mark Plivelich. Mark Plivelich is a man convicted of murder in 1988.

As we correctly reported last week, the Washington State Bar Office of Disciplinary Counsel is in this shit pretty deep.  Specifically, Washington State Bar’s lead counsel Linda Eide, Chief Hearing Officer Joseph Nappi Jr., and Washington Bar Hearing Officers Lin O’Dell ( who also used an alias of Lin Worthington) and James Spurgetis.

Here’s why we began investigating the WA State Bar for corruption.

In April 2013, and after the Snohomish County Daily Herald uncovered part of the story about Executive Aaron Reardon,  Kevin Thomas Hulten, and Jon Rudicil were criminally harassing Anne Block on the county’s lucrative welfare system, Anne Block filed a 10M tort claim upon Snohomish County on April 22, 2013.  In her tort claim, Block noted that Gary Haackenson, former Deputy Director, turned over Kevin Hulten’s files on his desk directly linking Gold Bar’s Mayor Joe Beavers and John E. Pennington to criminally harassing private citizen and county reporter Anne Block.

John E. Pennington was no stranger to Anne Block.  Block has been investigating John Pennington for four years  after public records from King County ( Redmond) District confirmed that John Pennington had a prior conviction for criminal harassment and had violently assaulted his pregnant wife Ann. Police reports from the City of Duvall (WA) confirm that John Pennington kicked and punched his pregnant wife in uteral area just three weeks prior to her delivery.   Pennington was charged with criminal assault, his guns were removed from his home in Duvall and he lost his Homeland Security Clearance.

In May 2013, and within one month of County Prosecutor Sean Reay and Margaret King receiving that tort claim, Reay and King began writing a series of 32 WA Bar complaints against Block.  WA State’s Constitution prohibits the use of public resources and funds for private use.   John E. Pennington was never a client of Block’s only a political appointee who Block had been investigating for five years.

What we wont discuss here is a future RICO suit that its in the works against Reay, Hulten, Beavers, Eide, O’Dell, Nappi, Reardon, Hill, King, Kenyon, and Pennington. The purpose of this blog is to outline how we uncovered one of the largest corruption scandals in Washington State’s history and how the Washington State Bar’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel is involved or as we correctly reported ” In the eye of the storm there sits a rotten onion.”


So here’s a layer of the rotten onion we uncovered over the last six months. It all began after being criminally harassed by John Pennington, Crystal Hill,  Kevin Hulten, Aaron Reardon  and Gold Bar’s Mayor Joe Beavers on a county controlled blog spot titled The Sky Valley Chronicle,  reporter Anne Block began requesting public records from the Washington State Bar’s counsel Kristian Schimpff.  Instead of Ms. Schimpff answering public records requests ( as mandated under new WA State Supreme Court rules), Ms. Schimpff did what most cockroaches do when the light goes on, she obstructed access to our records.

Knowing that Snohomish County was involved in criminally harassing Anne Block, we requested records from various agencies all over the stat. our request sought “ all records sent between and among any agency employees or contractors and the WA State Bar.” What we got back from King County flipped the light switch, and resulted in the first series of many more investigative reports to follow.

In 2013, a Seattle Police Officer hired to screen visitors to the King County Court house located on 2nd Ave in Seattle “ Tripped” an attorney named Kathryn Abele. Ms. Abele is a large abrasive woman who towers over most men. She weighs over 255 pounds, she is approximately 6 ‘ 4 ‘ and she is severally hearing impaired. According to Ms. Abele she is often verbally harassed by government officials as she enters the court house. One day as she entered to the courthouse for a hearing, a Seattle Police Officer tripped her. Ms. Abele rightfully exercised her constitutional rights to file a criminal complaint against the officer, but instead of investigating Ms. Abele’s criminal complaint the Seattle Police Department decided the best way to deal with Ms. Abele’s criminal complaint was to solicit the assistance of WA State Bar’s investigator Vanessa Norman.

From email communication retrieved from King County, we know that Vanessa Norman solicited at least fifty Seattle Police Officers to file WA Bar complaints against Ms. Abele. From emails it’s clear that the Seattle PD did exactly what Ms. Norman requested of them, like they had been through this before – a pattern exposed. Emails going back and force look more like a porn movie than that of law enforcement or ethical attorneys. In one case, an officer appeared to be having an organism over soliciting other Seattle officers to file complaints against Ms. Abele as well.

The emails were an eye opener, and certainly one layer of the rotten onion, but it wasn’t the big clincher. The clincher was the emails between and among Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office, the WA State Bar, and the Seattle PD conspiring to harm solo practitioner Kathryn Abele.

What’s transpired as a result of a citizen filing a police report should not have happened. Snohomish County Prosecutor Dave Hayes assisted the WA State Bar in violating Ms. Abele’s civil rights. Hayes illegally used public resources to spy on Ms. Abele all in effort to assist the WA Bar State to go after poor attorney Kathryn Abele for exercising her constitutional right to file a police report.

As our readers can imagine, we were curious to know what really transpired so we made some phone calls including a phone call to Kathryn Abele. Ms. Abele’s first words to us were “ I did not lie. That Seattle police officer tripped me.” Our response was simple: “We’ve seen enough email communication to state that we believe you 100%, because we’ve seen the email communication between the WA State Bar, King and Snohomish County to know who the liars are.”

After talking to Ms. Abele, we decided to make a public records request for all records turned over to the WA State Bar as a result of their complaints against Ms. Abele. King County turned over 5 videos of a police officer tripping Kathryn Abele.   And of course we turned copies over to Ms. Abele. According to Abele the WA State Bar did not turn over 2 of the five videos during her discovery request. The two videos that the WA State Bar counsel Collin Farrell and Sachia Powell withheld exonerated Ms. Abele. From videos four and five it’s clear that the Seattle Police Officer did in fact trip her.

With no surprise, the cockroaches from the WA State Bar, Ms. Sachia Powell, Vanessa Norman, and Mr. Colin Fallin   were contacted for comment both refused. But since we are open government supporters, we decided to shine a little light on the cockroaches who decided to violate Ms. Abele’s civil rights.

But that night around 3 AM I woke up from a good dream thinking “ what if the WA State Bar actively solicits complaints in this same fashion from other government agencies and its employees?” And what we got back from various agencies suggests that our suspicions that the WA State Bar is running a racketeering for profit organization are “right on target.”

Once Gold Bar Reporter Anne Block had reason to believe that the WA State Bar was guilty of racketeering, and Snohomish County Prosecutor’s phone records and City of Gold Bar’s law firm’s attorney bills were involved as members of their Enterprise, Gold Bar Reporter Anne Block  “disassociated” with the WA State Bar by refusing to renew her license in 2014.

At the time, Block wanted to know why the WA State Bar would involve themselves in the pile of shit Snohomish County and the City of Gold Bar created by hiding records, but after an initial search, we found the golden egg, emails between WA State Bar lead counsel and John E. Pennington. The emails were sent from John Pennington to WA State Bar lead counsel Linda Eide suggesting an extramarital affair between the conspirators.  We later learned that WA Bar Linda Eide is the sister-in-law to Senator Tracey Eide, a good friend to John Pennington. This probably explains why Linda Eide and John Pennington’s emails suggest that a close personal relationship exists because it does.

Block hired private investigators to dig deeper. What they uncovered about John Pennington was not surprising. Mr. Pennington’s criminal conduct includes but by no way is limited to these facts: John Pennington is one of two prime suspects in the rape of 5 year old child from Cowlitz County, WA; he plead guilty to hospitalizing his ex-fiancé () Ms. Becker) in Oregon in the early 90s; he fled the State of California after two boys from church in San Diego claimed that Pennington had sexually abused them; Pennington created fake companies in Santa Cruz California, Pennington falsified his time sheets in Snohomish County; Pennington created a company titled JOHN E. PENNINGTON to avoid paying WA DOR taxes on; police reports from the City of Duvall, Washington, document that Mr. Pennington has major anger management issues; and the best for last, declarations from King County confirm that Pennington ( age 40 at the time) took inappropriate showers with his six year old child. According to King County court records, John Pennington was caught exiting the shower with his six year child while his penis was eye level with the victim/child.

At the time Block thought “ why would the WA State Bar lead counsel Linda Eide put her career on the line to violate the civil rights of a member for issues that the WA Bar has no legal jurisdiction over such as protected First Amendment protected activity?”   What we uncovered is best illustrated as a uncovering layers of a rotten onion.


This post is just a part of many series to come on this subject.  Here’s what we discovered after investigating the following WA State Bar employees Linda Eide, Joseph Nappi Jr., Lin O’Dell, and James Spurgetis. All of the coconspirators were contacted for comment but all refused.

Linda Eide and John Pennington knew one another well. Linda Eide is the sister-in-law to one of John Pennington and Senator Steve Hobbs’s closest Olympian allies, Senator Tracy Eide. Senator Eide is not from Snohomish County but public records confirm that she was a frequent visitor to disgraced former Executive Aaron Reardon. How we know this is simple: emails received via Washington State’s Public Records Act confirm that on January 13, 2013, Senator Tracy Eide ( who is not from our District) was having meetings with convicted criminal harasser Kevin Thomas Hulten, Senator Steve Hobbs and disgraced Executive Aaron Reardon.

One month later, two reporters from the Snohomish County Daily Herald exposed part of the story. Why they did not finish the story is best described by one of the reporters for this reason “ the county is fucked.”   We agree. Had the Daily Herald actually reported on what was inside King County’ Major Crimes files as it relates to Snohomish County’s posting on the county employees’ blog spot the “Sky Valley Chronicle” the county would have collapsed. But we say “ so what. The only way to clean up this shit is to expose it; let the sun shine and let it shine with a dam flood light.”

So this brings us to what we learned about the WA State Bar’s lead counsel Linda Eide, Hearing Officer Lin O’Dell, and Chief Hearing Officer Joseph Nappi Jr. “ Little RICO gang.” Hearing Officer James Spurgestis’s conduct will be exposed in the very near future, but his conduct certainly ties back to Chief Hearing Officer Joseph Nappi Jr.

We’d like our readers to know that we tried countless time to contact Linda Eide, Joseph Nappi Jr., and Lin O’Dell to no avail. Ms. O’Dell’s boyfriend Mark Plivelich’s shady shit which includes WA State Bar hearing officer Lin O’Dell will be discussed at length.

Lin O’Dell is a nurse with extensive ties to Spokane Washington. According to O’Dell Linked In page, she never really practiced law.  See Lin O’Dell _ LinkedIn

It’s our understanding that to be a WA State Bar hearing officer one must have been engaged in the practice of law for ten years prior to appointment. Lin O’Dell appears to be the exception. What we do know is O’Dell is personal friend of Chief Hearing Officer Joseph Nappi Jr.

O’Dell’s Linked In page clearly documents that she is not qualified to litigate a dog bite case let alone grievances filed against bar members. This begs to question: who picked her and why?

That answer came last week from one of our records request sent to the WA State Bar. Emails between the WA Bar and the Law Firm of Ewing and Anderson in Spokane confirmed that Chief Hearing Officer Joseph Nappi Jr. handpicked Lin O’ Dell as the hearing officer. In fact, Joseph Nappi used the law firms computers and resources to further the efforts of their Enterprise. We suspect this was a big mistake for Mr. Nappi’s law firm, but won’t address that issue at this point.

I suspect by now our 6,000 readers would like to know how Joseph Nappi Jr. fits into all of this. Well its simple!


Lin O’Dell and her partner Mark Plivelich’s property records search shows a real pattern of misconduct and fraud.

One example taken from Spokane County property records show the duo enjoys purchasing homes from hearing officer Lin O’Dell’s terminally ill clients. O’Dell serves as their guardian, depletes their trust accounts, leaves the client penniless and then her and Mark Plivelich purchase the terminally ill clients’ homes. In one Spokane County record, O’Dell purchased one of her client’s homes for $15,000 even though the property was valued at $208,000.00.   We have been in contact with the family members, and will be posting a separate blog with their statements very soon.

This is just a taste of what we found as it relates to Lin O’Dell.   Since Chief Hearing Officer Joseph Nappi Jr. practices in Spokane probate, and since he handpicked Lin O’Dell  and James Spurgestis from Spokane, our readers can make your own assumptions about what his involvement is. But we are investigating Mr. Nappi’s involvement by cross referencing his cases. As for Lin O’Dell cases; Washington taxpayers can be assured that we are cross referencing every client she has. Our findings as of today, suggest that her convicted killer boyfriend and Lin O’Dell are involved in a lot of shady shit. Shady shit we intend to shine a heck of a lot of sun shine on, so stay tuned  for more of  ” As the cockroaches scatter, part II.”

“ We promise is going to be good, kind of like how many licks does it take to get to the center of tootsie roll pop? “   Our favorite is the chocolate one, and we count 44.


If anyone of our readers has any anecdotal stories to add, please contact the Gold Bar Reporters at Gold Bar Reporter@comcast.net

” Inside the eye of the storm there sits a rotten onion”


While most people sit and watch Sunday football, I continue to peel back the thick and moldy layers of the rotten Onion. An rotten onion that sits in Snohomish County, Washington.

With each layer I peel, I see our founding fathers tears dripping down upon us with disgrace. With each layer I peel, thoughts of how disappointed our founding fathers would be today. With each layer I peel, I see Martin Luther King frowning upon us. With each layer I peel, I think of my grandsons whose future should be free from government corruption. With each layer I peel, I envision a brighter future for the next generation. With each layer I peel, I strive to rid this country of corrupt attorneys who steal from their clients and cheat to win. With each layer I peel, I hope for sunny skies; and blue and calm waters of Trunk Bay. With each layer I peel, more death threats come. With each layer I peel, I see corruption harming the poor. With each layer I peel, I see evil people in high places molesting children. With each layer I peel, I see Mayors abusing our children. With each layer I peel, I see an uneducated bum inside Snohomish County sexually abusing our children because Snohomish County Executive John Lovick and our county council continue to hide his crimes. With each layer I peel, I see The WA State Bar lead counsel Linda Eide covering up for a pedophile to save the taxpayers of Washington money. With each layer I peel, I see a newspaper article about lives lost in the second largest natural preventable disaster also known to us in Snohomish County as the “Oso mudslides” poking fun of the victims attorneys who are simply assisting those wronged by a county pedophile who caused their deaths. With each layer I peel, I’m drawn closer and closer to exposing the largest corruption scandal in Washington State’s history.

At the core of the rotten onion, I see the Washington State Bar’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel covering up for pedophiles and child abusers like John and Crystal Hill Pennington.

Over the last three months, I began to see the bigger picture as I turn my focus to journalism. The picture that I’m drawing inside my book titled ” No sun shine where the cockroaches roam.” Sadly, my investigation leads me right back to the Washington State Bar’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel and it stinks like the rotten onion it is. Layers that i will likely spend the remainder of my life peeling back.

The corruption I peel apart involves every level of government in Washington State, and it stinks like the rotten onion it is. Once I peel back each rotten layer, I shall replant the bulb for the next generation regardless of the years or the cost. My greatest fear is that the monsters abusing our children, will rape and abuse again if not stopped.

My awaking in life would not have been possible without Washington State’s Public Records Act, John Pennington, and WA Bar’s lead counsel Linda Eide. For them I am forever changed; for them, the Washington State Bar will be reformed. Bad nor good, it’s just another chapter for my book, with hope left behind for the next generation.

The Public Records Act allowed this citizen to see and read the corruption inside government emails. Corruption that has raped my Homeland of its dignity, our values, our children, and worst of all trust that we once placed in our government is now gone. All because one Snohomish County pedophile and his mistress were allowed to rape, molest and abuse a child whom I’ve never met but I care so deeply about protecting from two government monsters. These same government monsters are members of the Church of Redemption in Duvall Washington. A typical Christians? You bet

Some of my readers believe that I despise religion. Truth is that I do not despise all religions, just those inside who use religion to prey on our children. The same children who will be the next generation of leaders, who we can only hope do not to cherish profits over people as many inside this generation have, and those who do abuse and rape children as two Snohomish County government officers have over the last five years.

John and Crystal Hill Pennington should not have custody of a stuffed animal let alone a child. When you see Judge Eric Lucas, please thank that piece of shit for ruining another human life.  As Judge Lucas illegally retained jurisdiction over Pennington’s case even though Pennington nor his exwife lived in Snohomish County.  Judge Lucas also illegally “sealed’ Pennington’s files because his exwife # 2 stated that she witnessed Pennington taking showers naked with his six year old child.  Lucas illegally sealed these records in violation of RCW 42.56.  However, we retrieved a copy of this record and posted it.   See Gold Bar Reporters archives.

When you see Judge Wynne, please thank him for allowing Gold Bar’s Mayor Joe Beavers to continue misusing over 1,000,000 dollars of taxpayer monies to cover up email crimes for John and Crystal Hill Pennington. When you see Judge Richard Okrent call him the Nazi he is or simply call him Henry Kissinger.

John and Crystal Hill Pennington were contacted for comment both refused.  In addition, the Gold Bar Reporters reiterate that John Pennington has never denied any part of our investigations or any allegations that he is a sexual deviant. We stand by our report and further state “silence is golden.”   However, there are four lawsuits pending against Pennington for criminal and negligent conduct here in Washington State, with a RICO complaint just in time for 2015,  so one can assume that he will have an opportunity to deny these allegations soon.  However, if he would like to respond we will publish his statements.

For more articles on John Pennington see



Gold Bar’s Mayor Joe Beavers ” an anti-Semite” according to a former insider

A former Gold Bar insider told the Gold Bar Reporters that the City’s strategy was discussed by Gold Bar’s Mayor Joe Beavers. Beavers was quoted by various residents as an anti-Semite who used Adolf Hitler’s Nazi propaganda minister play book as follows:

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.

–Josph Goebbels, Nazi propaganda minister

Snohomish County fraud EXPOSED

Welcome to the land of corruption, a place we Gold Bar Reporters call home. Gold Bar Washington is where the largest corruption scandal in Washington State history started over five years ago this month.
Its also where the largest corruption scandal will be exposed, and its all because former Mayor Crystal Hill and Snohomish County’s political appointee John E. Pennington were never taught how to zip their zippers and abide by their marriage vows to others.
Our investigation started by simply requesting public records ( emails) relating to Snohomish County’s public officials pursuant to RCW 42.56 ( Public Records Act).  Instead of the County and the City of Gold Bar answering two very simple requests for our records, the City and the County entered a conspiracy to hide records, and according to one former insider ” defame, out money and harass the requester instead.”
Gold Bar Reporters have spent the last five years researching a county political appointee named John E. Pennington.  Our findings are clear:  John E. Pennington is an armed and dangerous person; thanks to Sheriff John Lovick for signing John Pennington’s concealed weapons permit even though he has a criminal harassment conviction and was charged with beating up his pregnant wife Ann in 2009.
For over five years, we have researched John Pennington’s last thirty years on this planet and we conclude that he is a pedophile, wife beater, guilty of WA DOR tax evasion, and abuses children.
If holding true to their marriage vows were the only dilemma facing the two criminals, we probably would not be here. But the Gods each and every year fail to give us candidates, thus leaving us with criminals like Crystal Hill, Joe Beavers, Lonn Turner, and John E. Pennington.
Unfortunately for Snohomish County’s children  -and children every where he travels- John E. Pennington was hired without any criminal background check. ( Source, Snohomish County council member Dave Somers confirming that the County never ran a criminal background check on John E. Pennington. Jennifer Dunn also told the Seattle Times in 2005 that she was responsible for Pennington’s appointment to FEMA and she too never performed a criminal background check on Pennington prior to appointing him).
John E. Pennington was contacted several times for comment but has never denied a single allegation lodged against him, including but not limited to these facts:  he was kicked out a church in San Diego after two boys lodged sexual abuse complaints against him during a camping trip, he has a prior conviction for criminal harassment, he is prime suspect in a child rape case of a 5 year girl from Colwitz County, has been accused of sexually molesting his step daughter, and county records documenting that he was caught taking showers with a six year female minor child.
We’re not sure about our readers, but we do not take showers with six year old children, and we feel confident stating that anyone who does is a pedophile.  ( Source, a declaration filed against Pennington in King County).
John Pennington’s court records from King County speak loudly that he is a pedophile and we will continue to report on Pennington until he is locked up in jail with the rest of the pedophiles.  Those who prey on children to fulfil their sexual deviant behavior deserve no respect. Pennington is no exception.
Ten years ago a constitutional law school professor said to me ” you are going effectuate great changes.”  Never dreamed that I’d find myself investigating the Washington State Bar for gross civil rights and RICO violations against its own members and in furtherance of protecting a pedophile named John E. Pennington.
But after reading over 1 Million emails from various agencies and from the WA State Bar itself, its clear that I stumbled upon the largest RICO scandal involving several Snohomish County Prosecutors including but not limited to Sean Reay, Margaret King, Lindsey Downs, Dave Hayes, Seath Fine, Jason Cummings, and our beloved “Sister Sara” Di Vittorio ( who marches down to Olympia each year trying to change the laws so she can “protect employees” who become subject to press scrutiny) County employees Diana Rose, John E. Pennington, former Executive employees Aaron Reardon and Kevin Hulten, State Senators Steve Hobbs and Tracey Eide, and WA State Bar’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel Linda Eide, Lin O’Dell, Craig Bray, and Vanessa Norman.
More to follow on the WA Bar’s involvment in all of this on Sunday ( just waiting for the WSBA’s comment as to records received via a public records request sent between and among King and Snohomish County and the WSBA ODC documenting that the WSBA is soliciting complaints to keep the the WSBA ODC machine well funded and Sno County Prosecutors are assiting the WSBA in violating the civil rights of its members).
As John Pennington criminally harassed open government supporters on the county’s lucrative welfare program, 44 people, mainly children, suffocated to death in Washington State’s second largest natural disaster, Oso mudslides.
Four lawsuits have been filed against John Pennington detailing his criminal and negligent conduct, and one RICO complaint is coming in early 2015.  John E. Pennington is a stellar Snohomish County employee, and our 6,000 dedicated readers should be happy to know that evern though Pennington has been placed on administrative leave since killing children in Oso Washington, Deputy Director Gary Haackenson signs his $150,000.00 a year welfare check.
Why?  Well according to an insider from Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office, the County is petrified that if they let him go, the 44 people Pennington killed in Oso Washington, would have a clear cut case of negligence against the County.  So instead, John Lovick continues to misuse taxpayer monies to fund a pedophile.
A source inside Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office told the Gold Bar Reporters two weeks ago that she over heard Mark Roe telling John Pennington that if he ” does not stop harassing Block on  his Sky Valley Chronicle blog, he ( Roe) would press criminal cyber-stalking charges against the Penningtons”.   Bravo to Mark Roe for opening his eyes, but proof of John Pennington’s past criminal harassment conviction record can be found inside his domestic assault records from the City of Redmond.
Our investigation of John Pennington’s criminal activity continues.  But not without one source telling the Gold Bar Reporters that Snohomish County’s number one pedophile was heard bragging that he managed to convince a friend inside the FBI in Alexandria Virginia to look into the Gold Bar Reporters investigation of him.
Perhaps Mr. Pennington forgot that the First Amendment protects free speech and certainly prohibits government officials from trampling on the press and free speech rights of its citizens.
According to John Pennington’s fraudulent online school American Military Institute (AMU), he was not required to take an American Government class. Laughable shit! Or as Senator Tom Harkin called AMU ” Fraud.”  We agree and respect Senator Harkin for going after fraudulent online dipliomia mills such as AMU.
As a result of John Pennington’s brags that he has a friend inside the FBI, we requested FBI records relating to John Pennington under FOIA.  The FBI stated that it intends to provide records within three weeks. This FOIA includes phone records relating to John Pennington’s calls to Clarksburg West Virginia. 

Snohomish County public officers running online website

This week was a very good week for us open government supporters out here in Gold Bar.  Good news, someone inside the City of Gold Bar released records illegally withheld for over five years to the Gold Bar Reporters. The insider released records confirming beyond any reasonable doubt that several Snohomish County public officers started and maintained the Sky Valley Chronicle right from Snohomish County’s Department Emergency Management and Gold Bar City Hall.

Emails illegally withheld for over five years were that of Gold Bar’s city clerk Denise Beaston.  Whether Denise is the one who leaked the illegally withheld records to the Gold Bar Reporters is unknown.  We suspect she is.

While the former Snohomish County political appointee John Pennington criminally harassed open government supporters on the county’s lucrative welfare program, 44 people, mainly children, suffocated to death in Washington State’s second largest natural disaster.

Four lawsuits have been filed against John Pennington a man who caused thousands of deaths in Hurricane Katrina and 44 people to suffocate to death in Washington State’s second largest natural disaster Oso mudslides. The civil suits detail his criminal and negligent conduct, and one RICO complaint is coming in early 2015.

Additional records also document that John Pennington ran his for profit company right from Snohomish County’s DEM Office, a company that he has yet to pay a single cent of state tax on.

Here’s how Aaron Reardon and his racketeering gang operated the Sky Valley Chronicle and his many criminally harassing Twitter accounts( NSCrier, BlockOfLies, and MockAnneBlock).

In March 2008, Aaron Reardon’s poll numbers inside the Sky Valley were plummeting. As a result, Reardon hired a real religious whack job named Christopher Schwartzen.  At the time, Schwartzen was a Seattle Times reporter and a very good friend to another religious whack job named Ronald Fejfar.

Within six months of Reardon hiring Schwartzen, on July 7, 2008, Fejfar, Pennington, Schwartzen and Reardon start a for profit online blog titled the ” Sky Valley Chronicle.”

Since starting the Sky Valley Chronicle, Snohomish County Executive employees John Pennington, Chris Schwartzen, Kevin Hulten, Aaron Reardon, Jon Rudicil, Brian Parry, and Gold Bar’s Mayors Joe Beavers and Crystal Hill operate the Sky Valley Chronicle right from  Snohomish County public offices and from City Hall in Gold Bar.  How we know this: someone intentionally released records that document each public official was given a log in code by Sultan resident Ronald Fejfar, and each was allowed to post anything, regardless of the truth.

However, over the last couple of weeks someone put an end to the Sky Valley Chronicle’s criminal conduct. As of today, all three Twitter accounts were unexpectedly suspended, and the Sky Valley Chronicle has ceased its criminal cyber-stalking of Gold Bar Reporters.

Although last week, Gold Bar’s former Mayor Crystal Hill Pennington was photographed stalking the Gold Bar Reporters at their homes.  Mz. Hill lives in Duvall, while lothario/pedophile John Pennington remains on the east coast with his newest mistress, reducing Mz. Hill to a babysitter.

A source inside Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office told the Gold Bar Reporters two weeks ago that she over heard Mark Roe telling John Pennington that if he ” does not stop harassing Block on the Sky Valley Chronicle, he ( Roe) would press criminal cyber-stalking charges against the Penningtons”.   Bravo to Mark Roe for opening his eyes, but proof of John Pennington’s past criminal harassment conviction record can be found inside his domestic assault records from the City of Redmond.

Our investigation of John Pennington’s criminal activity continues.

” Attorney Michael Kenyon’s dirty bag of secrets “


When’s a scum bag always a scum bag. ” Meet John “Theodore Bundy” Pennington. Also known as the man who caused thousands of deaths in the Hurricane Katrina Debacle and 44 deaths in Oso Washington mudslides. In the late 1980’s, after flunking out of Vanderbilt College in Tennessee, John Pennington moved to a small suburban city just outside of San Diego California. While in San Diego, Pennington meet his new victim, who believe he legally married, so are calling her ex wife # 1.

Two years later, John Pennington fled from Southern California, again heading home to Nashville, only after two small boys made allegations of sexual abuse against him while on a church camping trip.

While in Tennessee, Pennington made an unsuccessful run for an open Republican State Rep. After a landslide loss for Pennington, he again headed west. This time to Oregon, where he met his next victim Loraina ( thank you for talking me and thanks for following the reporter). In the early 1990’s Mr. Pennington plead guilty to criminal harassment after he hospitalized his finance in Oregon. As a result, John Pennington fled from Oregon to Vancouver Washington. While in Vancouver, John Pennington meets his next victim. Sadly, they soon married.

While working in a coffee delivery business, John Pennington stole coffee grinding equipment from his previous employer and used this equipment to start up a coffee shop in Kelso. Purpose was to make it look like he was an entrepreneur ( but he is really a sociopath) as to grab an uncontested Republican seat in Colwitz County.

It worked, Pennington managed to get elected to an uncontested WA House of Representatives seat. Unfortunately for residents in New Orleans and Oso Washington, he met a powerful Washington State Republican leader, Jennifer Dunn.

In 1992, a 5 year old girl was kidnapped, raped, and then tossed along a Colwitz County road like a piece of trash. According to Colwitz County Sheroff’s Office, John Pennington became one of two prime suspects for the following reasons: (1) Pennington operated a coffee delivery route within six blocks of where the child was dumped; (2) he drove the same car; (3) Pennington was in the area at the time of the child rape; (4) Pennington’s picture from 1992 is almost a complete match to the child and witness’s sketch drawing of the pedophile; and (5) Pennington relentlessly convinced his ex wife to call the police attempting to divert attention away from himself and onto another man.

According to police records, Mr. Pennington has deep seeded anger management issues ( but he did pass one anger management class) and major issues with racism, just as his father (a Nashville police officer) does. John Pennington, former DEM for Snohomish County, has countless child abuse and spousal abuse complaints against him; Mr. Pennington is a racist according to people close to him he said ” I only support abortion when a white woman is raped by a black man” Just like Hitler, Pennington has a real disdain for minorities “Birds of the same feathers flock together as do pigs and swine.

According to sources close to John Pennington he is also an abuser of prescription pills, and was detained at the US Mexico  for having narcotics ( non-prescription pain pills) on his person while coming back into the US. Pennington has never denied this allegation.

From 1992 to 2005, John Pennington’s violence grew with his ex wife. # 2 . From pushing her down stairs and constant physical abuse are just some examples of what we know to be true.

But the case that raised our eyebrows is Mr. Pennington’s abuse on his ex-wife # 2 ( who is really ex wife # 3) Anne Laughlin. Ms. Laughlin was a City of Duvall city council member at the time of Pennington’s assault of Anne. Anne was three weeks away from giving birth to her daughter when Pennington violently assaulted, kicked and punched Anne in the stomach and uterual area. A real salt of the earth kind of man.

Since Ms. Laughlin was a Duvall city council member at the time, the City of Duvall sought a Special Prosecutor. The prosecutor assigned to prosecute wife beater John Pennington came from the law firm of Kenyon Disend.

In 2009 when Pennington assaulted Laughlin, this was his third domestic violence charge. This should have amounted to jail time for Pennington.

NOW COMES, Michael Kenyon. A hater of open government, and the attorney responsible for hiding public records involving former Mayor Colleen Hawkins. Kenyon’s hiding of public records in violation of RCW 42.56 is well documented through the case involving local Gold Bar residents Joan and Robert Amen.

Public records we received document that attorney Michael Kenyon made an illegal agreement with the City of Sammamish to hide Hawkins email communication, and then refused to release public records claiming that he no longer had them. According to Washington State Attorney General Nancy Krier such agreements are not permissible under the Public Records Act. A fact that we are not sure that she shared with Kenyon. In 2008 one of Kenyon Disend’s lawyers ( Special Prosecutor) managed to quash John Pennington’s domestic violence charges. Soon thereafter, the Law Firm of Kenyon Disend received two lucrative contracts, one with the City of Duvall and the other with the City of Gold Bar.

Then in 2011, Kenyon Disend’s junior attorney, Ann Marie Soto, received an email from John Pennington via Snohomish County computers demanding that Kenyon Disend redact police reports involving John Pennington’s that we requested under RCW 42.56. We sought the advice of an expert in records issues who is of the opinion that Kenyon Disend’s redaction of police reports was not permissible under the Public Records Act.

Then a source close to ex # 2 ( or # 3 depending on what public records you believe as it relates to Pennington’s aliases) provided us with thousands of records relating to John Pennington, and those records included Pennington’s email communication with Duvall’s Mayor about how to get Pennington’s soon to be ex-wife Anne Laughlin off the City Council.

In 2009, Pennington then used Aaron Reardon’s connection to the Seattle Times reporter ( who then became Reardon’s aide) to post a story about Anne Laughlin, pretty much the same way he did to Gold Bar Reporters in February 2012. Former Seattle Times reporter Emily Heffner was contacted for comment but all she would say is ” you need to move because they are coming after you.” She never did state who “they” were, but as we stated to Ms. Heffner before, “We have only one live to give and it shall be for the betterment of our society as a whole.”

As of today, Attorney Michael Kenyon and Ann Marie Soto have bilked the taxpayers of Gold Bar over $840,000.00 hiding former Mayor Crystal Hill’s public records ( emails) documenting that she was practicing law without a license, and John Pennington making racist comments about President Obama and running illegal ACCESS background checks in violation of RCW 10.97.

The bigger question that Michael Kenyon refused to answer was what he gained for quashing John Pennington’s criminal charges for beating up his pregnant wife Anne, hiding Pennington’s racist comments and his illegal background checks. We affirmatively John Pennington, former DEM for Snohomish County, has countless child abuse and spousal abuse complaints against him; Mr. Pennington is a racist according to people close to him he said ” I only support abortion when a white woman is raped by a black man” Just like Hitler, John E. Pennington has a real distain for minorities

Snohomish County’s former Director of Emergency John E. Pennington EXPOSED!

Original story posted on Homestead GoldBarReporter.org, so some files may be missing. If so, please contact the tips@goldbarreporter.org

Washington State Bar Association is protecting a Snohomish County wife beater and a child molester named John

Pennington. John Pennington is also the former Director of Emergency Management, a political appointee of disgraced

former Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon. The below public record was given to the Gold Bar Reporters by

John Pennington’s ex-wife Anne, who according to Court records takes showers with his minor daughter, who was

around 6 years old at the time Anne gave a declaration to the court. John Pennington was caught naked with his penis

slung at eye length with his child, stark naked. According to the below record, ex Anne peaked inside the bathroom

concerned that John Pennington was doing something that he should not with his daughter, and she witnessed these

events documented in a court record.

See pubilc record.

John Pennington, former DEM for Snohomish County, has countless child abuse and spousal abuse complaints against him; Mr. Pennington is a racist according to people close to him he said ” I only support abortion when a white woman is raped by a black man” Just like Hitler, Pennington has a real distain for minorities”.




The above record also documents that John Pennington enjoys inflicting pain on his wife Anne, who was three

months pregnant at the time. Anne affirms under oath that John Pennington “twisted her breasts to inflict pain”, and

when Anne started to cry, John Pennington did what any sociopath does, he started calling her names like ” fuckin

bitch” “fat chick” ( although John Pennington is grossly obese himself), and “dumb shit.”

Further police records from the City of Duvall confirms that John Pennington assaulted Anne kicking her in the

stomach within three weeks of her delivery date. Inside Redmond District Court records, Pennington’s past

criminal harassment conviction become part of his Redmond Court file.

Additional public records from John Pennington’s first divorce case document that he pushed his first wife down a

flight of stairs. Public records that Judge Eric Lucas unlawfully sealed as a favor to his friend and disgraced former

Executive Aaron Reardon. We retrived this record from his second ex-wife who was smart enough to save it

noting that it was valuable in her divorce case.

Sad to say that child and spousal abuse is not new for John Pennington. Our investigators uncovered that John

Pennington is the prime suspect in a child rape case of a 5 year girl in Colwitz County ( WA). At the time of the

child kidnapping and rape, John Pennington lived within blocks of the rape, was a coffee delivery boy ( he started

his coffee business with equipment that he stole from a former employer in Colwitz County), and he owned and

drove a car matching the description of the man who raped a 5 year child Colwtiz County.

According to Colwitz Sheriff’s Office, John Pennington remains the prime suspect in this case because he meets the

description given by his victim and drove the same car. One investigator told us that the 5 year child smelt coffee

inside the pedophile’s car.

John Pennington’s criminal conduct goes back 30 plus years. In the late 1980s, John Pennington was in fact kicked

out a church in San Diego California for molesting two boys at a church camping trip. Pennington fled the State of

California after the boys made allegations of sexual abuse against him.

Gold Bar activist Anne Block, who recently resigned from the WA State Bar Association after Snohomish County

public records confirmed that lead counsel Linda Eide, Alison Sato, and Lin O’ Dell were aiding and abetting

pedophile John Pennington attempting to thwart our investigation of his crimes against women and children. In

fact, former WSBA member Anne Block sent the WSBA the above document months ago. Linda Eide quashed

them from the record hoping to seal them from the public’s eye.

The WA State Bar’s lead counsel Linda Eide is a personal friend to Gold Bar city attorney Michael Kenyon.

According to a former insider, Michael Kenyon was frustrated because he could not continue his illegal practice of

hiding records from legal expert Anne Block. The insider further told the Gold Bar Reporters that ” Kenyon’s

strategy was to defame and out money you!” But when Michael Kenyon realized that he could not out money open

government supporters out here in Gold Bar, Michael Kenyon called in his friend and WSBA lead counsel Linda

Eide to assist him with his Racketeering Scheme.

Further evidence detailing the sociopath and pedophile John Pennington documents that Crystal Hill’s minor

daughter is now the subject of Pennington pedophilia. The Gold Bar Reporters received a picture drawn by Hill’s

minor daughter who drew a picture of herself with John Penningon, she was naked, and John Pennington’s hand

was placed on her private vagina area. Several sources close to the Penningtons’ tell the Gold Bar Reporters that

John Pennington takes her on private long extended trips alone, purchases her special gifts, and when she sees John

Pennington she pisses her pants and starts shaking uncontrollably.

See http://www.wikihow.com/Identify-a-Pedophile for the profile of a pedophile

Under the totality of the evidence, we expose John Pennington as a the pedophile he is as defined by Merriam



a person who is sexually attracted to children.

Crystal Hill should be in jail for sacrificing her daughter for John Pennington’s sexually deviant pleasures. But

according to one source, ” Crystal Hill would be living in a trailer park without Pennington; She ( Hill) would be

gay if she thought it would get her a free meal.”

Crystal Hill was forced from Mayoral Office here in Gold Bar in 2009 after her home went into to foreclosure and

she had unpaid taxes and water bills owed to Snohomish County.

Under Washington State law, a Mayor must be a resident of the City to hold office.

Over the years, We wondered why so many public officials went out their way to protect a sociopath child molester

such as John ” Bundy” Pennington, either through the Courts or inside John Lovick’s office. Simply put, we we just

don’t know why so many government officials are trying to cover up the fact that John Pennington is a pedophile.

John Pennington was contacted for comment but refused. We stand by our article as “right on target”

Some of our readers have asked us why a Democratic Delegate would be reporting on our own party members, we

simply answer your questions this way:

” If good people ( non-corrupt) do nothing, evil people like pedophile John Pennington, and boob flashing Mayor

Crystal Hill” flourish.” Whether we are Democrats or Republicans, our hope is that most of our thousands of

readers understand that corruption is nonpartisan.

UPDATE: More Public Records Documents Gross RICO and 42 USC 1983

violations involving corrupt Washington State Bar Office of Disciplinary

Council Members separately and aside from Gold Bar Reporter;

Coming Soon – Gold Bar Reporter First to Report on WSBA Corruption


Pennington (spouse abuser) concealed weapons

permit issued by Lovick in violation of federal law

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