Source tells Gold Bar Reporters Gold Bar’s Mayor has resigned

An insider from Gold Bar tells the Gold Bar Reporters that Gold Bar’s new Mayor Linda Loen resigned citing massive corruption in the City’s financial affairs. Aka, hundreds of thousands of dollars missing from the City’s water
and street funds.

We tried contacting Ms. Loen for comment today with no response.

According to Gold Bar’s clerk Denise Beaston, Linda Loen was not in all last week.  Denise, not Mayor Loen, sent out this week’s council agenda noting that there will be a changing of the guards at City Hall.

One local Gold Bar resident said ” Loen had no idea what she got herself into… the city’s law firm and Gold Bar’s former Mayors Joe Beavers and Crystal Hill Pennington managed to suck her into their RICO activities. Sad that she wasn’t smart enough to say no before get sucked into Beavers and Hill’s crimes.”

According to the City’s financial records, Crsytal Hill and Joe Beavers stole over 700,000 from the the City’s street and water funds to fund their hatred of Washington State’s Public Records Act.  Interesting to note that water and street funds are Enterprise funds and cannot be used for any reasons outside their intended purpose.

At this point we are reporting that Linda Loen has resigned, and Bob Strom will be Gold Bar’s next Mayor.  According to Washington State elections, if  Linda Loen did resign there must be a special election this August.

Our hats go off to council member Lee Hodo who at the City’s last council meeting basically called former Gold Bar Mayor Joe Beavers a liar.  Hodo was upset that Joe Beavers created a fraudluent water comp plan to hide his misappropriation of the City’s water and streets funds. The Dept of Health rejected the City’s Beaverized Plan which alleged that the City water system, which contains asbestos pipes dating back to 1919, do not need to be replaced until 2034.

As a result, the City was forced to spend another $50,000.00 to correct the Beaverized water comp plan.

Stay tuned, we should know for certain on Tuesday.

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