Let the sunshine through the walls of corruption


It’s been six years and the sun is about to shine through the corrupt public walls inside Snohomish County public offices.  From John E. Pennington misappropriating our monies hiding his crimes, which we believe amounts to domestic terrorism, domestic spying, racketeering threats to our lives, sending us threats to burn crosses on our lawn, racist comments he emailed in 2009 to  Gold Bar’s then Mayor and his mistress Crystal Hill, and exposing his pedophilia ring,  sunshine for the corrupt scums ruining our County is coming in 2015.

Once we crack the safe, we are going to keep the flood lights shining on Snohomish County until every single government cockroach, like John E. Pennington, find new homes, preferably in Tennessee.

The men in blue, make us all proud to be Americans! Bravo to Albuquerque news reporters for exposing this bastard who betrayed the public’s trust.


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