Reiter Foothills squandering our public resources for a small few? 


A local Gold Bar resident and I do not see eye to eye on the issue of off- road vehicles (ORV) usefulness in rural communities. However, he and I do see eye to eye on the issue of misusing taxpayer resources. 

We’re looking into how much public money Federal Way resident and Reiter Foothills developer Ted Jackson has been given by Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to develop Reiter Foothills for ORV use here in Gold Bar, and are taxpayer monies being used for the majority, not for a minority few.

Deciding to take on this local issue because of my support and love for ORVs wasn’t on my agenda until my partner said ” Reiter Foothills new trails are virtually unused while Wallace Falls State Park’s visitors are left parking on local roads because of overflow parking issues. Instead of making a new overflow parking lot for Wallace Falls, DNR conservation dollars are being misused used for a small few to use Reiter Foothills for ORV use.  The real attraction in Gold Bar is Wallace Falls State Park that has a major weekend parking issue. ” 

We’re researching how much money has been allocated by DNR to develop Reiter Foothills and where the money is coming from.  

Any comments or facts regarding this issue can be sent to 


  1. This article is misleading. DNR does not manage State Parks. DNR manages state trust land such as Reiter Foot Hills. They are not the agency responsible for adding parking for a State Park. Furthermore, Reiter is a multi use area used for hiking, mountain biking, equestrian and ORV use. It is not for the use of a select few. Also when DNR develops opportunities for motorized recreation, it uses NOVA funding which is money coming from ORV users not taxpayers. The only public funding was from the stimulus a few years back which was for multiple use, not orv use.


    • Thanks for your comments. As you may know, I am a big fan of ORV use as well as Wave Runners. Absolute fun times and great family vacation memories. In fact, I spent much of the past weekend riding the ORV trails in New Hampshire. Funtastic!

      However, I can respectfully disagree with others on the topic. Thanks again


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