Evidently Only a Few Folks Have to Register as Sex Offenders

Republished with http://www.snocoreporter.com permission:

Evidently Only a Few Folks Have to Register as Sex Offenders

I am going to be doing the daily jail again as people have asked for it over and over again but in the meantime I came across this.

It should be noted that there is a David Scott Rochon Sr and a David Scott Rochon Jr and this arrest so far is a PC (probable cause) Let’s just hope Mark Roe’s office doesn’t forget to file this one too…

Snohomish County - dailyBookingRegister 2016-01-27 19-02-16At first I was thinking it was the Snohomish County Sheriff Rochon but his first name is Rodney, not David.

I looked him up on our background checker to try to figure out if this was the Sr or the Jr and found this in the Jr’s profile.

Search - BeenVerified 2016-01-27 19-07-43

Then I decided to go look him up on the Snohomish County Sex Offender Registry site to see if that would give me some idea of which one it was. I tried using the name, the city and I got nothing.

Snohomish County Sheriff's Office OffenderWatch® sex offender management, mapping and email alert program 2016-01-27 19-00-49

Makes you wonder how many other child rapists and sex offenders are running around not having to register because of their “connections” or last names…

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