Washington State Bar violating Washingtonians civil rights, sued again

Washington attorneys, Steve Eugster, Robert Caruso and Sara Ferguson join our fight against the Washington State Bar, exposed again for corruption, violating constitutional laws of Washingtonians.  But this time, on behalf of all Washingtonians, as the Washington State Bar trying to rewrite the Washington State Bar Act.

A close ally inside the Washington State Legislature was contacted and he would say is   “the Washington State Bar does not have the legal authority to regulate and dominate free market participants.”





  1. End those assholes. The WSBA disciplinary office needs to be drowned in a burlap sack.


    • George I agree with abolishing the Bar, and I am sure your statements are metaphoric in nature. We’re all frustrated that the Bar is run by criminals and pushing out the good lawyers is evidence of that.

      We are working on abolishing the WSBA and we’re going to need every registered voters help. Once its final, I will publish how to help

      Thanks for your support in finding a legally peaceful solution to how WA State Bar Association has been taking over by criminals.


  2. Justsaynit says:

    This will be an interesting case to follow ~ thank you for making it public!


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