1. Marybeth Dingledy has made more than one error, so I’m not feeling too forgiving right now. Marybeth was my son’s public defender in 2011 after he had a psychotic break and punched his cousins. It was scary but no one was permanently harmed. He had no criminal record, it was his first and last incidence of violence. Marybeth told me and my son that if he plead ‘Not Guilty by Insanity’ he would be in and out of Western State Hospital and wouldn’t have a felony on his record. She was wrong, very wrong about the ‘in and out’ part. Six years later he is still locked up in that hospital with no hope in sight. They can keep him up to life if they wish. It doesn’t matter that he complies with treatment, is non violent and has had no re-occurrence of psychosis since that one awful time…he is theirs.
    You can read about him at


  2. Every time you connect the dots of this RICO enterprise there is yet another dot that appears. Well done. And we continue to say, Anne, you’re the best! The only addition to your 1st amendment advocation is to add Washington’s Article 1, section 1 to your hierarchy of importance. The words our founders used in drafting this constitutional provision holds the key to getting these corrupt public servants out of office and put in jail.
    “All political power is inherent in the people, (not judges, nor public officials, nor government agencies) and governments derive their just powers (and only “JUST POWERS”) from the consent of the governed, (not by their own claim to power, but by a “JURY” verdict) and are established to protect and maintain individual rights (not the rights of a group, or public official, or the state — BUT THE RIGHTS OF THE INDIVIDUAL!). These words COMPEL every public servant to either demonstrate that their conduct was “JUST, AUTHORIZED, and taken to PROTECT INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS” or, as RCW 42.20.080 clearly states, they have committed a criminal offense!


    • Thanks for your comments Bill. You like me, Christy, Brandia and Lori are advocates who shall never stop fighting massive corruption with the chain link gate stopping right in from the Washington State Bar Association. A private organization taken over by criminals since 1992 ( the year convicted fraudster G. Geoffrey Gibbs managed to take it over).

      Judge Dingledy’s drunk driving is probably a career ender at least for her judicial seat. However, one mistake does not make someone bad and should never be a career ender. Hopefully, Dingledy will go back to defending the rights of the accused. My research on Dingledy returned excellent results… we certainly need more advocates with a good heart.

      The fact that she like I canceled her television subscription tells me she’s a free thinker.

      In court on Friday, Dingledy made the right decision in favor of open govt when the City of Gold bar tried to file a SLAPP suit stopping me from exercising my rights to access public records. A case Judge Wynne held in March 2016 that I had already won; I was simply filing a partial motion to enforce his order. Then all of the sudden attorney Ragonesi filed a Motion to Stay Proceedings as a “get out jail free card.”

      Thankfully it didn’t work and Dingledy DENIED the City of Gold Bar’s Motion to Stay. But from the podium on Friday, it was clear she was not in a good mood and made a minor error of law that I am correcting now as it relates to ruling on a closed case. Nothing a simple motion cant handle…

      I am so thankful that no one was hurt in Dingledy’s accident. However, drunk driving sensitivity classes should always be part of a DUI plea agreement anytime drunk driving is involved.

      I wish people would simply load UBER on their cell phones as it’s much cheaper to call UBER and obtain a ride instead the cost of being caught drunk driving, and less likely to end up in an accident that caused a death of someone’s child or grandkids.

      We know how have simple kits to measure your BaC prior to driving. Here’s the one I own:


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