Joe Beavers, Ramsey Ramerman, City of Kirkland, and Association of Washington Cities “team up” to destroy the Public Records Act


Joe Beavers, Gold Bar’s former Mayor  involved in the largest racketeering scandal in Washington State history, now he has company,  Everett city attorney Ramsey Ramerman


Association of Washington Cities (AWC) never ceases to amaze me with its hatred of Washington State’s Sunshine laws.   But then again, if I committed racketeering offenses against citizens the way AWC and Joe Beavers have, may be I might consider being the “Whitey Bulgar” of Washington too. 

Over the last five years, AWC teamed up with Gold Bar’s demented old now former Mayor, Joe Beavers.  Joe Beavers was recently deposed in a public records case admitted that while Mayor of Gold Bar he edited Washington State Bar complaints against local Gold Bar activist, and he allowed Gold Bar’s former Mayor Crystal Hill Pennington ( who plead guilty to bank fraud in 2005, Snohomish County; and served time in North Carolina in  2000 for bank fraud) to remove public records from Gold Bar that have never been seen again. 

Joe Beavers is being sued for racketeering with a new suit to be filed out of state shortly, so hang on to your seats!  This one will include a few new players.

Last week, several of us open government supporters went to Olympia to attend and testify at legislative hearings and was surprised to learn that the City of Kirkland is now involved in scamming the voters of Washington into believing their City is under a public records attack.   

However, what the poor City of Kirkland didn’t tell the Washington State Legislature was that the demented old man who attacked the City of Kirkland was no other than two long standing anti-open government supporters, Everett attorney Ramsey Ramerman and Gold Bar’s demented old Mayor Joe Beavers. 







Ramsey Ramerman scamming the voters of Washington as a favor to AWC

Now, if my readers aren’t confused enough, here’s an interesting fact: Ramsey was the City of Gold Bar’s attorney while Joe Beavers was Mayor of Gold Bar. Since litigation is still pending, with more public records suits to be filed on Tuesday, Conflict ? You bet!

Even though Revised Codes of Washington prohibit a city attorney from practicing law while serving as the City’s attorney, Ramerman ignores those silly little laws because he’s on the payroll of the racketeering gang from AWC frauding the taxpayers of Everett. 

AWC is the largest insurance company for cities all over Washington. Every year they send agency employees to Olympia in its attempts to destroy our sunshine laws. So much so that Gold Bar’s public records document that AWC paid Joe Beavers to attend legislative hearings pumping up the poor old grandfather who is trying to help the City defense but is being attacked by a highly educated newcomer. 

In August 2012, Gold Bar’s Mayor Joe Beavers staged a bank fraud calling it a hacking falsely claiming that the City’s online accounts had been “hacked” and $495,000.00 had been stolen over a twelve month period. Through public records retrieved from the City of Portland, we learned that Beavers so called hacking was an internal job committed by several public officials here in Gold Bar, Joe Beavers, John Pennington ( terminated after he killed 43 people in the Oso mudslides because instead of doing his job, he criminally harassed his opponents on a website he anonymously cuber-stalked people on), and Laura Kelly ( who was fired for stealing in 2012).  

Bank of America paid only $120,000.00 of what Beavers alleged was missing from the City’s so called hacking. The FBI in Portland confirmed that no such hacking had ever taken place. 

We contacted Bank of America and AWC with the following letter: 

Gold Bar’s Fraud EXPOSED in public records


After our investigation yielded that Gold Bar’s so called “hacking” was more than likely internal theft from a Gold Bar insider, we wrote a letter to the American Association of Washington Cities, after it continues to withhold public records claiming that the FBI in Portland is investigating what Gold Bar’s Mayor Joe Beavers continues to falsely state on the public record:

Mr. Bryan –

 Thank you for your response. Let me give you a little hint.  I had my private investigators obtain and contact the City of Portland because I believe based on the evidence that I reviewed from Portland and from the City of Gold Bar that Joe Beavers so called “ hacking” was an internal job. 

 Police records from Portland stated that a man that fits the description of John Pennington to a Tee while in Portland gave Beavers so called “ hackers’ the passwords to access the online accounts in Gold Bar.  It took some time to gather those records, but we did, and made contacts, and from this we believe that the man the so called hackers said called himself Joe Beavers was John Pennington.  

 Let’s face it Mr. Bryan, the last audit report was clear that there’s 200K missing from Gold Bar’s city accounts and not one city employee can explain where it went.  Let’s use an analogy.  If I had someone accessed my account online and depleted 200K over an extended period of time and then lied to the public as Joe Beavers clearly did as evidenced by the Portland Police reports, Bank of America (BOA) would have reason to believe that it was an internal job too. 

 Simple common sense.

 Let’s add the fact that the so called hackers had the account numbers and passwords, according to the Portland PD.  In fact, the police reports from Portland suggest that this was a major red flag for BOA.  Duh?  And let’s face it, BOA has some great auditors, because they have an incentive to make sure fraudsters ( like former Mayor Crystal Hill Berg, bank frauder 2005) are brought to justice. 

 If I had 200K missing from my accounts, and then tried to cover up the theft by creating a diversion, I suspect that BOA might have some reservations about paying the claim as they clearly did in Gold Bar two years ago.

 Now, provide me with a copy of the public record pursuant to RCW 42.56 you are claiming was provided by the FBI in native format with metadata, because based on the police files from Portland that I reviewed, and my private investigators files, Gold Bar’s so called hacking was an internal job.   Again, all I can do is weigh the evidence that I received and reviewed under the PRA, and I believe what the BOA believes, Gold Bar’s so called theft was an internal job.  


 CC: Bank of America
PO Box 25118
Tampa, FL 33622-5118

UPDATE: Ramsey sent the Gold Bar Reporter the  following letter:


Ms. Block,



I appreciated your willingness to redact my personal address from your article, thank you for that.


With regards to the substance of the article, I have several issues.  First, the substance of your story is incorrect.  There was no collusive effort between Joe and I (or as far as I know any collusion between Kirkland and Joe).   Moreover, the City of Kirkland was fully informed about my past dealings with Joe.  Hopefully when you review my emails with Joe you will agree. 


Second, and more important, you allegation that I am knowingly violating the law by having a private legal practice is legally incorrect and defamatory.  You have not cited to any provision of in the RCWs that  prohibits attorneys from having a private practice while working for a city because none exist.  There is such a statute for deputy prosecutors working for counties, but there is nothing in the RCWs governing cities that contain a similar prohibition.  Moreover, accusing an attorney of violate the law is per se defamatory.  This I would ask again that your correct that statement. 


Third, I am not paid by AWC or in any way working for them. 


Fourth, although my emails with Joe regarding the Kirkland lawsuit are not public records, I am willing to provide you with copies of them as a showing of good faith.  They are not public records however.  I was not acting as a city of Everett employee when emailing Joe regarding the Kirkland lawsuit so under Nissen they are not the city of Everett’s public records.  And under West v. Thurston County, records of a private attorney that have not been provided to the agency are not the agency’s public records so my emails with Joe are also not Kirkland’s public records (except for any emails I forwarded to the City).  Nevertheless, am willing to provide them to you.  I will take me about a week to make them available.


Thank you


Ramsey Ramerman




Extortionist wire threats, Spokane County Racketeering EXPOSED



Today I retrieved the above voice message which was sent from (509) 850-0392 on January 26, 2017, approx. one hour prior to the below email/ wire threat that my lawyer tells me amounts to state extortion, trying to stop our investigation on massive racketeering (fixing cases, stealing children unless parents pay money, and drug trafficking using attorneys and clients)

Once this story was posted, Karrie Travis ( aka Fleck) and Crystal Hill Pennington ( aka Berg)  and the man who left extortionist voice message threats ( from Prosser Washington) logged on to the Gold Bar Reporter together.  6 x we caught the Karrie Travis, Crystal Hill Pennington on the Reporter at the same time.


Conspiracy defined: a secret plan made by two or more people to do something that is harmful or illegal.

Washington State Definition of Extortion:  knowingly to obtain or attempt to obtain by threat property or services of the owner.

RCW 9.61.230, Telephone harassment.

(1) Every person who, with intent to harass, intimidate, torment or embarrass any other person, shall make a telephone call to such other person:
(a) Using any lewd, lascivious, profane, indecent, or obscene words or language, or suggesting the commission of any lewd or lascivious act; or
(b) Anonymously or repeatedly or at an extremely inconvenient hour, whether or not conversation ensues; or
(c) Threatening to inflict injury on the person or property of the person called or any member of his or her family or household;
is guilty of a gross misdemeanor

( if I were a betting person, I would say that the bum/scum who left the voice message has a shady criminal history).

With  no surprise, another Washington State Bar Association member involved in extortionist wire threats, but this time from Spokane County.

Yesterday I filed a Washington State Bar Complaint against Spokane County attorney Susan Embree, within hours I received this wire threat amounting to extortion to have me committed for reporting on criminal drug trafficking from her home and she brags that she’s done it before.

The Bar complaint came after several witnesses came forward  with ample evidence to state Susan Embree should be in prison.

Here’s the email sent to me using an anonymous email address: 

On Jan 26, 2017, at 7:43 PM, Washington Citizen <> wrote:


I’m curious who you think you are other than a defunct, disbarred attorney. As a citizen of Washington State and a tax payer, I am very concerned of your actions and behavior that you have taken statewide. Should you continue to attempt to deplete all of our local government agencies budgets then what?

I have at this point in time prepared and will file a records request on you in the entire state of Washington, I have no issue paying for the entire service so I can provide the media with what they need to inform all of the residents of Washington how their tax money is spent.

After reading your website and a(n) article about you, there was mention of the vast amounts of your own money you have spent. Let me help correct that now and through the media, the VAST amounts of TAX PAYER money.

You lady, are far from the only bully in Washington. Once my requests are fulfilled, you will meet all of the tax payers.

Best of Luck and I can’t wait to publish the reason you were disbarred along with how much you have cost tax payers.

Anne, don’t think for one moment I am not already filing for a mental health eval on you as well. So please do not let me find you are providing legal advice or assistance to others, this again would carry heavy sanctions that would require you to SHOW UP.

As you see Anne, my reporting skills are just as in tune as yours. Here is where we are vastly different, I wasn’t disbarred for misconduct. Let me quote your request in closing; “Block in December 2013 filed paperwork stating that she was resigning from the bar association. She also asserted in court papers that her conduct was protected and her records immune from subpoena by bar association investigators because she operates a blog, the Gold Bar Reporter.” source: HeraldNet July 16th, 2016.

Look lady, you can’t go this far and expect the people of WA state to not notice. Expect to hear from my lawyers very soon, so all I ask of you is do you have a lawyer? I know you aren’t one and can’t practice law by law.

TAX PAYER 3,217,412

The above email is a wire threat amounts to extortion thus a predicate act in violation of RICO, as Susan Embree’s very very personal relationship to judges in Spokane fixing cases.

Have a little courage like John Hancock as I do.

“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech” Benjamin Franklin

People who inspire others activism are this World’s greatest gifts to mankind.  Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the World.”

Now for those of my readers who know me, know beyond any shadow of doubt that my God is not the all mighty dollar, she’s a non-tangible item, and her name is “ Justice.”

Justice is not something one can purchase nor is it something that can be described by people who view the all mighty dollar as proving one’s accomplishments in this World.

Justice is something that I hold heavy on my heart, especially when I see government officials spiting and trampling on the rights of the accused or citizens who have little or no resources to fight back.  Sad for the powers that be, my publishers made sure that I don’t have to think about money for some time.

Justice means holding the criminals accountable, and not abusing the power granted to you by the State.  Justice requires sacrifice and doesn’t come without sweat, hard work, years and years of demands, hardships, and has no price tag.

When I think of  Justice I think of John F. Kennedy’s speech “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

There are things in the World worth fighting for, especially the First Amendment.  The First Amendment is the one tangible item on this planet that separates America from the rest of the World.

In America, Free Speech has little boundaries. Outside of threatening a person’s life, it cannot be stopped. It’s a train on a one way track, too large and too heavy for just one man or judge to stop.

“Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government: When this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved,” Benjamin Franklin.

Last week I said to a friend of mine, ” We are entering an era of corruption that I don’t see an end to.  An era that spits on the First Amendment like its a piece of toilet paper and I’m not sure if there’s any hope for America”  for which she said ” there’s one solution to corruption, its transparency.”   How right she is.

Every one of us had or still have childhood heroes.  Obviously,  I, as a female, cherish Elizabeth Cady Stanton as the Founding Mother of Women’s Rights Convention ( movement).


The Seneca Falls Convention was the first women’s rights convention.[1] It advertised itself as “a convention to discuss the social, civil, and religious condition and rights of woman”.[2] Held in Seneca Falls, New York, it spanned two days over July 19–20, 1848. Attracting widespread attention, it was soon followed by other women’s rights conventions, including the Rochester Women’s Rights Convention in Rochester, New York, two weeks later. In 1850 the first in a series of annual National Women’s Rights Conventions met in Worcester, Massachusetts.

The convention was seen by some of its contemporaries, including featured speaker Mott, as one important step among many others in the continuing effort by women to gain for themselves a greater proportion of social, civil and moral rights,[3] while it was viewed by others as a revolutionary beginning to the struggle by women for complete equality with men. Stanton considered the Seneca Falls Convention to be the beginning of the women’s rights movement, an opinion that was echoed in the History of Woman Suffrage, which Stanton co-wrote.[3]

The convention’s Declaration of Sentiments became “the single most important factor in spreading news of the women’s rights movement around the country in 1848 and into the future”, according to Judith Wellman, a historian of the convention.[4] By the time of the National Women’s Rights Convention of 1851, the issue of women’s right to vote had become a central tenet of the United States women’s rights movement.[5] These conventions became annual events until the outbreak of the American Civil War in 1861.

Without the First Amendment, the Seneca Falls Convention would not have taken place, and I wouldn’t have been allowed to earn a Juris Doctorate.  I shall never forget that the avenue to Women’s Civil Rights was the First Amendment.

When I was sworn in as a lawyer, I took an oath to protect the Constitution against all foreign invaders, both domestic and foreign, regardless of whether it’s the Washington State Bar Association, other lawyers, Judges, prosecutors, political officials, or a police officers, I shall not and never will stop defending the rights of all Americans, lawyers and non-lawyers alike, to speak, write, protest, blog, report, or investigate.


One of my favorite 21st Century philosophers is UCLA Law Professor Eugene Volokh who wrote the following statement:

I keep hearing about a supposed “hate speech” exception to the First Amendment, or statements such as, “This isn’t free speech, it’s hate speech,” or “When does free speech stop and hate speech begin?” But there is no hate speech exception to the First Amendment. Hateful ideas (whatever exactly that might mean) are just as protected under the First Amendment as other ideas….



The Free Press Clause protects publication of information and opinions, and applies to a wide variety of media. In Near v. Minnesota (1931) and New York Times v. United States (1971), the Supreme Court ruled that the First Amendment protected against prior restraint—pre-publication censorship—in almost all cases. The Petition Clause protects the right to petition all branches and agencies of government for action. In addition to the right of assembly guaranteed by this clause, the Court has also ruled that the amendment implicitly protects freedom of association.



Imagine if a government official knocked on your door and demanded you take down your Donald Trump for President sign, or said ” Contacting a public official is harassing” or ‘booing the Vice President in a public theater was harassing, and was allowed to use the court systems to attack your First Amendment protected speech rights. A one time ludicrous thought, seems to be a common theme to trying to SLAPP down free speech rights of your opponents.

I for one will not stand idle while anyone tramples on the First Amendment. Hence is why I filed Block v WSBA et al. ( US Federal Court Seattle).   The day I sit idle while an association issues an illegal subpoena for Gold Bar Reporter files in violation of the First Amendment is the day I take my last breath on this planet.

The Gold Bar Reporter is self funded 100 years past my death and shall remain so long as the First Amendment does.

The United States has entered a dark and gloomy time in its history, which I hope is never repeated by the next generation.  Martin Luther King, Alice Paul, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton would be quite ashamed of where America is today. On the other hand, Adolf Hitler would be quite proud.

“Always stand on principle….even if you stand alone.”

– John Adams

Washington State Supreme Court Justice Barbara Madsen failed constitutional law

On October 11, 2016, several citizens involved with the “Reformed Washington State Bar Association” protested the Washington State Legislature’s refusal to address the Washington State Bar’s racketeering offenses against Washingtonians.

Activists had three copies of the U.S Constitution, delivering one signed copy to Governor Jay Inslee, one copy to Attorney General Bob Ferguson, and one copy to Washington State Supreme Court Justice Barbara Madsen with the following words ” a gift for you, because its clear you lost your copy!”



Today we are pleased to announce the public release of a Writ of Mandamus and proposal for a new lawsuit for racketeering and civil rights conspiracy.

In April 2016, Washington State Supreme Court Justice Barbara Madsen and former law clerk Ron Carpenter collectively conspired to destroy records at the Supreme Court. After Ron Carpenter was caught destroying records, he resigned and immediately left Washington State.

The complaint  centers around public officials in Gold Bar, Snohomish County Washington, and the Washington State Bar Association conspiring to harm the Gold Bar Reporter’s news source because we exposed at least six of Washington State’s top corrupt officials including Aaron Reardon, Kevin Hulten, Jon Rudicil, Mark Roe, and John E Pennington.

The Writ of Mandamus was filed in United States District Court, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

writLeft_Arrow click to the left for a copy of Writ filed against Madsen.

The complaint documents the greatest assault on freedom of the press in the history of the United States.

Anne Block has achieved a degree of notoriety in Snohomish County as the only reporter in the state to break a story involving corruption at the highest levels of government in Snohomish county. Chief Executive Reardan was forced to resign after a story published in the Gold Bar Reporter revealed that Reardan used taxpayer funds to finance affairs with two women employees. According to the complaint, Anne Block even had receipts to show airline tickets purchases, hotel receipts and receipts for sex toys used in Europe during the affair.

According to the complaint, before Reardan resigned, he assigned two employees to organize a “false flag” operation against Block, by having the employees pose as disinterested observers with aliases to organize a campaign to disbar Block. He had another employee destroy county records to hide the affairs. That employee was eventually convicted of destroying evidence. As a result of the evidence being destroyed, an Island County prosecutor concluded that he did not have enough evidence to prosecute Reardan for misuse of public funds.

In enlisting support for the bar complaints, the false flag operation gained the support of two other Block targets. John Pennington had been attacked in the press by Anne Block and other newspapers such as the Seattle Times and the Everett Herald as being unqualified to hold the position of emergency operations director of Snohomish County. According to a study conducted by the IRS, John Pennington received his college degree from a diploma mill which sold the degrees at a flat rate. According to the RICO complaint, Block published stories how Reardan acted on Pennington’s advise in allowing houses to be built on the Oso mudslide site even though professional engineers described the site as unsafe. The mudslide that eventually occurred resulted in the deaths of 43 citizens.

John Pennington was terminated as result of his criminal conduct. Last week, the State of Washington had to pay out $60,000,000.00 ( yes Million) as a result of John Pennington’s criminal negligent conduct in the Oso mudslide .

John Pennington could not sue directly because he is a public official, so he turned to a personal friend at the Washington State Bar Linda Eide to have Block disbarred for reporting on John Pennington’s incompetence and police documented criminal activity.

The false flag operation also enlisted the support of public officials in Gold Bar Washington, Joe Beavers and Linda Loen, who had their own problems with Block. Block had initiated a public disclosure suits when the town officials refused to turn over documents related to the theft of the towns funds.

According to the complaint, town officials illegally diverted approximate 20% of the town’s budget to finance a campaign to discredit Block. This included planting defamatory and false information on an online BlogSpot the Penningtons helped set up in 2006 titled the Sky Valley Chronicle, to advocate residents physically assaulting, stalking, and intimidating Block supporters, and further assaulting and stalking two city council members until they resigned for supporting Block.

Members of the RICO enterprise even published verbal threats in local newspapers to murder Block if she showed up at City Council meetings.

According to Block, WSBA officials fixed the case against her by pre-selecting a hearing officer Lin O’Dell to guarantee conviction.  Ms. O’Dell was caught using her convicted killer boyfriend Mark Plivilech to intidate ther elderly clients and was cited by Judge Monasmith in Stevens Court Superior Court for stealing from her client and breaching her ethical duties. Instead of getting disbarred for stealing from her client, O’Dell managed to get herself assigned to hear a non-client political appointee’s complaint against Block for her news reports with no client.

Public United States Post Office records confirm that Lin O’Dell and her convicted killer boyfriend Mark Plivilech set up a post office box three blocks from John Pennington’s home in Duvall Washington for purposes paying off Lin O’Dell to ensure a conviction against Block. O’Dell and Plivilech live in Cheney Washington, a four hour drive from Duvall to Cheney.

In October 2016,  WSBA Hearing Officer was charged and plead guilty to stealing clients fund and laundering client’s trust accounts to her husband who was convicted of an execution style murder.  Lin O’Dell”s defense was ” I didn’t know I was married to a convicted killer for 12 years defense.”

The Washington State Bar has no jurisdiction to regulate free press nor get involved with any issues of a personal nature. But Washington State Bar counsel and friend to John E Pennington Linda Eide violated Block’s civil rights and issued an illegal subpoena for Block’s Gold Bar Reporter files.  Block told Linda Eide ” go get a subpoena! Media Shield and First Amendment protects news reporters and authors from turning over any file without a court order. Go pound sand!”

According to Block’s Writ of Mandamus, the WSBA chief hearing officer pre-selected a business associate, Lin O’Dell who had formed a partnership with a convicted killer Mark Plivilech ( Bar hearing officer Lin O’Dell’s partner of choice)  to form a construction company that profited from the Oso building site.

Public emails sent from Lin O’Dell further documents that she used her killer boyfriend Mark Plivilech to intimidate vulnerable. Plivilech illegally used their social security information to gain access to their credit, and in several of O’Dell’s clients ( mainly elderly) Plivilech a convicted killer was managing O’Dell’s clients accounts.

According to the Washington State Attorney General a convicted killer is not allowed to have access to vulnerable adults. Background checks on Plivilech document that over ten of O’Dell’s elderly clients accounts were compromised by Mark Plivilech and attorney Lin O’Dell.  Since Block broke this story, Plivilech has fled to the Placentia California area.

According to two witnesses, the hearing officer prevented Block from participating at her hearing by muting out the phone connection through which Block had appeared because of her hearing disability. Washington Bar records retrieved under the public records release also confirm  O’Dell and Eide did this intentionally to prevent Block from participating in the hearing.  Then, the hearing officer concluded that Block should be disbarred for not participating.
According to Block’s complaint, what happened to her is typical of the practices in violation of Sherman Anti-Trust and racketeering laws committed against its members by the Washington State Bar Association.

Since 1992, the Washington State Supreme Court has come under heavy criticism from the American Bar Association in three separate studies over 40 years for delegating its disciplinary activities to the WSBA, a practice the ABA likens to putting the fox in charge of the hen house.

According to the complaint, Washington is one of the few remaining states that put its bar association in charge of lawyer discipline, with the result that Washington has one of the lowest charging rates of attorney discipline in the nation. The complaint charges that attorney discipline is focused almost entirely on sole practitioners, minorities and enemies of the WSBA leadership. According to the complaint, 44% of all attorney discipline comes out of Snohomish County. Block charges the reason this occurs is that two WSBA officials in Snohomish County improperly use their influence to direct discipline toward their opponents. Block charges that these two officials improperly contacted the Gold Bar City Council, illegally provided them with confidential information, in violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct and the rules regarding enforcement of lawyer discipline before there were any bar complaints even filed. The suit also accuses one official of filing anonymous complaints to conceal the fact that he is improperly influencing the cases.

As a result of the information contained in her complaint, Block is demanding a federal grand jury investigation concerning the misuse of public funds by her opponents and the denial of her civil rights.

Block will be in Olympia this session demanding that the Washington State Legislature “abolish” the corrupt Bar and place all disciplinary proceedings in the hands of ” we the people.”


Writ of Mandamus, 9th Circuit 
































John Pennington, visits Livonia Michigan, in search of dirt on the Gold Bar Reporter, but instead he finds a convicted spousal abuser and drug addict

Somethings are better left in the past, such is the City of Livonia Michigan. 

In 2001, I moved to Lansing Michigan to attend graduate studies. I can’t say I hated Michigan but it wasn’t home. The summers were short and humid and the winters were rough and bone chillin cold. 

Born and raised in New England, I was no stranger to bone chillin cold winters, and the summers on the east coast were hot and humid, so Michigan wasnt much different, with one exception, Noel. 

During my first year of college, I put in for a transfer to Quinpiacc Law School hoping to be closer to home. I was accepted,  but then I met a fantastic like minded free thinker who was as liberal as I if not more so. 

When I first met Noel, I was disappointed to learn that he had custody of his daughter, Rachel. She was 12, a self centered me child. Something she learned from her mother because her dad is a complete opposite. 

Further,  I had raised my one and only daughter, and really wasn’t interested in raising another.  Kids are quirky, especially teenagers. Teenagers tend to play the blame game, but Rachel was different as it was clear from her life surroundings that she was being abused by her mother, Laura. 

Teenagers are quirky enough without having to deal with a mentally ill parent like Laura who spent little time trying to raise a happy healthy child, but instead sucked on a bottle of Vicodin and suffered from Muchhausan bi proxy.  Laura’s main goal was getting even with Noel for having the courage to say ” I will not live my life with a drug addict and allow my daughter to be raised by an abusive drug addict either ”  as he was the first to file for divorce but only after countless failed attempts by Laura at detox. 

Most women in our society are the favored parent by our courts, a preconditioning that woman are the more nuturing ones.  I find this assumption to be absurbed, and an insult to my father.  I loved both my parents, and had more in common with my father as he taught me that the power really is in the pen. 

Unfortunately for Rachel, Her mother was abusive, both verbally and physically. For me, my daughter’s happiness was and still is evidence of job well done. For Laura, Rachel was and still is piece of property to manipulate to fill Laura’s own unhappy void in life. 

In 1998, Laura was arrested and convicted of stabbing Noel, as a result she lost custody of Rachel.  A conviction that as an Oakland County nurse she was obligated to tell her employer but somehow forgot that “morals clause” in her county contract.  A fact I could have disclosed, which would have resulted in her immediate termination, but decided not to because of Rachel.  A decision I regret knowing Laura is still addicted to prescription pills, holding a nursing license. Scary stuff. 

When I first met Noel I remember thinking well how bad can this woman be, after all she’s able to maintain a nursing job. What I didn’t know, but later learned, is that Laura was fired from a hospital in Cincinatti for stealing narcotics, thus triggering her move to Livonia Michigan.  But only after Noel graduated with an MS in Engineering and obtained lucrative employment designing aircrafts. 

After moving to Livonia, Laura’s drug addiction became too much for Noel, he decided to divorce when his daughter was just seven.  According to several sources, Rachel went from a happy child to a severally depressed withdrawn child. Sadly, she never recovered and lives today ( age 27), just as her mother does, isolated and clingy, looking for others approval. 

But who can blame her; children who are abused often live their life trying to fix the abuser. 

I remember often questioning Rachel about bruises on her arms after she’d return home from Oakland County court ordered biweekly visits with her mom. I’d questioned Rachel about who bruised her arms, and she’d always make up excuses like my arm got caught in the door.  

Frankly speaking, I hate child abusers. Laura was no exception.  I called Rachel’s therapist who later told her dad, children often blame themselves for their parent’s abuse and inability to love. Sadly for Rachel, Laura wasn’t capable of nurturing a trash bag, only her Vicodin bottle. A Vicodin bottle she often spent weekend days hospital shopping to find.  

In 2004, after graduate schoool I decided to move to New Hampshire. After all, it’s the live free or die state.  A place that as a young adult I found peace and solitude; Swimming in Lake Winniepasaukee’s pristine clear waters is like taking a cold bath while gazing up at the first highest mountain peak I ever climbed, Mt Washington. It’s peace on earth and far away from the ” Looney World of Laura F.” 

Laura stalked me at home, college, and on vacations, bi proxy, through Rachel. I wasnt alone as she did this to Noel too. I spent five years in Michigan and I can’t remember a single vacation without Laura calling Rachel claiming to be dying, extremely sick, etc just so she could ruin Rachel’s vacations to soak in her own drug induced sorrow.   

In 2004, after spending the whole summer traveling the western US, and watching the Michigan economy collapse, Noel and I decided it was time to move.  I wanted to move to New Hamshire, while Noel wanted to move to Bozeman Monatana.  But after spending much time backpacking Washington’s national parks, and after climbing to the top of Mount Rainer, Noel turned to me and said ” let’s move here. ” He threw his arms up looked out over Mount Rainer and said ” for me this is paradise.”  I said ok.

Looking backwards from today, I know Washington is where my activism is needed the most. But I shall retire on the most beautiful lake in the U.S. , Sebago.  

In December 2009, a Snohomish County  political appointee name John E Pennington wrote me an unsolicited letter that seemed more like it was written by a 10-year-old child than that of a director. I remember thinking to myself? Why would this man, an employee of the county, write an unsolicited letter to a citizen that absolutely made no sense whatsoever.

Since 2008, I have been investigating political appointee John E Pennington. My readers know that I have spent countless resources time and energy trying to warn the public of just how dangerous John E Pennington is to the safety and health of our children. Unfortunately, my warnings fell on deaf ears and he killed 43 people in the Oso mudslides. 

Sadly for Washingtonians, Snohomish county government officials, including but not limited to Mark Roe  , Sean Reay, Miqual Tempski, and John Lovick covered up that John E Pennington was labeled by King County Dr. Hendricks as being mentally defective ” a sociopath with no empathy for human life” a fact that he plead to to avoid jail time after he violently assaulted a 3rd trimester pregnant woman just weeks before the deliverly of her daughter. 

And if the strange couldn’t have gotten stranger, in November 2016 I deposed Joe Beavers Gold Bar’s mayor who has bankrupted the city of Gold Bar hiding his computer crimes, admitted that he had reached out to a government official in Oakland County Michigan seeking information on Noel. Information Beavers obtained from Laura. 

We have ample reason to believe from family members that Laura F continues to live a drug induced life, and still searching for vindication of the harm that she caused so many especially the abuse she perpetrated upon her daughter. 

In Joe Beavers deposition, he also admitted that he was anonymously cyberstalking  the Gold Bar Reporter while he was a public official for Gold Bar on a blogspot operated by John Pennington and Crystal Hill Pennington. 

Joe Beavers , John Pennington and Crystal Hill Pennington are being sued for racketeering with depositions expected to begin later this year.   John Pennington was recently caught on camera forging court records in Pierce County successfully sued as a result and found to be a abusing the process. 

So with no surprise, a friend from Michigan had called me telling me that Laura F has found some new friends, a sociopath, John Pennington and Joe Beavers. Pennington on camera today meeting up with Laura trying to dig up trash on the Gold Bar Reporter in Livonia Michigan.

I have some advice for John Pennington, next time you’d like to dig up trash on the Gold Bar Reporter you might not use a drug addict, who was convicted of stabbing her ex husband and who lost custody of daughter as a result of her criminal conduct. 

I hope you enjoyed the weather Johnny, because you met with the second largest pile of trash I ever had the displeasure of meeting besides You. Perhaps next time you’ll do things a little bit different and visit your co-conspirator during the summer as the summers are much more pleasant in Michigan than the winters. 

Looks like I have a new defendant to add to my racketeering suit and since predicate acts took place in Michigan, my thought is I should file my next suit in Michigan.   

Washington State Bar violating Washingtonians civil rights, sued again

Washington attorneys, Steve Eugster, Robert Caruso and Sara Ferguson join our fight against the Washington State Bar, exposed again for corruption, violating constitutional laws of Washingtonians.  But this time, on behalf of all Washingtonians, as the Washington State Bar trying to rewrite the Washington State Bar Act.

A close ally inside the Washington State Legislature was contacted and he would say is   “the Washington State Bar does not have the legal authority to regulate and dominate free market participants.”




Pierce College caught again forging court record 

According to John Pennington’s mother “John was always a good liar” and in Pierce County District Court today John Pennington falsified another court record but this time Judge Gregorich caught him and called him out in a very public and demeanor way. Captured on camera. 

Today was also the day John Pennington defaulted on a complaint the Gold Bar Reporter filed against him seeking $125,000.00 in damages. 

The “eau de toilette” of malicious prosecution in King County…

In February of 2011, it was the coldest winter on record in the State of Washington. There were 35 counties that declared a state of emergency.

Christy Diemond was caring for her elderly 92-year old mother in Diemond’s home in Woodinville.  Her mother was in HOSPICE and getting ready to meet her maker.

Like many horse owners in freezing weather she was hauling warm water outside to her two horses Brandy and Bud.

Twice a day she was supplementing their grazing and alfalfa diet  with 5 and half gallons each meal per horse a mush of various sweet feed, grains, and vitamins.

Diemond kept the ingredients and mixes in the garage so that the mush did not freeze. In addition to a good winter coat, the horses had blankets on rated to 20°F.   It was cold.

All in all, Diemond was minding her own business when the King County corruption came to her home property.

First contact.
On February 26, 2011, King County Sheriff Sgt. Bonnie Soule knocked on Diemond’s door at around 11:00 AM.  As a King County Deputy, she was out of her jurisdiction in the City of Woodinville who contract their own police officers.

Diemond was getting ready to go to a job, bath-rooming her mother in order to pass the baton for her mother’s caregiver when she arrived.

Soule insisted that Diemond stop bath-rooming her mother and come outside to examine Diemond’s elderly horses.  Diemond told Soule she was in the middle of caring for her mother.

Soule insisted that Diemond leave caring for her mother to come outside.  This resulted in Diemond’s mother laying in her own waste.

Diemond sensed something was not right. Soule had parked her police vehicle blocking the driveway. She was in her full tan and green King County Sheriff uniform, utility belt complete with gun.

It wasn’t too long before Diemond, a filmmaker and investigative reporter, was dragging out her video cameras to tape the event.

Diemond would learn a year later at trial that Soule had been trespassing on her property at 8AM – three hours prior to her knock on her door that day.

The outcome of the weekend? Diemond was extorted into giving up Brandy and Bud on the spot to King County Animal Control for adoption.

By June 2011, with no warning, Diemond was shocked to receive an almost illegible arraignment notice in her street mailbox.    She was being prosecuted for starving and dehydrating her two charges of 20 years, Bud and Brandy.

King County sheriff could never produce any return of service.

And so it began…

Diemond was being falsely accused of starving her two elderly horses, Bud and Brandy by the King County Prosecutor’s Office.

Diemond was arraigned without meeting prima facie (no grounds) on June 10, 2011.

Diemond had these horses for twenty years.  if she was starving them, after 20 years, wouldn’t they be dead by now?

The King County Prosecutor had no witnesses that Diemond withheld food.  There couldn’t have been any witnesses because Diemond was feeding her horses.

At the “Omnibus” hearing (arraignment) her public defender, SCRAP attorney Alison Warden, made no argument to defend her – it was the first time they met and she announced that this hearing would be her only hearing with Diemond as she was leaving SCRAP (Society of Counsel Representing Accused Persons – King County funded public defender). Diemond would have another attorney assigned soon she said.

Warden told Diemond that they would be booking her after the hearing.  There would be no motion for dismissal.

Booking meant fingerprinting and a mug shot taken in the King County Jail.

At 59-years old, Diemond had never been in jail. She had no record; not even a parking ticket. Warden didn’t think there would be a need for handcuffs.

The hearing itself was in a glassed off room that only attorneys are allowed in.  The defendants would be called from the freedom of the public “gallery” into this room when their case was called.   It is called the “cattle call.”

There was no opportunity for anything but a a plea of not guilty.

The chief criminal judge was, the mostly irritable, Ronald Kessler.  He stopped the proceedings every five minutes or so to scold everyone to be quiet.

Kessler has been outspoken in the press about his concerns regarding the epidemic of malicious prosecutions but there was no sign of that this day in any case before him including Diemond.   Guilty until proven innocent was the name of the game.

At the end of a very short three-sentence appearance, Diemond was directed to a bench occupied by two other people.

Her personal belongings were placed in a brown paper bag including her cell phone. Her last name was scrawled across the bag with a black magic marker. She was thoroughly frisked by a female guard.

Diemond was then tightly handcuffed and marched across the bridge from the 12th floor of the King County Courthouse – two blocks – to the King County Jail for booking.  There were two other handcuffed people with her.

Diemond complained that the handcuffs were too tight and hurt. After about a block of complaining, a guard checked them and said it was ok.  Diemond protested to no avail.

When all three of them arrived at the high check in desk in the King County jail, the handcuffs were removed leaving indentation marks that would not go away for several hours.

There was over sized brutty guard who seemed thrilled to rifle through only Diemond’s belongings in the brown paper bag.

He was very intrigued with the reflective mirrored film cover and played with it for a while.   For a moment, Diemond thought she had been placed in an unseen episode of a Twilight Zone version of “Cool Hand Luke.”

Diemond was then placed in a large corner cell with two bullet proof adjoining glass windows making a corner glass wall with a view of the high check in desk.

There was a steel toilet with a four foot tiled privacy wall. The cell smelled like fresh human feces.

The door was locked behind her.  Diemond was locked in. She sat on a bench against the back wall so she could view out the two bullet proof corner windows at the high check in desk.

Within moments, a female guard appeared and told her she couldn’t sit there because Diemond was wearing a long coat and they had to “watch” her at the windows.  (The “frisking” apparently wasn’t good enough).

Diemond thought it weird but complied.   Diemond moved with her back  to the north window wall.

After about 20 minutes,  she suddenly felt a loud bang against the window behind her – a rumble – against the glass.

Diemond turned around and looked up to see up the flaring nostrils of an male in a red jumpsuit being pressed against the glass above her. His face was a bit squished but he was very interested in looking down her blouse, licking his lips and uttering, “oh baby baby…”

Curiously, the guard was taking off this man’s handcuffs.

She then watched as not one employee appeared to be working for another 40 minutes.

Finally a uniformed woman came to take her for finger prints and mug shots.

The topic of the man in the red jump suit somehow came up in the conversation.

She said, “You don’t think we did that on purpose do you?”

Though that is exactly what Diemond thought, she didn’t think it would be a good idea to tell her that so Diemond said, “Oh no, I’m sure you would never do anything like that but, I’m sure the prosecutor’s office would.

Then she asked Diemond, “You weren’t afraid were you?

Diemond said, “No but if they had put him in the cell with me, I might have been a little concerned.

Diemond was then freed into a back alley on Jefferson Street between 5th and 6th streets that was full of trash and reeked of urine.

The “booking” was over complete with being sexually hazed at King County Jail.

The next year.

Diemond was  subjected to over a year of hearings that led up to a completely fabricated trial.

She could not understand why it wasn’t dismissed.  Never was there a motion to dismiss.  She didn’t do anything wrong.

She was offered a plea bargain numerous times.

Each time a plea bargain was offered, Diemond would always reply, “I’m not going to lie and admit to something I didn’t do. You tell the prosecutor if she drops the charges now, it might go easier on her later during the RICO investigation if she opens an investigation herself.  This is a set up and I can prove it.

Diemond would learn later that the reason there was never any response to this is because her prosecutor, Maggie Nave was part of the problem.  Nave was the inside “ fixer” for the King County Deputy Prosecutor Dan Satterberg.

Maggie (Margaret) Nave – the “fixer.”

Maggie Nave was a long term deputy prosecutor with King County. In fact as good timing would have it – as the proverbial evidence is hitting the fan – she just retired in September of 2016.

Nave occupied the Chair of the prestigious District Criminal Court Committee for 12 years.

Nave was the “fixer” for the infamous 2005 Enumclaw horse sex case of James Tait (sound familiar? See Goldbarreporter -King Co maliciously prosecuting 100’s).

Somehow Tait never got charged with manslaughter for leading Kenneth Pinyan to his death having sex with the neighbor’s horse at his favorite local horse sex brothel.

No, Nave and Satterberg lamented that there were no bestiality laws in Washington State to charge Tait with (after all their work with Susan Michaels of Pasado’s Safe Haven lobbying in the legislature the year before to make starvation and dehydration a crime).

So Senator Pam Roach led the charge to make sex with an animal a crime in Washington in 2006.

But what about the manslaughter/murder part?  Pinyan died.

No the King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg charged him with criminal trespassing and let him go… to Tennessee where he established himself  as somewhat of a guru of the the animal sex circles and was again hauled off to jail for engaging in horse sex a few years later.

Tait thinks having sex with a horse is like making love to a human partner.  “They like it.”  He claims.

Remember, in our previous coverages, that case led to a documentary that because Tait was released from jail, he was able to co-narrate the horse sex advocacy film “ZOO”  produced by the Stranger’s Charles Mudele.

Tait shared the narration position with Hope for Horses Jenny Edwards (who currently touts her animal sex prowess as an “expert” on the internet).  Edwards apparently rustled the stallion (that belonged to the innocent neighbor) out of the deal.

Maggie Nave’s reputation preceded her. She was the “fixer” for the DUI’s of employee’s children and other tricky cases King County didn’t want on the radar.

One of her more spectacular “fixes” was for drug addict and Animal Control Officer Jenee Westberg.

Westberg, as the primary witness in a majority of King County’s fabricated animal abuse malicious prosecutions that after their victim/s animals were stolen, their lives sabotaged and financially left in ruin – in order to lead to land grabs, could not be on the radar for their innocent victims to be able to defend themselves.

The problem King County has is that Westberg was a drug addict.  And on January 24, 2008, Westberg got caught in a very public way with an honest police officer in Black Diamond.

It was a spectacular 19-count VUSCA (drug bust) arrest.  The K9 dogs alerted and the side panels were taken off the car doors.  Westberg was passed out in the back of the police car handcuffed and photographed. westbergpicturecolor
Photo of Westberg in back of police vehicle and her dope pipe from police records

Westberg lied continually to Sgt. Dunn.  Dunn had an extensive diatribe in her report about “professional courtesy” when ACO Steve Couvion showed up to rescue Westberg (and her little dog who had been in the car with Westberg inhaling the full bowl) while Westberg drove under the influence.

Westberg refused the field sobriety test.  (Grounds for instant termination in King  County).

After a secret meeting (no Loudermill – no sanctions = no public records to find),
Nave, the “fixer” reduced the event to “attempted VUSCA.

This resulted in no jail time, $795.50 in total court costs, and a deferred sentence (something Westberg’s victims never got).

Nave did this by withholding evidence from the record.   And she withheld a lot.

There were other active cases at the time that someone was trying to erase from the court digital files.  Part of it remains.  It appears Westberg was on a drug run on her ATV with two others.  She was the decoy.  She had her little dog then too.

There were 42 other police events.  Westberg’s attorney produced glowing letters from her employers about how responsible Westberg was while Westberg was in the middle of being sanctioned by presumably these same employers in her second Loudermill for dishonesty.

Nave never mentioned the two Loudermills Westberg had for dishonesty nor did she mention the counterfeit money Westberg tried to pass  in Renton.

By August of 2011, Nave was in trouble herself.  She had another 117 “filed-able” case files she was sitting on in her office.

Those files were seized in a 4-month investigation (two months after Diemond’s arraignment).

This resulted in the termination of Nave’s prestigious 12-year  position as chair of the District Court Committee (where it is now becoming apparent she was “fixing” things there too).

This investigation got Nave a very serious letter of reprimand from King County Deputy Chief, Mark Larson, who alleged legal malpractice and threatened permanent termination while terminating her position of chair.

So while Diemond was home in Woodinville minding her own business, having her last moments with her dear mother,  she was getting lined up in the cross hairs of Maggie Nave the “fixer” herself.

The charges were rigged from the beginning.

The Public Records Act, transparency and the scams within King County.

Diemond began to do profuse public records requests the moment she got her arraignment notice but she was not getting any traction with King County.

It would appear that this multi-billion dollar county was either incompetent or complicit.  Diemond would later learn this stone-walling was the latter. King County was withholding evidence that would expose the endemic scam within.

It would turn out it was/is a cover-up of an extensive system of embezzlement/ kickbacks/theft/land grabs of epic proportions.

It has all the components of RICO – predicate acts, network bilking of taxpayer dollars, secret cover-ups.

The land grabs are  for those in the know of when zoning would be updated, to lead to enrichment under the Growth Management Act and Urban Development areas up-zones.

Urban Development would be where the insider information would direct who the next innocent persons were to be targeted because the people who annually decide to change the zoning would know what neighborhood they were going to target next, ergo, that is the area they would find innocent people to falsely accuse and maliciously prosecute.

This plan would have to include the judicial system extensively.

The next year 2011–2012: a sea of waiting and researching.

Because King County was withholding records from her, Diemond started with the prosecutor’s own discovery file (that was initially given to her in an attempt to terrorize Diemond into plea).

Diemond immediately found compelling inconsistencies there.

For example, the blood work on these poor starved horses while in Diemond’s care on her property were both normal.

Starved horses do not produce normal blood work.  Apparently they didn’t realize Diemond knew a little about reading blood work.

Strangely, there were no color digital photos present. In fact, it appeared in this record that no pictures changed hands until 3 months after Diemond had given Bud and Brady up for adoption – late May.

King County Sheriff Deputy Bonnie Soule had been directed to Diemond’s property for a “Well horse visit” by  Jenny Edwards, (the famous horse sex expert) director of Hope for Horses – a horse “rescue.”  it would turn out that “rescues” are another name for horse thieves.

At the time, Diemond did not know anything about horse “rescues” nor did she know Edwards.

Diemond would later learn that Jenny Edwards operated a horse “rescue.”
Edwards had “volunteers” placed at Diemond’s mother’s church in Woodinville.

Another horse rescue, operated by Jamie Taft and Bonnie Hammond, was Save a Forgotten Equine (SAFE).  They also had “volunteers” at Diemond’s mother’s church in Woodinville.   And they had been priming  Diemond’s mother the moment she moved in with her daughter in Woodinville and started attending church there.

King County Deputy Sheriff Robin Cleary and Regional Animal Services of King County ACO Jenee Westberg were quite busy fabricating their reports and photos (a type of perjury).

Their reports were misleading.  They said Diemond’s  92 year old mother was 60 years old (Diemond was 59, how does that work?)

Robin Cleary stated Diemond’s mother owned the house and the Diemond was the “live-in” daughter.  (Diemond built the house in 1985 and has owned it since).  Cleary knew this because Diemond told her in a recorded and transcribed interview.

Cleary  claimed that Diemond was financially exploiting her mother on the inadequate COPES program designed for long-term care that Diemond shared 50/50 with an outside caregiver who came in 12% of the time to help out. (A real goldmine is was not).

It would soon become clear all these people (and others) had a presence (and interest) in every malicious prosecution horse case reviewed in King County.  (23 were later found).

Cleary  claimed that Diemond was starving her mother while no less than 20 State workers were in and out of the house helping.

Cleary had never been to the property.  The first time Diemond ever saw her was at trial while Cleary lied under oath.

After Diemond spent a year of finding inconsistencies in the discovery file, she was suddenly faced with a change of counsel from SCRAP’s Hal Palmer.

Hal was out. Dave Roberson was in. That is when King County paid public defender, Dave Roberson, joined the defense team along with an abrasive young buck named Matt Pang.

Diemond first met Matt Pang as the one who disclosed the first plea offer while Hal Palmer was conveniently out of town.

After Diemond told Pang she would wait to talk with her attorney Mr. Palmer and besides that she’s not guilty, he told her, “You would be surprised how many people take a plea.

But I’m innocent.” Diemond said. “What about my constitution rights – innocent until proven guilty?

Pang dispassionately retorted with, “Well it doesn’t matter, that’s just the way it’s done.”and he turned his back an walked away.

There are/were other types of malicious prosecutions – phony guardianships.

In the background noise of Diemond’s case, they apparently thought they needed more to cause her to fail.

Both Westberg and Cleary were actively hatching another fabricated allegation behind the scenes with four King County Deputy Prosecutors just to be sure they took Diemond out completely.

Diemond knew they were after the house.  Her now ex-boyfriend Kirk Rondorf was helping them sabotage her.  He accidentally blurted it out one night just prior to Diemond kicking him out.

Just before Diemond’s trial in the fall of 2011, Westberg and Cleary were conspiring with numerous other King County Deputy Prosecutors in an elaborate plan to accuse Diemond of another disgusting allegation.

This would be the reason; Cleary and Westberg were fabricating their reports and testimonies in the way they were.

They were hatching a plan to allege that Diemond was abusing and contributing towards the death of her dear elderly mother who was living with Diemond in Diemond’s home, in HOSPICE, dying a natural death at the ripe old age of 92 under the care of about 20 various State caregivers and case workers.

They even sent Rondorf in to attempt to capture DNA from Diemond’s hair brush breaking into Diemond’s home.

This would no doubt end up in a trumped up competency hearing and Diemond would lose her property through a phony guardianship plan approved by one of their crooked judges.

Only the latter conspiracy ran into a hitch when they could not get DSHS Adult Protective Services (APS) to go along with the deal.

Why wouldn’t APS go along?

Because for four years APS had their own people on site assisting Diemond and her mother through the painful process of passing through HOSPICE, Diemond’s mom’s physician and numerous caseworkers all who were mandatory reporters.

Of the some twenty APS people on site, there was not even one complaint. To the contrary, they reported that Diemond and her mother loved each other (they were actually best of friends their entire time together), the house was neat and tidy and they were helping Diemond to make her mother comfortable in her last days. Even the attending physician was content with the situation and was a great support to Diemond’s mother’s care.

In January of 2016 it would be revealed through public record emails that in October of 2011, Westberg and Cleary were working actively together with at least four King County Deputy Prosecutors that up until that time were unknown – save Nave.

These King County Deputy Prosecutors were Page Urley, Kathy Van Olst, Heidi Jacobson Watts and Maggie Nave (the “fixer” and lead prosecutor in Diemond’s falsified animal abuse case who was at the time – fall of 2011 – being reprimanded and stripped of her position as Chair at District Criminal Court by KCDPA Chief – Mark Larson.

This would answer the question as to why Cleary and Westberg were inexplicably fabricating their reports and testimonies so furiously.

The “rigged” trial – Step 1 – present no defense.

After a year of Omnibus hearings that threatened to go to trial, sudden they were really going to trial.  The trial was scheduled for September 27, 2012. At this point Diemond had finally met Maggie Nave during Omnibus.  Though not once did they talk.

At trial, starting September 27, 2012, Roberson proceeded to suppress every piece of fraud Diemond came up with. He hid all the digital photos from her (illegal).

The first time Diemond saw any color photos were at trial in the form of hard copy exhibits that were all “air- brushed.”

These hard copies were presented as “evidence” with no “chain of custody.”(Diemond would not actually see the digital versions until after trial).

Roberson worked very hard at throwing his  client under the bus.  He was like a conductor of an orchestra.

It was obvious daily that Roberson was sharing attorney-client conversation with prosecutor, the “fixer” Maggie Nave. It was so apparent that Diemond thought they were having daily meetings about what to do next.

Roberson failed and refused to show the video Diemond had taken of the event to the defense expert, veterinarian, Dr. Paul Mabry.

Roberson lied to Diemond that he did show the video to him.   She would discover a year later that Mabry was never shown the videos.

The video showed Mueller and Westberg spending 15 minutes attempting to capture these elderly but frisky healthy horses who did not want to be caught by strangers.

Hannah Mueller would testify that they were “lethargically standing there” at trial. The video would show Mueller was committing perjury.

Roberson failed to tell the jury that the horses were healthy but elderly, 35 and 39, and lived to twice their life expectancies under Diemond’s care of 20 years.

Roberson had their breeding papers with their foal dates on the table in front of him the entire trial.  He never used them.

He let Nave and their witnesses, Bonnie Soule, Jenee Westberg, Robin Cleary and Hannah Mueller lie under oath that the horses were half their true ages.

Roberson himself misrepresented the amount of supplemental feed Diemond fed while failing to bring up hay and pasture continual access that is also food to an herbivore.

He failed to tell the jury the horses were killed by and under the care of King County’s service providers, Hannah Mueller Evergreen and Jamie Taft/ Bonnie Hammond of Save a Forgotten Equine, eight and eighteen months after possession.

At trial, the jury was never told that the horses were dead and that they died prior to trial.

Post trial interviews revealed that the jury had been on the internet (though they were continuously instructed not to) while deliberating and knew the horses were dead from reading SAFE’s website.

Because of this the jury was under the impression the horses died because of Diemond’s care.

Roberson put up zero defenses. He put only one exhibit in the case that the jury saw compared to 39 doctored photos from the prosecution. (Photos that got doctored a second time before going to the COA).

After bragging about how the case was all about the blood work and waving the blood work reports around the room the entire trial, Roberson  never put any of the blood work in as an exhibit for the jury to review.

In short, Roberson did a better job of sabotaging Diemond’s defense than King County did as the lead prosecuting attorney, Maggie Nave, appeared to be inebriated during most of the trial while Davis, Wright and Tremaine’s, Tony Wisen would fill in for her.

The “rigged” trial – Step 2 – malicious prosecution though 100% fabrication.”

Tony (Anthony) Wisen was a surprise.  He came in on a King County Prosecutor “fellowship” during the 2012 trial.

No one really seems to know why or how he ended up on the prosecutor’s team in Diemond’s trial.

He lists the Diemond prosecution experience on his Davis, Wright and Tremaine bio but fails to list the name (could he feel guilty or is he trying to conceal his own participation in a malicious prosecution?)

While defense counsel Dave Roberson was busy telling Diemond repeatedly what a horrible job Wisen was doing in his “open,” Wisen led the charge by misrepresenting “that there was no shelter of any type for these horses; no barn or anything like that. Just a little shed where food and such was stored.” [CP Oct 1, 2012 – Pg 146Ln22].

To Diemond’s knowledge Wisen had never been to Diemond’s property in her up scale Woodinville neighborhood.

Wisen then showed the jury Exhibit 11.  It was a very dark exposure of a shed.  Only that shed did not belong to Diemond.  It could have been the Space Needle for all the jury knew.

Roberson refused to object telling Diemond to stand down that it didn’t matter if that was her shed (Wha?). That was basically how the trial went for Diemond.  Roberson standing down and bullying his client when she protested.

Tony Wisen was responsible for numerous fabrications here.

1) Diemond had/has 4 sheds on her property. Hay was kept in one in the front where two other sheds were also located; the plethora of grains, vitamins and specialty mush ingredients were kept in the garage in the front to avoid freezing.

There is one shed in the back. All four sheds are still on the property. I.E., there is NOT “just a little (one) shed.”  Wisen committed perjury.

2) Exhibit 11 was not a picture of any of the four sheds that Diemond has on her property.

After trial (8 months later and after much pestering), Maggie Nave finally produced Westberg’s cell phone digital shots for Diemond’s new appellate defense counsel; Diemond finally was able to view Exhibit 11 in its native digital format.

This was not what the jury saw however. The hard copy prints shown to the jury were all manipulated from the digital versions and then “air-brushed.”

On Exhibit 11 the “air-brushing” concealed the 30’ cement DOT noise barrier next to the shed. The closest noise barrier to Diemond’s property is 5 miles away.

The verdict.

After a grueling trial and short deliberation, the jury found Diemond guilty of starving her horses based on completely 100% fabricated evidence and cumulative perjuries.

Never did anyone mention that Jenee Westberg was a long term career criminal and drug addict.

Nor did anyone disclose that Westberg’s mother was the executive assistant to King County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Chief Dan Clark who was the chair of the Brady Committee.  (This committee decides who is credible under oath).

Diemond would have no opportunity to impeach Westberg on the stand.

Diemond’s trial was done on October 10, 2012.

Post trial I – Outside Diemond’s view (meanwhile back at the ranch…)

Fourteen days later, over at the Regional Justice Center in Kent, there were two animal abuse prosecutions that also included Westberg as a primary witness for the King County Prosecutor.

This prosecution was assigned to the head of the “Drug Court,” Judge Cheryl Carey.

It was the Jason Markley and Cherish Thomas animal abuse prosecutions and a simultaneous trial.

Their Omnibus was on October 24, 2012 in front of Judge Mary Roberts.

King County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Gretchen Holmgren-Peterson was getting nailed for failing to disclose Westberg’s criminal career by private defense counsels Kevin Tarvin and Gene Piculell.

It would later turn out that in 2011 there were actual flurries of other falsified cases going on in the background unknown to Diemond.  That would be Markley and Thomas.

Darryl and Gina Lindsey and the role they played.

Darryl and Gina Lindsey were two cases running in the background.

This was the second time Lindsey’s had to endure false allegations of animal abuse. The first time was in 2007 – 2008.

In 2008, under heavy pressure from the prosecutor, Darryl Lindsey agreed to a plea bargain for a misdemeanor and charges dropped for his wife Gina.

Darryl’s plea would be filed on exactly the same day as Jenee Westberg’s arraignment notice for her January 24, 2008 spectacular 19-county VUSCA felony bust.

Lindseys would not know the primary witness against them was an active convicted drug addict nor that King County Deputy Prosecutor Maggie Nave was prosecuting Westberg at the time.

Westberg’s 19-count VUSCA bust was in Black Diamond. King County was the agency prosecuting Jenee Westberg.

This bust was a really big deal. Jenee Westberg’s lack of credibility could screw up at least 15 active cases of malicious prosecutions in King County.  AND King County went to a lot of trouble to conceal it.

Instead of a Loudermill to sanction Westberg, they had a very secret “how to” meeting on how to keep it under the judicial radar.

Westberg was their prime witness in at least 15 active cases at the time.

There can be no doubt that King County Prosecutors knew about Westberg’s January 24th, 2008 Brady issue prior to pressuring for a plea deal to Darryl and Gina Lindsey.

And like clockwork, Westberg’s lead prosecutor appeared to save Westberg – the “fixer” KCDPA Maggie Nave.

The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office acted to preserve a corrupted victory with no due process to the innocent upon whom they preyed rather than to disclose and/or dismiss those cases. They “cheated.”

King County – cheating to prevail – a predicate act under RICO (a crime within a crime).

King County didn’t cheat just once. They cheated repeatedly over and over again. It is a pattern of behavior and a predicate act under RICO.

King County never at any time disclosed to Darryl and Gina Lindsey that Jenee Westberg was a career criminal.

They didn’t disclose to anyone else for that matter until Diemond and Markley began to show up at the new victim’s hearings and advised the fresh targets.

April 8th, 2011, the same day Westberg had stopped at Markley and Thomas’s  property to terrorize them for 5 hours into the evening, Westberg had earlier been with KCSO Det. Robin Cleary and ACO Dave Morris at the Lindsey’s home stealing Lindsey’s remaining three horses for a second time.

They had extorted the Lindsey’s into euthanizing the fourth horse one a week earlier where King County Animal Control scavenged body parts for a necropsy by a veterinarian who does not appear to exist.

So back in May of 2012, five months prior to having Omnibus with Markley and Thomas cases on October 24, 2012, Judge Mary Roberts at the RJC had issued the search warrant on Lindsey’s case.  (Roberts also signed Diemond’s order of probable cause with no paper trail as to why).

Judge Roberts was forced to suppress the evidence Westberg collected with Lindseys because Westberg did it “unlawfully.”

Robert’s order to suppress the “evidence” Westberg collected caused the second Lindsey case to be dismissed.

Roberts never produced her mandated Findings of Facts and Conclusions of law.

KCDPA Gretchen Holmgren-Peterson immediately took the whole Lindsey case to the Court of Appeals without Judge Robert’s Findings.

There Holmgren kept Judge Mary Robert’s Lindsey Superior Court decision in legal limbo – with no findings – while Gretchen Holmgren tried Jason Markley and Cherish Thomas and the Dave Roberson/Maggie Nave team got done feeding Diemond to the hounds.

Gretchen Holmgren-Peterson dismissed her appeal as soon as Markley, Thomas and Diemond’s cases were completed.

Judge Mary Roberts still has not produced her mandated findings.

When the earth stopped spinning – at least for awhile

At the October 24th,2012, 5 months after Mary Roberts suppressed Westberg in the Lindsey cases, Kevin Tarvin apparently didn’t get the memo that any member of thw WSBA was to suppress Westberg’s criminal career in any case she showed up in and especially not in the Markley and Thomas cases.

Tarvin had done a background check on Jenee Westberg. He found two convictions (Westberg pled guilty) of what would end up being a running total of some 45 police events.

After a scathing email exchange, Tarvin confronted Gretchen Holmgren-Peterson in front of Judge Mary Roberts at Omnibus. Gene Piculell chimed in on the fray.

The room of normally talkative noisy 40+ attorneys went silent.

Not only did Mary Roberts fail to sanction Gretchen Holmgren for her gargantuan Brady violation in front of some 40 other attorney-witnesses in the room, Mary Roberts never mentioned her own ruling in the Lindsey case based on Westberg’s unlawful collection of evidence, five months earlier.

Judge Mary Roberts moved the Markley/Thomas trial out another 6 weeks into December.

In the mean time Westberg lost 30 pounds, got a new hairdo and had her meth mouth teeth fixed.

At the Seattle Courthouse, Dave Roberson was now very concerned about the digital images he had so carefully hidden from Diemond that she managed to capture right in front of him.

She was now pointing out all the obvious inconsistencies as to how they could not have been taken on February 28th, 2011.

When Kevin Tarvin exposed Westberg’s criminal career in the Markley and Thomas cases – a backgound check that Roberson also had a duty to search for (and didn’t) – at the same time – now Roberson had to tell Diemond about Westberg.

There was no getting around this. Tarvin put it in the court record.

The strong scent of toilet water er poop – in King County is getting ripe – oops.

The sheer panic at King County was deafening.  KCDPA Maggie Nave had failed to disclose prior to trial that Regional Animal Services of King County Animal Control Officer Jenee Westberg was a career criminal touting two convictions (and it would turn out 43 other police events still undisclosed).

One conviction was for shoplifting and attempted bribery of a police officer with the $500 cash Westberg had in her purse at the time and the other,  a 19-count VUSCA (drug) conviction – the model of a true drug addict.

Diemond, much to the obvious panic and anxiety of her counsel Dave Roberson, kept bringing up that the prosecution also submitted altered and tampered photos taken by both Westberg and – her partner in crime – King County Sheriff Detective Robin Cleary.

It was no surprise Roberson was to the point of shaking.  He is the one who hid the digital photos from his client.  He was not going to get out of this one unscathed.

Both Cleary and Westberg forged documents, committed perjury in mass and manipulated their “evidence” photos. In fact, Cleary’s testimony extended into the jury the entire trial through her photos as did Westberg’s photos.

Cleary and Westberg were working with what public records exposed later were embezzlers – Hannah Mueller Evergreen (Cedarbrook Veterinarian and Northwest Equine Stewardship Center NWESC) and Jamie Taft/Bonnie Hammond from SAFE.

Mueller is the King County Prosecutor’s favorite veterinarian “expert,” along with co-embezzlers Jamie Taft/ Bonnie Hammond of (Save a Forgotten Equine – SAFE) and Jenny Edwards (Hope for Horses).

All of which had “volunteers” embedded at Diemond’s mother’s church in Woodinville. (This is all documented).

It would come out later that both Cleary and Westberg were in the business of horse rustling with the collusion of the King County Prosecutor’s office and along the way, they would create a distressed property to be sucked up under the Growth Management Act’s urban development plan for future development.

Cleary and Westberg (and others) were the first contact “team.”

There were at least 23 cases of property owners who had been maliciously prosecuted.  They were placed in financial ruin.  Some have lost their properties.  Some died along the way.

Cleary and Westberg were in a virtual cornucopia of those cases along with King County Animal Control Officer Dave Morris.

Diemond wouldn’t have all this evidence at the time of trial but she certainly was on the “scent.” Having followed corruption  as an investigative reporter, she saw the signs.

Today it is documented that within every case reviewed is a target of a property owner scam.  All orchestrated by King County’s finest – driven by an embezzlement/kickback system and the lure of a distressed property to be held for the big payoff of the developer acquisition when the zoning up-zone changes occur.

Post trial II – Diemond’s view – many moving parts.

The next week after the guilty verdict October 2012, Diemond insisted that Roberson produce her case file for her review in order to prepare for appeal.
Dutifully, Roberson hauled up five jumbo binders for her to look at.  He acted like he was going to have a hernia.

Unknown to Roberson, the tables were turned.   Diemond was on a quest to find those missing digital images – if they even existed – she had only seen the air-brushed hard copies version of at trial.

Roberson was aggressively selling Diemond on the idea that the court would NEVER allow Diemond to view those hard copy exhibits, not in a million years would that happen – Hell would freeze over… etc.

Diemond did not tell him that her next stop that day was an appointment at the Seattle Courthouse exhibit room  with curator David Comstock to view those very exhibits in person.  Hell must have frozen over already.  (The exhibit room is in the old morgue in the basement of the Seattle King County Courthouse).

Roberson was going to tremendous effort to divert Diemond’s attention from the photo exhibits.

In her examination of her case folders Diemond quickly located two CDs of digital images.  She securely captured them both on her laptop then began examining them.

One CD was Robin Cleary’s Canon Powershot G11 shots and the other wase a CD of photo shopped photos from Save a Forgotten Equine.

Westberg’s photos were MIA.

Roberson didn’t know Diemond was a qualified expert in photo retouching. It was after all decades ago. She worked for a well-known local studio for eight years as a retouching artist while putting herself through college and for some years after.

She was competent at spotting photo artifacts and one of their best artists.

Diemond was looking at the digital images that Cleary took. She could immediately see that the date and time were erroneously user-defined at 2:00AM while the content of the photos were clearly during the day outside.

She then noticed that the horse’s manes and tails had grown 2 – 3 inches as did their hooves since February 26th, 2011.

They were in mid shed of their winter coat, a condition that happens only when daylight starts to lengthen, about mid May.

After having these horses for twenty years, Diemond had seen them shed their winter coats twenty times.

Then she noticed it. The pastern wound used to demonize Diemond in trial. It was no longer present on Brandy’s hind pastern.

King County Sheriff Det. Robin Cleary claimed she took these photos February 28, 2011. This means the wound had spontaneously healed in just five hours. It was a miraculous spontaneous healing… or Cleary didn’t take the shots when she claimed she did.

Roberson had a visible flush. He countered with “It doesn’t matter if Cleary got the date and time wrong, she testified under oath to the correct date and time.”

Diemond countered with, “Well then she committed perjury on the stand.”

Roberson spent ten minutes trying to find Cleary’s testimony in the file. By then Diemond had found so many inconsistencies, he gave it up. This after all wasn’t rocket science.

A discussion ensued about what he planned to do about it. He said he would have to ask this supervisor for a photo expert to examine the photos.

Roberson never lifted a finger to do this.

It would later be revealed by public records that on February 28th, 2011,  when Westberg and Cleary both claimed Westberg had gone to the Regional Justice Center(RJC) to pick up Cleary and together they went to Monroe where Cleary took those pictures on her Canon Powershot G11, that Westberg’s GPS didn’t have her anywhere near the RJC that day – “cumulative perjuries.”

When Dave Roberson told Diemond about Westberg’s criminal background.

Around November 19, 2012, Roberson called Diemond. She wanted to know about the photo expert.

Never mind that.” he said, “Gretchen Holmgren stopped me in the halls of the courthouse and asked me, didn’t I have an animal abuse case with Jenee Westberg? I said yes. She told me that Westberg was criminally prosecuted twice and the prosecutor didn’t disclose it.

Roberson couched this information as if Holmgren was another defense counsel giving him a morsel to defend his client.

He was obviously not interested in getting a photo expert.

Diemond had no idea who Gretchen Holmgren was at that time (she is the youngest daughter of former Seathawk coach Mike Holmgren).

Roberson went on in some detail, to describe Westberg’s crimes.  Carefully omitting the names of the cases Westberg was exposed in.

Diemond would learn later that Gretchen Holmgren-Peterson serves as the King County Deputy prosecutor in a majority of the other 23 cases of malicious prosecutions of animal abuse.   She had even tried to collect an extra $13,000 of restitution for 8 months of care for Diemond’s and Markley’s horses against a completely unrelated case, Shannon Dunham.

When Diemond asked, Roberson refused to tell Diemond what case that Westberg’s Brady information was exposed in.

Roberson obviously did not want Diemond to show up to Markley and Thomas’s trial that was set to happen in just a few weeks.  He was also attempting to distract her from examining the photos.

Soon Roberson was telling Diemond that he lost the CDs with the digital images.

Diemond told him no worries, she has copies. Roberson suddenly realized Diemond had captured the images from the CDs while in his office. He was instantly panicked and almost hung up on her.

The night before the November 30, 2012 sentencing date Roberson called.

Roberson could not get Diemond to back off the photo tampering.

He was leading Diemond to believe she would soon be going to jail for a crime she did not commit.

Roberson was now saying that it was Maggie Nave who told him about Westberg instead of Gretchen Holmgren.

When Diemond asked him about Holmgren, he blew up bellowing “Forget Gretchen Holmgren. Forget her. It was Maggie Nave who told me about Westberg.  It was Maggie!

Attempting to get justice in a “rigged” system.

November 30, 2012 (when Diemond was supposed to be sentenced) began the beginning of another year’s lineage of almost weekly hearings. Judge Rogers wanted to keep a finger on the pulse of this one.

That day and throughout the rest of the year, King County Prosecutor Maggie Nave claimed that she failed to disclose Westberg’s Brady info because she did not know about Ms. Westberg’s criminal background – that she (as did the defense counsel Dave Roberson) had failed in their due diligence to do a background check on their own witnesses.

Oh well…  Diemond was convicted, let’s move on… (Prosecutors still hold the responsibility to know even if they didn’t).

Roberson would throw himself on the sword and admit on the record that he was guilty of ineffective assistance of counsel.

Then Nave would admit to the same – that both of them had inadvertently “forgotten” to do criminal background checks on their witnesses.

Neither of them mentioned the King County PkB system in the prosecutor’s office that automatically alerts them of Brady Officers.

Then in concert, all three of these “officers of the court,” defense counsel Roberson, (leading the pack), Maggie Nave and Judge Jim Rogers orchestrated a circular legal argument that even if the jury knew of Westberg’s criminal Brady violations, it would not have made any difference in their guilty verdict because all the other State’s witnesses testified to the same thing as did Westberg.

Besides that, Roberson would diatribe, Westberg wasn’t really convicted (she pled guilty in both cases) because one of the cases (shoplifting/bribery) was dismissed (after a 12 month probation that she didn’t get caught on as she had at least 37 police events by this time of the 45 later found by 2013).

The other case VUSCA arrest, Roberson also would claim was dismissed.

The 35,000 ton elephant in the room.

The Westberg Brady violations just keep growing and growing into the gigantic elephant in the room.

The VUSCA case was NOT dismissed. It was “deferred.”

There is a difference and all of them knew it.

In order for the VUSCA case to be dismissed, Westberg would have to make an affirmative motion to show she had not been involved in any more criminal activity since the deferral was entered. She could not make that claim without risking 43 other criminal events showing up.

There is no record that the case was ever dismissed – even to this day.

Westberg’s sentencing was entered by Judge Mariane Spearman – wife to Court of Appeals Chief Justice, Michael Spearman.

There was another problem – a rather conspicuous one.

At Diemond’s hearings, Maggie Nave had completely misrepresented her knowledge level of Regional Animal Services of King County Animal Control Officer Jenee Westberg’s criminal career.

She left out one tiny little small detail as she feigned her ignorance, shock and surprise about Westberg’s criminal activity.

NAVE was the lead prosecutor who prosecuted Westberg for the 19-count drug arrest.

Nave would also know about Westberg’s shoplifting and attempted bribery arrest too (Nave also suppressed the latter from Westberg’s sentencing hearing).

At the end of the November 30th, 2012 hearing, Roberson would bring up the rear of this spectacular moment of legal cover-up with. “Oh by the way, Ms. Diemond also believes the photos were tampered with.

To wit, Nave sniffed and rolled her eyes while saying, “Oh please. That’s ridiculous.

Roberson lied to the tribunal as did KCDPA Maggie Nave.

Judge Jim Rogers let them.

Diemond was trying to find new counsel.

Diemond hired a private attorney, Jeff Jared to go after the photo expert.

The moment Jeff Jared was in contact with Roberson to get the Westberg arrest files, Jared started to sabotage the case just as Roberson did.

It was mostly about the digital photos.

By February 2013, Jared got caught red-handed.

Jared never sent the digital images in their native digital format to the photo expert that Diemond gave him.

Diemond ended up doing it herself in-between Jeff’s stuttering excuses.

That expert confirmed what Diemond found within days.

Then the expert refused to finish up his report because he was not paid enough.

Obviously Jared had mismanaged the funds Diemond had given him for the photo expert.

Diemond fired Jared.

Judge Rogers was only too happy to grant Diemond’s wish to fire Jared.

When Diemond went up to the Office of Public Defense to get her new attorney assignment for the Office of Public Defense, Dave Roberson was walking out.

If one didn’t know any better, one might think he was up there making sure Diemond got the “right” defense counsel for her next steps.

That turned out to be public defender Ramona Brandes. She was to prepare a motion for a new trial for the post trial work.

Finding Jason Markley and Cherish Thomas.

Roberson had refused to give Diemond any of the documentation on the cases where Westberg was exposed.

When Diemond hired Jared, Roberson had to hand it over. This was the moment it appeared that Jared was compromised.  And Markley and Thomas’s rigged trials were now over.

Diemond found Jason Markley. They began to compare notes. She taught him how to research court records.

Both Diemond and Markley spent a lot of time looking up animal abuse cases.

They looked for Westberg. They looked for Mueller, SAFE, Hope for Horses and others. They hit pay dirt at least 23 times.

Every case they reviewed with Westberg was obviously corrupted from the outset.

Like Diemond, Markley was also on his way to the Court of Appeals, Div. I.

When Diemond’s hearings came up, he would often attend (much to the dismay of Judge Rogers).

Public defender Ramona Brandes.

There was a 5 day period where Diemond had no counsel in the transition to defender Brandes.

During that time,  Diemond filed an extensive pro se brief calling out the Brady issue and Robin Cleary’s tampered photos.

To wit – shortly thereafter, Robin Cleary spontaneously had a staged break in of her police vehicle in the driveway of her home.

Along with her police laptop, mirrored hard drive, she lost her Canon Powershot G11 presumably with the SD card that took the photos for Diemond’s trial.

This was in the spring of 2013.

Diemond wouldn’t learn about it until the letter was sent out to Diemond and her now deceased mother June 21st, 2013 that their ID’s were compromised by the event.

Cleary didn’t notice anyone of her ID theft for over three months, a violation of state law.

Robin’s KCSO partner, Tony McNab got the call from Diemond in June 2013.

He was stuttering and speechless when Diemond asked him if it was Robin Cleary’s equipment that was stolen. “H-h-how’d you know that?!” he sputtered.

Diemond only replied, “It figures.

When Tracy Vedder showed up from KOMO TV asking questions, the KCSO had to reprimand Cleary. That happened in July.

In the end, after an angry email exchange with Diemond, Brandes submitted an empty 17-page brief knowing the 400 pages of transcripts were altered because Diemond had just discovered it.

Brandes then withheld the new photo expert report she secured herself that the Office of Public Defense paid $5,000 for.

Brandes refused to call out Westberg’s criminal career record and the Brady violations. She placated, “Aww now, it’s not that bad.  She’s not a career criminal…” (What?)

She refused to go after Dave Roberson for ineffective assistance of counsel even though he confessed it himself on the record. (Roberson used to be her boss).

Diemond attempted to fire Brandes over this. Judge Rogers refused to allow it or Diemond would have to go pro se (without an attorney).

In that choice, Judge Rogers denied Diemond’s constitutional right to an attorney.

It was clear at this point that Judge Rogers was part of the conspiracy.

Around the same time, August 2013, Dave Roberson and Judge Jim Rogers attempted to get a bench warrant against Jason Markley without inviting Markley to the party.

Only the prosecutor on duty that day found the stay pending COA and struck it. (Markley was lucky).

Diemond cut bait with Rogers and filed an appeal at the Court of Appeals Div I.

The period of appeal.

Diemond filed her appeal on October 18, 2013. This was a year after trying to get a new trial or have the case vacated.

Rogers ruled that because other State’s witnesses testified to the same thing as Westberg it would made no have made no a difference about the Westberg Brady violation.

Rogers was referencing Cleary who had already been exposed tampering and destroying evidence.   Although Cleary only testified at pre-trial, her photos testified the entire trial.

It would be within six months that Cleary would be investigated, terminated for dishonesty and made a Brady officer.

“The neighbor?” (there was no neighbor except the juror who claimed he was).

There was also the embezzler veterinarian Hannah Mueller Evergreen and the lead suspect in the scalping of the mare Brandy at 8AM February 26th, 2011 while trespassing on Diemond’s property, KCSO Bonnie Soule.

And even now, there is an internal investigation on the now terminated Cleary for tampering with evidence in the Diemond case.  The Internal investigations unit for King County Sheriff has been been sitting on it for 5 months.

Rogers managed to keep the photo tampering expert report out of his record even though Diemond had penned an extensive brief on it. It was suppressed in the exhibit room.

The Court of Appeals Div. I with Michael Spearman, Ronald Cox and Michael Tricky.

Diemond  had another counsel assigned to her for the COA – Tom Kummerow with the Washington Appellate Project.

There are two firms that King County’s Office of Public Defense contracts for appeals. This was one of them. (Jason Markley would get the other one – Casey Grannis from Nielsen, Broman & Koch).

Appellate counsel Tom Kummerow would later reference the phenomena of all the witnesses testifying to the same story as “cumulative” witnesses in his brief.

If Kummerow had called it what he knew it was, a “conspiracy,” it might have struck a different chord with an honest COA panel.

He refused to do so.

Diemond attempted to defuse Kummerow’s roadmap.

She listed it “cumulative perjuries” in her Statement of Additional Grounds (SAG). Kummerow was visibly unhappy with that description.

Diemond’s SAG brief contained exculpatory (benefiting the defense) evidence that had been concealed from her by King County and specifically by Public Information Officer Kelli Williams of Frost vs Gilbert.

In May of 2014, Diemond filed a public records case against King County to stimulate production of the records she had asked for years earlier.

Kelli Williams manipulated her public records to the point that Diemond filed a second Public Records case against King County in June of 2015 based specifically on her withholding of the Brady data on Westberg and Cleary during Diemond’s COA period.

This would be exculpatory evidence that that no member of the Washington State Bar so far was willing to put in writing though it is their obligation to do so.

Diemond called it what is was – “cumulative perjury” in a conspiracy to commit fraud, obstruct justice and – a predicate act under RICO laws. (Predicate act is a smaller crime within the larger RICO claim).

The COA failed to consider any of the existing fraud in the record nor any of the new evidence of fraud.

The COA obfuscated their obligation to do so by placing a footnote on page 10 that this evidence in Diemond’s SAG was untimely (which was untrue).

Diemond had corrected the secreted clerk’s papers hidden in the exhibit room weeks ahead of the deadline.  These were the briefs Diemond had put in the record herself pro se.  She followed the slow boat to China from the evidence room to the COA 6 blocks away for three weeks to be sure it got there timely.

Chief Justice Michael S. Spearman, Michael J. Tricky and Ronald E. Cox were unanimous in their decision to not consider new evidence of fraud and to not consider suppressed exculpatory evidence.  See footnote page 10 unpublished opinion.

Concurrent public records requests that King County was stonewalling on.

Of all of Diemond’s public records requests, by April of 2014, King County produced about 500 documents.

Diemond knew there was much more because of another malicious prosecution case (Lauri Hart) who had requested financial data on their case and they had received over 3,500 documents at the same time they were stonewalling Diemond.

This request was handled by the same public information officers in Records and Licensing Services (RALS).  RALS is where they handle the accounts payable for Regional Animal Services of King County.

Norm Alberg is the director of RALS.

After a frustrating year (starting April 29, 2013) attempting to get King County to produce financial data on her case (and others), Diemond was forced to file her first Public Records Act claim against King County June 10, 2014 which involved RALS extensive lack of disclosures.

The train left the station.

King County was then (2014) represented by King County Prosecutor Nancy Balin.

Balin was also representing Regional Animal Services of King County (RASKC), information she did not share in the PRA case.

Given that much of Diemond’s case was about RASKC and their financial data was not being accounted for, this conflict of interest was troubling.

On July 7, 2014, Diemond’s appellate attorney, Tom Kummerow filed his brief raising Brady issues from the trial court regarding Westberg. Brady vs Maryland is the landmark case that made it illegal for prosecutors to withhold exculpatory (evidence that would tend to demonstrate the defendant’s innocence).

Kummerow refused to address many of the State’s fictitious claims on the record that Diemond had pointed out to him even though Diemond had proof of her claims in “new evidence” though public records.

Some of it was on the record before sentencing.

Kummerow’s brief was clearly a road map to the Court of Appeal panel on how they should rule against his client Diemond.

Kummerow refused to abide by his client’s request to ask for oral argument.

Unbeknownst to Diemond, on August 14, 2014, just 5 weeks after Kummerow filed his impotent brief protecting the King County Prosecutor’s Office from a certain Brady violation; a notice came into the email box of KCDPA appellate prosecutor Nami Kim.

Kim was the King County appellate Deputy prosecutor on Diemond’s COA case.

This email noticed Kim, specifically on Diemond’s COA case, that there was a new additional Brady Officer involved in Diemond’s case.

In fact it was one of the “cumulative witnesses,” Judge Rogers referenced in his ruling and that Diemond  exposed as corrupt in her SAG brief.

It was also the person Diemond had been exposing since she got the the digital photos after trial.

It was King County Sheriff Major Crimes Detective Robin Cleary.  Here are the first Brady notices on August 14, 2014:


The detail of Robin Cleary’s tampering/destroying evidence in the Diemond trial.

Robin Cleary was no stranger to Diemond’s allegations of fraud.  The moment Diemond viewed the digital images she knew.

Only 3 months after trial, Diemond had briefed Cleary’s manufactured “evidence” photos into court records.

These were photos that Cleary took 3 months after Diemond relinquished possession.

These  photos were taken after Hannah Mueller Evergreen (veterinarian), Jamie Taft, Bonnie Hammond (Save a Forgotten Equine) had time to starve the two horses for a compelling skinny horse photo opt in mid May to blame on Diemond.

These people were guilty of the same Class C Felony under RCW 16.52.205 that they fabricated against Diemond.

Cleary had attempted to change the date and time on the camera placing the time at 2:00AM because Cleary, a police officer, didn’t understand the camera was in military time.

There were close up shots of two injuries that the prosecution was trying to blame on Diemond as well in order to complete their “sell” to the jury.

One was of a whither wound that appeared to be a fresh scalp that KCSO Bonnie Soule might as well have confessed to since she apparently couldn’t get the blanket back properly on Brandy after the mare spooked when she scalped Brady in Diemond’s pasture at 8:00AM February 26th, 2011.

Diemond would only learn at trial – that on the morning of first contact February 26, 2011, Soule was busy trespassing on Diemond’s property 3 hours before knocking on her front door.

There was apparently some concern about Soule being seen on Diemond’s property, as of one of the countless alterations on the transcripts that were added to the transcripts was testimony that did not occur.

The added script addressed the color of Soule’s police uniform as blue.  King County Sheriff’s uniforms are tan and green. Seattle Police Officer’s are blue.

The second wound was on the mare’s hind pastern (ankle area).

The photo used was close up thus it does not identify the horse the pastern belonged to.

The pastern wound was shown to the jury as “Exhibit 41.”

There was no source identified.  It was later located on SAFE’s CD.

All photos on SAFE’s CD were determined by the photo expert report as being graphically altered.

The pastern wound could have been on any horse or taken from a magazine.

A complete absence of “Chain of custody.”

If there is no “Chain of custody” anyone can just make up anything and it becomes “evidence”  and that is exactly what King County did.

In all reviewed cases, “chain of custody” is non-existent and completely ignored by the court, prosecutors and the compromised defense.

Chain of Custody – Verdicts that are based on tainted, unreliable, or compromised evidence would undermine the integrity of the entire legal system if such outcomes became commonplace.

In King County it is not only commonplace, it is a fine business tool to steal.

The pastern wound was a curved cut about 2 – 3 inches and some of the hair was gone.   It was the type of wound a horse might get by accidentally stepping on itself while in a trailer where their balance is compromised when someone takes a corner too fast.

It did not look serious. Although when it is blown up 288X on an overhead projector so it is goes from a 3 inch wound to a 6 foot wound, one’s perspective could be compromised.

When reviewing Cleary’s “photo evidence” shots (the ones Cleary testified were taken the day after Diemond gave the horses up for adoption), among them were full body shots of the mare, Brandy.

Cleary’s police issued Canon Powershot G11 is a great little camera. One can zoom in anywhere in the shot and get complete clarity.

When one zooms in to look for the pastern wound, somehow that little pastern wound had completely healed up and all the hair grew back.

According to KCSO Robin Cleary’s testimony, this would be a time frame of just about 5 hours according to the user-defined tampered date/time of 2:00AM.

But wait! There’s more!

In 2013 post trial, Appellate attorney Ramona Brandes secured the new photo expert.

Judge Rogers was clearly displeased about this but what could he say? The former expert had become so uncooperative; Brandes could not talk to him. Brandes was confident it would be fine.

Well, it was fine – for Diemond. When Brandes got the photo expert report back, it said exactly what Diemond claimed and just like the former expert who had become hostle.

All the photos from SAFE had visited a graphics program (like Photoshop).

Westberg had photos missing between Saturday and Sunday.

Westberg’s Exhibit 11 of the phony shed next to the 30’ DOT cement noise barrier was taken about 3 hours after Westberg left Diemond’s property (verified by Westberg’s GPS).

The “Camera Temperature.”

Cleary’s shots? Cleary’s shots had another issue that Diemond had not noticed yet. It was the “camera temperature” (that is NOT user-defined).

All Cleary’s shots metadata registered the “camera temperature” at around 61°F over a period of 15 minutes.

Camera Temperature” is a metadata item under a section called “Maker Notes.” “Maker Notes” are metadata items for the manufacturer (Canon) to diagnose performance issues on their gear.

On February 28, 2011 the recorded historic weather temperature was 38°F at around 2:00PM within a mile of the location in Monroe where the shots were allegedly taken. (It was either SAFE or Hannah Mueller Evergreen (don’t know for sure because both were billing King County at the same time at two different locations – but both are in close proximity to each other).

The manufacturer (Canon) recommends safe climate temperature for use on this camera as between 32°F – 104°F.

Any temperature that falls within 8 degrees low or high in this range is not guaranteed to have normal functioning.

In the lower range of 32°F – 40°F there is a phenomenon that would occur called “dew point.”

At 38°F there is a practical guarantee there will be “dew point.”  And along with it, accompanying malfunction  and the lens will condensate (“dew point”).

This can be seen on the images as a blurred shot in the numbered series that the camera automatically assigns to the shot.   Also the camera will misfire.

Cleary’s images did not demonstrate ANY of these items. It did not malfunction. There was no condensation on any of the shots, and the metadata was a consistent 61°F.

The shots could not have been taken on Monday February 28, 2011 during the coldest winter on record while it was 38°F.

In fact, the next opportunity to capture those conditions would have been April 25th, 2011.

Cleary’s report notes state she called… to “check” on the horses for photos that day.

The next opportunity was May 25th which was nearly three months after Bud and Brandy left Diemond’s care and were in Hannah Mueller Evergreen and/or Jamie Taft/Bonnie Hammond (SAFE)’s care.

Brandes would attempt to suppress her OPD paid $5,000 photo expert from her motion for a new trial in the face of an outraged client.

Diemond put it in the record herself while trying to fire Brandes (and then the court suppressed it again). This was in September, 2013.

Three weeks after Diemond made the first allegations (February of 2013) that Cleary tampered with the photos, Robin Cleary suddenly lost her Canon Powershot G11 along with her police-issued laptop, her police-issued mirrored hard-drive in the driveway of her home from a break in of her police-issued police vehicle where she is not supposed to leave these things ever.

Cleary claimed the vehicle side window was broken.

Cleary reported the theft and break-in to the Auburn police the next day by phone 10 hours later.

The Auburn Police Department conducted no investigation.

By 4PM that day, Cleary had her vehicle repaired – the windshield was replaced – not the side window.

There is more detail to this but suffice it to say, Cleary obviously manufactured the event to lose the camera so it could never be examined.

Cleary destroyed evidence.

Her partner Tony McNabb was protecting her.

In July 2013, Cleary was reprimanded for the 6,000 identities she compromised through the loss of her mirrored hard drive.

Evidently the King County Sheriff thought it was a good idea to have Cleary in charge of sending out the notices to all those innocent people she exposed to ID theft and to field all the angry people who got the notice three months late after the fact.

Diemond was exposing Cleary within moments of reviewing the digital shots Cleary took.

Along with the nondisclosure of Westberg’s criminal career, these are two gigantic Brady complaints in favor of Diemond’s defense.

As Diemond got more public records, the complaints became more and more substantial and enormous. Everyone knew it. King County knew it. All of Diemond’s defense counsel’s knew it.

Yet Judge Rogers found in his ruling October 18, 2013, after hearing all this new evidence oozing up from King County’s cesspools, that  all the other witnesses testified to the same thing as Westberg (including Robin Cleary), that even the testimony of a neighbor (that wasn’t a neighbor – who didn’t testify – he was a potential juror) denying Diemond a new trial or vacating the case.

A closer examination of the altered transcripts, word by word reveals newly discovered evidence tampering.

In the fall of 2014, while reviewing in detail every word to the audio to determine just how many alterations were made, Diemond realized that the October 2, 2012 transcript was actually missing, (another day’s transcript had been mislabeled as October 2, 2012 when the transcription was really Sept. 27, 2012).

Diemond immediately asked her appellate defense counsel Tom Kummerow to order the missing days and order an extension at the COA.

He was curiously resistant. “It was just voir dire (preliminary examination of potential jurors) he said.  “There isn’t anything there. They never transcribe voir dire he said” (untrue). These are not the droids you’re looking for. Move along…

But the “Opening” arguments were also on that day Diemond argued.

Kummerow could not defend that.

It took a week of Diemond pestering Kummerow to get him to comply. He had to ask the COA for an extension.

The COA granted it.

Unbeknownst to Diemond (though his behavior suggested it), public records show that Kummerow was working behind the scenes sharing attorney-client privilege with King County Deputy Prosecutor Nami Kim through Kim’s paralegal. (That way if asked, Kim could say she never talked to Kummerow).

Kummerow was covertly working against one of the biggest fraud discoveries in Diemond’s case.

He was intent on keeping the altered transcripts concealed.

All were egregiously re-written and altered trial transcripts.

When Diemond pointed out to Kummerow that the transcripts were re-written (compared to audio), that there were two days missing and one mislabeled, not only did he resist correcting the record, in whole, he failed to act.

There was no bona fide record of the trial.

While Kummerow was betraying and placating his client Diemond, he was making sure KCDPA Nami Kim, her boss and another supervisor knew he was not going to help Diemond defend herself because clearly, the missing two days of transcription had things within them that someone(s) wanted concealed.

Nami Kim, Jim Whisman and Deborah Dwyer all had a keen interest in suppressing Robin Cleary’s undisclosed Brady information from Diemond seven months earlier.

However, by March 2015, Diemond was still in the COA and Cleary’s Loudermill was completed.

Cleary had been found guilty, terminated for dishonestly and made a Brady Officer.

Yet not one of these people disclosed this information to Diemond.

Tom Kummerow was supporting the prosecution by telling the paralegal for King County Deputy Prosecutor that he was not going to defend his client while his client (Diemond) didn’t know about his plans to stand down.

He let them all know that he was “not planning to rely on this supp (altered transcript) in any way; his client wanted it.”

The following (plus the secreted transcripts) were sent to Nami Kim.

It was also cc’d to Jim Whisman (Supervisor of the Appellate Criminal Division) and to Deborah Dwyer (Senior Deputy Prosecutor).

Both Whisman and Dwyer argued to suppress Robin Cleary’s Brady information from Diemond seven months earlier.


It turns out both MIA transcripts were very important.

October 2, 2012 King County Prosecutor “fellow” Tony Wisen committed perjury in front of the jury in his “open.”

it also had the jury selection that – though altered – showed juror #28 (he was originally juror #57 in the pool) had 4 hours to negatively taint the rest of the pool implying heavily that he was one of Diemond’s neighbors and that he had “inside” information on her situation – that didn’t exist.

Aside from living a mile and half away in a completely different neighborhood within the City of Woodinville, juror #28 er #57 wasn’t actually one of “Diemond’s neighbors.”

Public records identify this juror as Bradley R Niemeyer.

There was some effort to make it appear on the record that juror #28 (that would be Niemeyer) was excused after being interviewed (mostly by Judge Rogers) but he can be heard on the audio as juror #28 later as part of the impaneled jury.

The clerk would file her “clerk’s notes” a year late.

Her clerk’s notes state that juror #50 was excused… only public records show that there were 49 jurors – one short of 50.

Diemond was told by Roberson at trial that there wasn’t going to be audio because the recorder was broken.

There would be live transcriptionists instead. Not to worry because transcriptionists never make any mistakes…

Diemond took her own audio of the trial. It would include all her attorney-client conversations including Roberson’s bullying and puffing.

As it would turn out, every transcript from Diemond’s trial was egregiously altered.

They were so altered; they hardly resembled the original audio.

It was clear whoever it was who did the editing, thought there would be no audio to prove the transcripts were tampered with.

After Diemond went on a fishing expedition to check, she was able to determine that the transcripts were altered somewhere at or before Tom Kummerow’s possession.

This means it could have happened  with Ramona Brandes’s possession as well or with the transcriptionists themselves.

One of the the transcripts was so badly altered, it appeared the transcriptionist was impaired or drunk. He talked about a son that Diemond doesn’t have for about three pages.

When the COA due date for the second MIA/concealed transcript came, both Kummerow and the transcriptionist failed to meet the deadline and the COA was threatening a dismissal of the case.

It was Diemond who informed Kummerow that the case was being threatened with dismissal.

How public records revealed the malicious prosecution and fraud.

Even with an active Public Records case looming and a PRA attorney present. King County, under the notorious KCDPA Nancy Balin, stonewalled for another year (three years total).

Balin started with one absurd settlement offer.

On March 18, 2015, Balin requested Diemond and her attorney to a mediation where, Balin, Norm Alberg (director of Records and Licensing-RALS), Shelby Miklethun (Kelli Williams subordinate), Christine Oh (Loss mitigation for King County Executive Dow Constantine) attended.

During that same time in 2015, other sources alerted Diemond that both Cleary and Westberg had been terminated in late 2014.

No one from King County told Diemond.

King County had not disclosed an iota of this while knowing full well that Diemond’s case was full throttle at the Court of Appeals (and that Jason Markley’s case was just ahead of her).

Diemond immediately requested all Westberg’s and Cleary’s data.

At the mediation, she asked again.

By the March 18th, 2015 Public Records case mediation, Diemond had gotten no data on Westberg or Cleary from King County.

At that meeting, Shelby Miklethun and Kelli Williams both promised to expedite the withheld Brady data on Cleary and Westberg that resulted in the terminations in late 2014.  They didn’t.

Knowing Diemond wanted exculpatory evidence to support her Brady claim in her appeal deadline, Kelli Williams then provided misleading information at the last moment.

As a result, on May 21, 2015, Diemond filed a second PRA lawsuit claim based on King County withholding Cleary and Westberg’s Brady information.

In September 2015, Williams provided the “juicy” (Kelli’s words) data that Diemond could no longer use on appeal. There was also a change in attorneys in the PRA case on King County’s side.

Balin was gone.

New attorneys John Gerberding and Amy Eiden were now at the helm. With that change came 1,000’s of pages productions. It was like an informational tsunami. (It is currently around 35,000 pages).

A year later, in February of 2016 Ms. Balin was ushered out of her prestigious King County door by John Gerberding.

Gerberding would also represent Regional Animal Services of King County as Balin did before him.

If there could be any doubt that King County withheld Brady information on not just Westberg but on Cleary also, the following email threads just discovered confirm their intent.

Not only did King County know about it. At least 40 attorneys discussed whether they should disclose Cleary’s Brady issues specifically related to Diemond’s case including Jim Whisman and Deborah Dwyer).


KCDPA Chief Dan Clark, the founder and chair of King County’s “Brady Committee,” whose executive assistant was Jenee Westberg’s mother, Ann Westberg, led the charge to stand down.

All the participants actively, with pre-meditation and forethought, concealed Robin Cleary’s designation as a Brady Officer from Diemond’s case knowing that Cleary was already a Brady issue in virtually every brief submitted since 2013 when Cleary destroyed evidence to her police-issued Canon Powerpoint G11 camera.

There are over 40 attorneys on these threads.

They include Kathy Van Olst of the failed fabricated APS allegations and Maggie Nave, (the “fixer” who did not disclose her own prosecution of Jenee Westberg).

It also includes Shaya Calvo who brought the second illegal bench warrant action for Jason Markley as an apparent favor for “Drug Court” Chair Cheryl Carey in August 2015 – two months into an 8-month stay Judge Cheryl Carey signed herself in 2013. (Judge Cheryl Carey was the trial judge in the Jason Markley and Cherish Thomas cases).

Cheryl Woods is Dan Clark’s paralegal.

Below are those emails:



King County even admits that the 9th District Court ordered them to not wait in U.S. vs Olsen and King County completely ignored that directive in this case.

And since in 2016, there has been the Joshua Frost case.  (King County has not stopped).

Apparently Matt Pang was right.

It appears the kickback system has a far reach. “This is just the way it’s done in King County.

It’s all about those King County car salesmen (and drug addicts) without wheels on King County’s payroll expecting their “bonus” (kickback).

King County gets to make their own rules no matter what the 9th District (or the law or the constitution) tells them they have to do.

Diemond is at the level of her Personal Restraint Petition (PRP). She has filed at the Supreme Court.

They have referred it back to the Court of Appeals Div. I where on Appeal they have already refused to consider the fraud, conspiracy, the RICO and the Brady violations that were in the record at the time.

What will they do with the new evidence of fraud is the question.  Will they “lawyer” their way around that too?

Diemond has asked to enjoin Markley and at least 9 other cases with hers. The fray is getting more interesting by the minute.

Given her last experience with the compromised COA in Div I, Diemond is not optimistic and is preparing to go to the 9th District Court of Appeals.

Racketeering is the name of this game and King County is very good at stealing from the good taxpayers whom they are supposed to serve.

King County employees are indeed “Livin’ the dream.”  A bad dream…

King County Prosecutor’s cover up as “risk management”

For those of you that haven’t been reading the Gold Bar Reporter’s reports on King County’s racketeering scheme, using animal abuse cases to trump up criminal charges on honest hard working citizens, you should read the following links:

In 2012, Jason Markley, made one major mistake, he trusted his lawyer, Kevin Tarvin. In a past article, the Gold Bar Reporter wrote extensively on how Washington State attorney Kevin Tarvin threw his client under the bus, presumably as a political favor to lead Prosecutor Gretchen Holmgren. Ms. Holmgren is the daughter of former Superbowl Seahawks coach, Mike Holmgren.

King County animal control officer Jenee Westberg’s fixation on Jason  Markley grew through 2014.  Worst part is King County Prosecutor’s Office knew Jenee Westberg was a convicted criminal and drug addict, but King County Prosecutor’s Office withheld that information because she was the lead witness in the majority of their 23 phony animal abuse cases.

Imagine, King County hires a career criminal, uses her in at least 23 phony animal abuse cases, and then, in violation of Brady v. Maryland, King County Prosecutor’s Office intentionally withholds material evidence.  Isn’t that criminal on its face?  By the very people who are supposed to prosecute the criminals.

Material evidence withheld includes, but is not limited to, these facts: Westberg is a convicted criminal for illegal possession of a controlled substance (police reports indicate that she was trafficking horse tranquilizers as well) caught trying to bribe a police officer after she was caught shop lifting at K-Mart, caught with counterfeit money, and had four extensive disciplinary proceedings (called “Loudermill” hearings) while employed at King County.

In 2001, early in Westberg’s career, she was the named prime suspect in her supervisor’s report to law enforcement of stealing gas on King County’s gas credit card.  Westberg worked for King County Parks at the time.  Westberg was let go.

Then King County hired her back a year and a half later.  (No doubt her mother helped that along.  Ann Westberg had both Jenee and Desiree (2009) on King County payrolls at times).

Illegal credit card theft seems to come up significantly in her police events.  And in fact it is part of the embezzlement we have uncovered but we’ll save that for another story.

After Jason Markley was thrown under the bus by attorney Kevin Tarvin, Markley was stalked at his home by whom he has ample reason to believe  was Jenee Westberg.

Markley had dead rats bludgeoned to death on the kitchen floor and their bloody bodies left in the toilet inside his home – on that breach – all the keys were missing as well as all their spoons – a drug addict crime to be sure.  The place reeked of cigarette smoke (Westberg smokes).

Super-glue was poured in the door locks, then the gate lock and repeated – straight from the Animal Liberation Rights (ALF – domestic terrorists) handbook.

Markley’s car had been tampered with multiple times, the lug nuts on the wheels of his car had been loosened causing one of the wheels to come flying off while driving.  The oil had been drained numerous times from his vehicles where the last time he was on HWY 18 with his children in the car and the engine seized.  This was a near miss with two semi trucks.

Auburn Police would claim the cars were not well cared for though they had the vehicle report in hand.  Mechanical examination confirmed no oil leak and no burning of oil with both computer readouts and visual examination.  No leak or burning since either.

Property at Markley’s home had been destroyed, four new lawn mowers – one at a time – stopped working after the first use.  There were spontaneous flat tires with roofer nails.

Markley’s property, at 105 feet from the gun discharge was just 25 feet from the bullet.   Markley’s 4 children were quietly studying in their home at the time.  The shot came from an Elk gun designed to take down an elk at up to three miles –  a 7mm Browning scoped rifle.   It was in the direction, 2,500 feet from two public schools.  APD Officer Adamski not only failed to put the schools on lock down, but he failed to arrest the gunman and confiscate any of the arms.

Did the Auburn Police Department act to prosecute?  No.

Markley diligently reported all these events as they occurred to the Auburn Police. They did not act to investigate for all his trouble except to profile his children.

After around ten times, Markley escalated his complaints.  He filed a criminal complaint of serial vandalism and attempted manslaughter.  At this point, the Auburn Police had to at least ACT like they were doing something even though they ended up protecting Westberg in the end right along with King County.

Jason Markley had no doubt that Jenee Westberg was responsible, because by this time, he started to piece Jenee Westberg’s criminal history together by gaining access to pubic records from local police departments directly.  Yes it is clear, Ms. Westberg has quite the criminal career going on, over 45 police events.  It appears she was afforded professional courtesy extensively.

Jenee Westberg also learned around the same time that Markley had teamed up with an investigative journalist who was also researching the phony prosecutions. From here, Jenee Westberg’s criminal conduct while inside King County’s Animal Control Office became nakedly exposed via public records requests ( RCW 42.56) of over 30,000 documents and two rather extensive Public Records Act litigations.  It is still pending – largely for King County’s bad faith in withholding public records – and keeping their victims crippled with false prosecutions – see Joshua Frost case and 9th District court scathing response naming Dan Satterberg and Kelli Williams.

King County continued to suppress Westberg’s nefarious criminal activities but at the last – her public persona was exposing too much King County – it appeared they were intent on quietly giving her the boot… without telling anyone… including all the wrongfully prosecuted innocent people she had set up for complete ruin.  Even Westberg was surprised.  After all, she was doing what they all taught her.

In fact, one of Westberg’s co-conspirator buddies, King County Sheriff Major Crimes Deputy Robin Cleary, was being investigated and going out the back door at the same time.  She was just as shocked as Westberg.

Cleary helped Westberg fabricate evidence against their innocent victims often.  In Markley’s case – she was only 4 hours away that day terrorizing the Lindsey’s with ACO Dave Morris and Jenee Westberg before Jenee would make her first contact on April 8th, 2011 at Markley’s.

No one at King County disclosed either of these women were terminated, for turpitude cause or that they were even being investigated while two victims were attempting to gain some traction at the Court of Appeals Div I.

Both Westberg and Cleary made KCDPA Chief Dan Clark’s “Brady Officer” lists.  However, they were placed on two different years (one month apart) so as not to draw too much attention.

The last time I checked, a prosecutor concealing “exculpatory” evidence (evidence that tends to support the defendant’s innocence) is a crime and criminal.  In fact, I believe they call that “RICO” or racketeering.

Case in point –  and the whole point of the above discussion is below.  It is how King County responsed to a criminal complaint filed against Jenee Westberg by Jason Markley in Auburn Washington.

After reading the email chain, our hope is that our readers say ” what the Hell is King County doing advising a King County employee on fighting off a criminal charge or even assisting her with a restraining order against a citizen who is simply filing a criminal complaint for property damages?”

Sadly, Jenee Westberg’s racketeering has led to phony felony convictions in at least fifteen animal abuse cases.  And she had help – lots of it.  As of today, we know of 23 cases, but there could be more.

The Honorable Justice Alex Kozinski, you were right, King County is intentionally withholding evidence to ensure convictions, just as in the Joshua Frost case.”

This is the final conclusion of 10 days worth of drama that Jenee Westberg, her mother, Ann Westberg, and King County Deputy Prosecutor Nancy Balin conspired together in order to protect Jenee Westberg from Jason Markley’s  legitimate criminal complaint of serial vandalism that named Jenee Westberg as the primary suspect.

 These are alleged criminal activities Ms. Westberg would have implemented while she was off duty.  (Certainly not the first time.  We have found at least 45.)

This email string was received via a public records request to King County. The emails show King County Deputy Prosecutor Nancy Balin helping  Jenee Westberg discredit Jason Markley’s criminal complaint.

At the time of the alleged criminal complaints, Jenee Westberg was off duty. It exposes Jenee Westberg’s mother, Ann Westberg assisting Jenee and Balin.

Ann Westberg is the executive Level V assistant to King County Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Dan Clark, Criminal Division, RJC in Kent. (Clark also chairs the “Brady Committee” that designats officer’s credibility for a witness under oath.  A “Brady Officer” is not trustworthy).

Washington State’s Constitution prohibits use of public resources for personal reasons.   But Jenee Westberg seems to be the exception, even though at the time of this email, she had been disciplined for falsifying time sheets with King County (third Loudermill).  And she was beginning the investigation (fourth Loudermill) of what she would be ultimately terminated for a year later.   (Falsifying her animal control reports and theft of county time).

The email thread starts at the end  and works back to the beginning of the event.

From: Hagen, Brittany
Sent: Monday,  November 25, 2013 4:50 PM
To: Drangsholt, Tim Cc: Anderson, Tim; Mueller, Gene; Watson, Seth; Pedersen, Megan; Kalina, Lynne
Subject: RE: Westberg, J

Good Afternoon,

I spoke with Officer E. Wickman The Auburn Police Department.  He stated he “saw no plausible threat to her, nor did he indicate a threat to her.”  He “doesn’t think that there is a credible threat to her at this time.”  He believes “he is not really the type of person who would be a credible threat” (meaning Markley). Wickman only wanted to notify Ms. Westberg “that she was propagated to be subject, and that he didn’t find anything.”  Nancy is helping Janee in working on a no contact order.  We will work to get the MOU to order and fit vests as soon as possible.

Let me know if there are questions or concerns.


Brittany Hagen Crosser, PHR
Senior Human Resource Analyst
Department of Executive Services
Ph: 206-296-5172
Fax: 206-296-3904


Westberg never did get a bullet proof vest.

From: Hagen, Brittany
Sent: Monday, November 25, 2013 1:59 PM
To: Drangsholt, Tim Cc: Anderson, Tim; Mueller, Gene; Watson, Seth; Pedersen, Megan
Subject: Westberg, J

Hi Tim,

I wanted to follow-up on our conversation regarding Ms. Westberg declining placement in the shelter until a bullet proof vest could be purchased and fit to her.  I left a message for the officer who completed the police report we were provided to determine if he agreed with our threat assessment and or if he had further information we would need.  The operator who answered the non-emergency number was unsure of how long it might take for E. Wickman to return my call.  I will let you know when I hear from him.


Brittany Hagen Crosser, PHR
Senior Human Resource Analyst
Department of Executive Services
Ph: 206-296-5172
Fax: 206-296-3904


Even Shelby Miklethun, who has participated in the suppression of public records like and with Kelli Williams, is suspicious.  She produced the emails.

Miklethun, Shelby
From: Wyss, Pamela
Sent: Friday, November 22, 2013 3:52 PM
To: Hagen Crosser, Brittany
Subject: RE: urgent please read immediately

That’s kind of interesting. Perhaps she is not.


Brittany Hagen Crosser, Westberg’s investigator on the third and fourth Loudermills, is also suspicious.

Based on review of Westberg’s GPS activity, it appears Jenee cannot afford to give up her extra-curricular distribution route (which employs her taxpayer paid RASKC truck) in lieu of a desk job.

From: Hagen, Brittany
Sent: Friday, November 22, 2013 3:51 PM
To: Wyss, Pamela
Subject: RE: urgent please read immediately

Not really, but we offered her shelter rather than field work and she denied the transfer, so I’m assuming she’s not that afraid?

Brittany Hagen Crosser, PHR
Senior Human Resource Analyst
Department of Executive Services
Ph: 206-296-5172
Fax: 206-296-3904


Here it is clear Pamela Wyss continues to be suspicious.

From: Wyss, Pamela
Sent: Friday, November 22, 2013 3:50 PM
To: Hagen, Brittany
Subject: RE: urgent please read immediately

Okay Brittany, thanks. Was she doing any better?


On 11/21/2013 at 10:43 AM, while Westberg is being internally investigated by Brittany Hagen Crosser for Westberg’s third “Loudermill” (and starting Westberg’s fourth Loudermill) on completely unrelated turpitude issues, Hagen interviews Westberg about the unrelated Auburn serial vandalism case.  That interview is below with corrections based on public records.

Westberg had to spontaneously mention that Markley had alleged she threatened him with a gun she doesn’t carry.   (Westberg was accused of using this kind of “muscle” in two other cases – both of which got dismissed).  Westberg describes how she knows Markley as someone whom in the course of her employment she cited for animal abuse.

At the end of the interview, Westberg expresses some concern that Markley may find the interview through public records. (He did).

Then she suddenly volunteers that:

 Her sister just purchased the house across the street from Markley in April. She has probably been to her sister’s home about 10 times.”

Westberg’s sister does NOT own – nor did she ever “purchase” any “house across the street from Markley in April (2013).”

However, Jenee had just bought a house herself about 5 miles away from Markley in April 2013.

There also is NO street. The assess is the third leg of an easement that is an undeveloped dirt road. It is also a dead end so there is no driving by Markley’s.

Westberg then admits that “she has probably been… (by Markley’s property)….about 10 times = about the same amount of times Markley alleges he was vandalized – the last – draining the oil (no leak = documented) from the family van, resulting in the engine seizing at 60 mph nearly causing what would surely would have been a fatal accident.


Gene Mueller (Director of Regional Animal Services of King County) grants permission for government attorney Nancy Balin to represent Westberg, an authority he cannot give, IE, he does not have the authority to break State law under RCW 36.27.060

From: Westberg, Jenee
Sent: Friday, November 22, 2013 9:00 AM
To: Mueller, Gene
Cc: Balin, Nancy
Subject: RE: question

Thank you Gene

From: Mueller, Gene
Sent: Thursday, November 21, 2013 4:59 PM
To: Westberg, Jenee Cc: Anderson, Tim; Russell, Shelby; Balin, Nancy; Hagen, Brittany
Subject: RE: question

Yes, Nancy can assist you.

Gene E. Mueller, DVM

Sent from mobile phone


Below Westberg is admitting she already met with Balin and that Nancy Balin has done nothing to disclose to anyone that she is barred by law as a government attorney to represent Westberg privately on King County’s dime.  (This is a topic Balin is very familiar with because she has had a WA State Bar Assoc. complaint for the same violation filed against her a year earlier).

——– Original message ——–
From: “Westberg, Jenee” <>
Date: 11/21/2013 15:16 (GMT-08:00)
To: “Mueller, Gene” <>
Cc: “Anderson, Tim” <>,”Russell, Shelby” <>
Subject: question


Hello. While I was downtown today for BOA I had an opportunity to meet with Nancy Balin. Nancy stated that she would b e happy to represent me and assist me in obtaining an anti harassment order but she would need your approval to do so. Nancy agrees that it is a good idea to move forward with such actions a.s.a.p. and she is available to help out on that right away again she just needs the go ahead from you.

Thank you,

Jenee Westberg
Animal Control Officer #47
Regional Animal Services of King County
21615 64th ave s
Kent, Wa. 98032
Cell (206) 214-8388
Fax (206) 205-8043

Even after a “third review” Pamela Wyss is never quite convinced of Westberg’s claims though she is the one who is in charge of PTSD with King County employees.

From: Wyss, Pamela
Sent: Thursday, November 21, 2013 6:55 AM
To: Teply, Stephen; Drangsholt, Tim
Cc: Hagen, Brittany; Watson, Seth; Kalina, Lynne
Subject: RE: urgent please read immediately

After a third review of all this documentation I still do not see where Mr. Markley is making any direct or implied threats against ACO Jenee Westberg. It is understandable that she would be concerned about his allegations of plotting to murder him but there is no evidence that he is threatening to do anything to her (other than “investigate” her). While I am willing to meet with her to talk about this (though she may not agree with my perspective) at this time I do not have any additional recommendations to make beyond those made by Stephen.


Westberg is documented getting counsel from Balin (and her agreeing) first thing after Auburn Police Department Det. Wickman has contacted her.

From: Balin, Nancy
To: Westberg, Jenee
Date: Wednesday, November 20, 2013 9:09:54 AM

Send it on over. I’m at Harborview until 11 and have some noon meetings but am clearer this afternoon.


Westberg admits she has already “talked” to Balin, no doubt Balin concocted the email blast Westberg sent on November 20, 2011 at 2:49PM.  Balin states she is available later on that day. This was a day before Gene Mueller gave his misguided “permission” for Nancy Balin to represent Westberg.

From: Westberg, Jenee
Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2013 8:19 AM
To: Balin, Nancy

Hello Nancy,

I need to talk with you again. I received the police report from Auburn and there is a lot of concerning information in it which really has me in fear and other allegations regarding the prosecutor’s office altering documentation etc. I would like for you to either allow me to read it or send it over to you so you can review yourself to help me in figuring out what to do next.

Thank you in advance for your time,

Jenee Westberg
Animal Control Officer #47
Regional Animal Services of King County
21615 64th ave s
Kent, Wa. 98032
Cell (206) 214-8388
Fax (206) 205-8043


Pamela Wyss is not convinced.

From: Wyss, Pamela
Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2013 5:32 PM
To: Drangsholt, Tim; Teply, Stephen
Cc: Hagen, Brittany; Watson, Seth
Subject: RE: urgent please read immediately

I’ll re-read all of this tomorrow but after a first run-through (including the police report) I do not see where Mr. Markley is making any threats, direct or implied. Am I missing something?

Not saying we should not invest in the bullet-proof vest or take other precautions but as of this point I don’t see a viable threat per se.



Here is the review of the crescendo of Westberg’s bait’n switched “truth.” No doubt authored by Nancy Balin for Jenee Westberg.

 This is the outline:

 1) Wednesday, November 20, 2013 – five days after the Auburn Police Dept. “professional courtesy” call – Jenee pens an account – an account that confesses that she is capitalizing on her mother (and her position in the prosecutor’s office), Ann Westberg, who works for the King County Deputy Chief Prosecutor Dan Clark, chair of the “Brady Committee” that did not make Jenee a Brady officer in 2008, when she plead guilty and was convicted for a 19-county VUSCA arrest.

 2) Westberg claims that APD Det. Wickman told her to “watch her back” words that Wickmen would later deny.

 3) Westberg denies the allegations made while she fails to tell Det. Wickman that she is under investigation for her third Loudermill where she currently was awaiting sanctions and beginning the fourth “Loudermill” that ultimately results in her termination a year later for falsifying her animal control reports and theft of county time.

 4) He has contacted 3 other individuals – 2 of which also have animal cruelty convictions 1st and 2nd degree.  The 3rd person was Laurie Hart whose case was “still pending” and had not been convicted at this time (largely because other victims exposed Westberg’s criminal career.  Hart’s case was dismissed two years later due to massive exposed “Brady” violations by Gretchen Holmgren).

Those “3 other individuals” would likely be Markley, Lindsey, and Diemond.   It was Diemond who contacted Markley and Thomas – not the other way around.  She had been on the scent the moment Westberg and her co-conspirators showed up.

Laurie Hart was discovered through court records. Because of Markley and Diemond’s investigations, her case would result in a dismissal two years later.

 5) “I went to the court house yesterday and got the paperwork for an anti harassment order, I would rather have a protection order but since Markley hasn’t directly contacted me I’m not eligible. The harassment order is $93.00 which I don’t feel that I should have to pay out of my own personal pocket. I have sent the police report to Nancy Balin for her to review and I would like to request that she represent me and assist me in the filing of this paperwork. I would also like to request that the county purchase me a bullet proof vest immediately.

 a) Westberg may have gotten paperwork but she admits she could NOT have gotten an anti harassment order as there were NO grounds.  Westberg was never eligible for either an anti harassment order nor a protection order because Markley never threatened her. He just simply named her a person on interest in the vandalism on his property.

b)  The cost of $93 is not an issue because she has no grounds.  It is just fluff to her inflated claim.

c)  On November 20, 2013 Westberg states she sent the APD Police Report to Nancy Balin = Westberg has confessed that she has communicated with Balin at that moment in time prior to Gene Mueller’s misguided permission.

d) Westberg requests that Balin represent her = a violation of RCW 36. 27.060 Private practice prohibited in certain counties – Deputy Prosecutors, IE Government attorneys cannot engage in the private practice of law outside the government.

e) On 11/20/13, it is clear Westberg has already engaged Nancy Balin in the private practice of Westberg’s defense in violation of RCW 36.27.060.

f)  Westberg has had 5 days communicating with her mother (admitted) and Nancy Balin (admitted).

 ——– Original message ——–

From: “Westberg, Jenee” <>
Date: 11/20/2013 14:49 (GMT-08:00)
To: “Mueller, Gene” <>,”Frederiksen, Glynis”
<>,”Pedersen, Megan”
<>,”Alberg, Norm”
<>,”Hagen, Brittany” <>
Cc: “Russell, Shelby” <>,”Anderson, Tim”
Subject: urgent please read immediately

Good afternoon,

I have been recently faced with a serious and possibly life threatening situation that is a direct result from me performing my duties as a ACO for RASKC. I received a disturbing phone call last Friday from a detective with Auburn pd. The detective informed me that Jason Markley (who was convicted of animal cruelty 1st degree, the case was from 2011) has accused me of attempting to murder his family and vandalizing his property. The detective told me that the allegations were completely unfounded but he had a concern for my safety. The exact words from detective Wickman were “You need to watch your back, this guy is a real nut case and he has a lot of your personal information.”

While picking up the police file from Auburn pd, Officer T. Harris spoke to a different officer who had initially been in contact with Markley and his comment was “he is a functional whack job!” The report is available for any of you to review upon request I will be happy to send it to you.

After reviewing the file report I can completely understand why the police officers placed such labels on Mr. Markley. The statements which Markley provided to the police are rather disturbing, completely untrue, but extremely frightening that such thoughts even exist in his mind.

I do not know what this person is capable of or what his next plan is but detective Wickman said that Markley won’t be happy with the results of his investigation and he can almost guarantee that Markley won’t stop there.

I feel that my life is in great danger!

This has made myself and my family extremely afraid for our safety, this person has my DOB, social security number, current address as well as every previous address that I have ever had, my father and step mothers address, my personal phone number, and my vehicle license plate #’s. He has contacted 3 other individuals 2 of which also have animal cruelty convictions 1st and 2nd degree and the 3rd person is Laurie Hart who has not been convicted at this time the case is still pending.

I went to the court house yesterday and got the paperwork for an anti harassment order, I would rather have a protection order but since Markley hasn’t directly contacted me I’m not eligible. The harassment order is $93.00 which I don’t feel that I should have to pay out of my own personal pocket. I have sent the police report to Nancy Balin for her to review and I would like to request that she represent me and assist me in the filing of this paperwork. I would also like to request that the county purchase me a bullet proof vest immediately.

I’m also open to ANY suggestions of other ways to protect myself which I haven’t thought about so please do not hesitate to send them my way. I have disabled all of my social media pages. There is no point in changing my name because it is all public records, aside from leaving the state or country I’m fresh out of ideas. I hope you all view this matter as serious because it is and as I said you are welcome to view the report from Auburn if you think I’m over reacting and I guarantee it will completely change the way you view the situation and you to will fear for my life.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter in advance,

Jenee Westberg
Animal Control Officer #47
Regional Animal Services of King County
21615 64th ave s
Kent, Wa. 98032
Cell (206) 214 8388
Fax (206) 205 8043


First known contact by Auburn Police => Friday, November 15, 2013

“Professional courtesy “ call from APD Det. Wickman to Jenee Westberg… NOT to her RASKC supervisor , Director Gene Mueller.

From: Russell, Shelby
Sent: Friday, November 15, 2013 2:25 PM
To: Mueller, Gene; Anderson, Tim; Wheatley, Aaron; Harris, Tom; Kranig, Gary; Yoshizumi, David; McLaren, Pam; Nickelson, Steve; Norberg, Marc; Cronin, Michael
Subject: Beware Jason Markley

An FYI for all field staff. Jenee just advised me she’s been contacted by Auburn PD regarding a complaint filed by a “citizen” convicted of 1st degree cruelty claiming Jenee is stalking him. The police officer advised Jenee to watch her back because this guy, Jason Markley (P038305) is a “nut case”. We are working on getting a photo of his to include in his person screen.

Shelby Russell
Animal Control Field Sergeant


Below is the interview that Brittney Hagen Crosser conducted on the serial vandalism charges after learning about it from Westberg.  (See above)  It was done about mid stream of the above drama.

In this interview by Brittney Hagen Crosser.  They are typically done under oath.

Westberg admits she was stalking Markley. It was done six days after the Auburn Police Department Det. Wickman called Westberg regarding her being named as a person of interest in the Markley serial vandalism case that nearly cost Markley’s family their lives.

 Note the misspellings of “Janee” for “Jenee.”  Misspellings are a device to thwart word searches by public information officers doing public records searches.

 Jenee Westberg’s misrepresentations are corrected in red through cross referencing public records to her interview.   Westberg’s fabrications here are a form of perjury and criminal.

Janee (Jenee) Westberg
 11/21/13. 10:43am 

Shelby Russell-AGOC Representative (present in room for Westberg)

2011 maybe April 4th, (it was April 8th) she (Westberg) went to his (Markley) location after receiving a complaint about a skinny horse house.

The call came from the call center, there were two calls actually (one of which was fictitious and both of which were suppressed and concealed at trial by KCDPA Gretchen Holmgren). Afternoon, towards the end of the day.

It wasn’t as late as he (Markley) said. It was before Reeber (Reber – mispelling = protecting Reber Ranch) closed, they close at five (Reber closes at six. Time is important because Westberg’s whole testimony was based on concealing that she switched her GPS enabled computer with ACO Aaron Wheatley to make it appear as though she was home when she was still at the Markley property terrorizing the family the evening of April 8th.   Westberg’s GPS data definitely contradicts Westberg’s story.  This is where Westberg’s GPS places her exactly:
After terrorizing Darryl and Gina Lindsey in Enumclaw earlier that day,  Westberg is with ACO Dave Morris (who illegally wrote the probable cause on both cases).  Westberg leaves Lindsey’s property where she spends several hours doing something other than animal control.
She goes 750 feet off road for about 3 minutes then spends most of the afternoon on Roberts-Black Diamond Road, stopping and starting for 4 – 6 minutes at a  time, on her way back towards Markley’s property located in Auburn.
She files one phony animal control report while driving on Roberts-Black Diamond Road close to that address prior to arriving.
It appears to be a rigged call in IE, an “Activity Report” as she is never is within visual sight of the reported address though she hangs around for about 20 minutes at a King County DOT parking lot most of that 20 minutes.
When she is in Auburn heading towards’ Markley’s property, she files a second phony “Activity Report”   at 4:56PM on Markley and Thomas prior to reaching their property – while driving.  She then “arrives” at Markley and Thomas’s property 3 minutes later at 4:59PM (almost 5PM) after traveling approx. 400 feet.
Westberg leaves Markley’s property at 5:54pm (almost 6PM) and goes to Reber Ranch (in separate vehicles meeting Thomas to buy moldy hay).  Westberg arrives at Reber Ranch at 5:57PM..  It appears while Thomas is buying moldy hay, Westberg trades her GPS enabled computer with her co-conspirator colleague ACO Aaron Wheatley who lied under oath (perjury) at Markley and Thomas’s trial to corroborate Westberg’s version of her story.  Westberg’s GPS enabled computer is turned off at 6:02PM at Reber Ranch.
Westberg’s GPS computer then miraculously turns itself back on at 8:25PM, 2 hours and 23 minutes later located at Westberg’s home in Renton while she is clearly still busy terrorizing Markley, Thomas and children still located on their property in Auburn until around 9:30PM.
She doesn’t know if it’s a modular, bright blue, surrounded by a solid cedar fence with a gate across the driveway (not accurate, good portion of fencing is wire) They came and met her at the gate. He and his wife, Cherrish (Cherish – protecting her too as it appears now Cherish Thomas aka Cherish Carita was in on the deal unbeknownst to her husband  Jason Markley – something commonly found in these cases).  She introduced herself and why she was there. They were looking at the horse in the driveway and then they started talking to her about the horse. Horse was brown (the color is “sorrel” the color of a bright copper penny.  Anyone  knowledgeable about horses would know the proper color identification of a horse.  “Brown” is not an identifiable DNA color. “Brown” was employed because the horse “Alex” was going to be “bait ‘n switched with another horse of a different color, IE,“Mr. Pibb” who was a liver chestnut) and it looked like a skeleton. (Old elderly animals get bony just like old elderly people) It was the skinniest horse she has ever seen. (lie-perjury)
They talked for a while and the horse came over and put it’s head over the fence. She asked if she could touch the horse. They invited her into the property. (Testimony from the family of six claim JW patted her gun in order to gain access to the property then she seemed to have a drug fit in their driveway. Other cases claim that Westberg used a gun/”muscle” to gain access illegally in attempt to collect manipulated “evidence.”) Nobody was ever angry. (No, the entire family was terrified).  She was there to help them and to help the horse. She felt that was how they viewed her at that time.  (Westberg certainly got that wrong).  They never left the very front of the yard. (Six people claim Westberg refused to look at the plethora of feed and hay on premises). Their horse was under a leanto (covered driveway), it smelled of oil and grease (house has propane heat but this was not an accurate description – no odor.). He went back through a gate and brought her a sample of the hay to the front yard. There was no shelter besides that. (Horses do not need any shelter. They were made to be outside).
They didn’t know what they were getting into. He invited her in, (family interviews claim she patted her gun to gain access) his horse was a skeleton (23 (perjury). They talked about how he got the horses (Craiglists 3 months prior) JW said it would be to his advantage to give her an address of where they came from. (Extortion)  They told her immediately that they got the horses off Craigslist (deception) (Whose deception?). Looked at a black horse (the fat one “Hebo” JW rarely mentions) and got the other in a package deal. She felt they were lead (led) to believe that the horse looked like that because it was old. (family photos demonstrate clearly that the horse is actually very “old” – teeth placement in face shows this).  She didn’t have to ask hardly any questions. She asked them so you got them off craigslist, who, they couldn’t remember, she asked can you remember whereabouts and they said somewhere in Yelm. She suggested that they might try and get back there. She had to write up the findings and the horse was in bad shape. Nobody was ever mad.  (No just terrified). At that point they tried to call the vet and there wasn’t one available. They called 3-4, the earliest was the next day (Heather Stewart who supported the lack of shelter script and ended up embezzling from the county along with SAFE and Hannah Mueller Evergreen).   They got the horses because they thought it would be fun, but the pony bucked the kid, so the only horse they could do anything with. They were compassionate about the fact that it was sick (because JW told them it was sick and at the time they believed her credibility). Once they realized. First they talked to the vet and the vet suggested to get the better hay for overnight. (In court testimony Stewart claims she did not look at any of the feed or four types of hay on premises). They didn’t have a vehicle to haul hay. She showed how to mix the hay so the horse didn’t get sick. They followed JW to Reeber (Reber) ranch and purchased Hay (Westberg insisted on going to Reber Ranch while GPS shows that Wheatley likely exchanged his GPS enable computer with hers at Reber while Cherish was distracted in the store and Westberg secured moldy hay from the back). She helped them transport the hay back to the house. There was a vet appoint for the next day. They seemed like a nice couple. She then left.
 The next time was the next day. He (Markley) called her after the vet had been out. He asked if there was any way for us to assist him in placing the horses. They weren’t able to sustain the cost of the recovery (that was being manufactured for them needlessly) and didn’t realize what bad shape the horses were in. (Because Heather Stewart was gouging and had already collected $250 for the farm call – did not perform any procedures to justify that amount – while failing to note that “Alex” was very old – Stewart is either dishonest or incompetent).  She had to figure out and didn’t have an answer right away. She called him back and let him know she could take them in.  Aaron Wheatley and JW went out to his house.  (2 only one in bad shape (Hebo)). They did not enter the property.  She corrects this, she did have to go into the property and get the other horse on a halter (fat Hebo who was located in the remaining 5 acres of the pasture that Westberg claimed was eaten down to nothing – a “script” Westberg uses in virtually all her cases – true or fiction). The other horse was out there already. They walked the horses from there to Reeber (Reber) Ranch after he signed the owner surrender. (There is NO evidence that the horses were ever at Reber Ranch. No invoices, no GPS, no photos of “Barn D.” However invoices indicate the horses were actually transported to Ben and Gera Dobbins ranch about five miles away) Then they went back to get the truck, (That she had parked in such a way to block the gate so that no one could drive out of the road to watch them) she did not see him at this time. The kids were sad. The female (Cherish – keeping her name out) wasn’t there. She felt like they were just doing what they needed to do.

 For three of four days she went to care for them (deception) (this is an interesting observation given it appears that neither Chelsea Eykel nor Jenee Westberg went to Reber to feed Alex and Hebo – because they were never located there.  Invoices show both horses were located at Ben and Gera Dobbins for nearly three years while Markley and Thomas were prosecuted for another horse that Jamie Taft/Bonnie Hammond of Save a Forgotten Equine (SAFE) and King County’s favorite “expert” veterinarian Hannah Mueller Evergreen were billing King County for all at the same time). Chelsea also went out there and did some stuff regarding nurturing them back to health. CE (Chelsea Eykel) arranged for the horse to be sent to Dr. Hanah (Hannah) Mueller and then to safe haven (AKA Save a Forgotten Equine to create another revenue stream for the kickbacks on taxpayer dollars). No actually that was the old horse, (admission Alex is old) the other went to foster care.

 She did see the horse one other time because he was at a foster home in Auburn (Ben and Gera Dobbins whose invoices for that year were concealed and suppressed in Gretchen Holmgren’s storage file box until July of 2016) and she saw the healthy horse. She has seen pictures of the older horse. Who is now called Mr. Pibb (The bait n switched horse for Markley’s old horse, “Alex.”  Westberg is now admitting her participation in the switch). She remarks all they (Mueller or SAFE take your pick) did was feed him (Because Hannah Mueller Evergreen and Jamie Taft/Bonnie Hammond of SAFE had queued (starved) Mr. Pibb up to be emaciated for the photo opts at Hannah’s locale in Monroe for the press). She saw him on TV after the court case, Safe Rescue (Save a Forgotten Equine-SAFE – protecting SAFE with yet another alias) was on one of the news channels (KOMO TV Denise Whitaker did two “hit” pieces on Markley – Whitaker has since gone on to become the Seahawks main party gal reporter). This is all second hand information, her other half googled “Jason markley” last weekend. She didn’t actually hear Markley. She told him to not do anything like that ever again. She doesn’t want anyone to think she was stalking that person (because she was – and here she was caught red-handed). She thinks he did this because she told him what was going on. She doesn’t think he actually did the google himself, he had told his family.

 Then when they went to trial, she had to testify and she saw him (before she testified) several times during the trial in the courthouse, they never spoke. She felt like he was glaring at her during her testimony “staring at me the whole time.” At one point his wife (again protecting Cherish), she smiled at her during the trial and said “hi.”  JW responded back “hi” and smile. She thinks maybe she got on the stand twice. She sat in the hallway a lot. She isn’t sure if it was before or after she testified the second time.

They had a hearing about whether or not she (Westberg) had trespassed on the property (while KCDPA Gretchen Holmgren was concealing the legal decision in the Lindsey case that suppressed the evidence that Westberg “unlawfully” too k resulting in a dismissal.  Prosecutorial misconduct – withholding exculpatory evidence ). He glared at her every time she saw her.

If you read the police report, he said (Markley and four of the family members) she patted her gun and trespassed and then held them hostage. She doesn’t carry a gun (Westberg patting her gun and/or using “muscle” to gain access got two other cases dismissed). That came up earlier and they took a photo of her duty belt. She had a radio and a badge. She doesn’t own a gun.

He was charged with animal cruelty (Due to Westberg’s fabrications and falsifying her reports). She thinks he views this as her fault.

She felt bad that they were charged because they got the horse in poor condition. But they never came up with someone else to charge. It wasn’t her fault.

She has not dealt with him at all except what she just told me.

On November 15th a police officer, a detective (no name but is was APD  Det. Wickman)  from auburn, (called Westberg – left this out to conceal who called who.  They must not have thought their emails would be asked for in a public record request) to say he had been investigating her and wanted to let her know. He said they hadn’t found anything. He asked her if she knew Markley, she said yes there was a cruelty case and the APD said he had been investigating her and threat everything was unfounded, but he wanted to let her know that the guy was a nutcase (something APD Det Wickman would deny several days later). He didn’t feel that Markley was going to be happy that the APD did not find anything with Janee (Jenee) and that he would likely do something. He apologized as a fellow colleague to be investigating her (professional courtesy). She said Markley had accused JW as trying to kill his whole family. She states “you have read the report so.”

 JW came back to the shelter and told GM (RASKC director Gene Mueller) and SR (ACO Shelby Russell). She told them what she told me (Brittany Hagen). The PD (Det. Wickman) had contacted her and he (Markley) was on her radar, at this point she hasn’t gotten all the details. The PD didn’t say anything about murder; she read that in the report. The PD said she had cut his brake lines, but that’s not what was in the report.

 She carried on with her day (doing everything in her power to discredit Markley). That night she told her stepmother (Ann Westberg who works for Dan Clark, chair of the Brady Committee. This is the committee that failed to name Jenee Westberg as a Brady office in 2008.) She told her she should take this seriously, sTM (stepmother) works for prosecuting attorney. JW then emailed Nancy Balin (who is barred as a government attorney to represent as defense for Jenee Westberg in a private criminal case). NB left her an email and then they spoke on Saturday. NB relayed that she has been through similar stuff and she should alert the neighbors, NB told her to not park her truck in her house. NB told her to have the county come and check her house to see if it was secure enough. (Nancy Balin orchestrated a drama to disguise any perception that Jenee was guilty).

 On Monday Tom Harris got her the police report. She didn’t get it until Tuesday. She had spoke with TH on either Friday or Monday. She told him exactly what she told everyone else. Markley has filed complaint against her and it was unfounded. (Not so much as it would turn out in just a few more disclosures below).

She wouldn’t have thought that her life was in danger if she hadn’t been contacted by the police. She was now concerned about the fact that she was a subject of the report (because she IS guilty).

Then she went to the PAO and got a anti-harassment (no she didn’t), she went to several offices and got the paperwork and began filing that out. When her shift ended she asked her mom (who is now using her position in the prosecutor’s office to protect her daughter) to look over the police report and harassment order. (There was never an anti harassment order filed because there were no grounds) She told her at that time she should let the higher-ups know (That would be Dan Clark, Mark Larson and Dan Satterberg). She also said she should contact NB and ask if she could get representation for the anti -harassment order (While Nancy Balin violated state law representing Jenee while being paid by King County). JW gave a copy of the request to her stepmother (Ann Westberg) to take to her bosses (Dan Clark, Mark Larson and Dan Satterberg). She now voices concerns that the information she is giving me during this interview maybe subject in public disclosure and then could be requested by Markley. (It was requested by the investigative reporter who gave it to Markley)

 TH got a picture for her yesterday.

 Volunteer Efforts

 No volunteer efforts.

 No fosters.

 No donations.

 Private Facebook, but she has 300 friends.

 She got rid of the Facebook page altogether (because the defense in Markley and Thomas’s trials were using her abusive radical animal rights comments to impeach her – Westberg commented that all animal abusers should be beaten to death).

 No other contact with regard to animals.

 Her sister just purchased a house across the street from Markley in April. (Westberg’s sister does not live across the street from Markley. Sister did not purchase a house in April Jenee did.  Jenee’s house is 5 miles away from Markley. There is no “street.” It is an undeveloped dirt road easement dead end.) She doesn’t know Markley She has probably been to her sister’s home about 10 times. (Westberg just admitted to being at Markley’s property 10 times about the same amount of times Markley claims his property was vandalized.) She is sure doesn’t know Markey (apparently Westberg does know Markley – very well – through her stalking and trespassing).

Sooooo…..Mr. Satterberg and Mark Larson – Just how long are  you going to carry this stage show on?  The evidence is crystal clear.  By not addressing restitution for what the criminals did to innocent people on your watch, you are exponentially more guilty.  There is more.

The more you wait – the worse it will become… for everyone.

By the way?  We have evidence and we know where the kickbacks are… that will be coming up soon. 

You people should be ashamed letting your people rape and pillage your own constituents and then stealing from the taxpayer coffers of King County on top of it.

Shame on the you, shame.


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