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Mark Roe, Snohomish County Prosecutor

This past week, I’ve been covering a Snohomish County prosecution for arson in the 1st decree against Lori Shavlik.  But this wasn’t the first prosecution of Ms. Shavlik,  it’s Snohomish County Prosecutor’s second run. The first trial resulted in hung jury, with jurors stating “ the State failed to prove its case.”

While pedophiles are walking free, and baby killers are released because Mark Roe failed to file simple papers (,) Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe and his political racketeering gangsters from the Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office are maliciously prosecuting – for the second time- a forty-five year old mother of five for Arson I.

Statistically, women do not commit crimes of arson; women represent less than 4 % of all arsonists by most social scientists findings.


arson (2)

As of today, millions of taxpayer dollars have been misspent over a fire that started  behind a dryer unit at Ms. Shavlik’s place of business – a tanning salon- and while she’s embattled in a contract /lease dispute with the building’s owner who just happens to be a personal and dear friend to the lead investigator who is also the Fire Chief, and a former City of Snohomish Brady Cop David Fontenot ( exposed and terminated from another county for stealing, harassing women in the workplace, and lying on search warrants, etc).

And by the way, the Fire Chief has no official fire investigation training, he is simply a political official, elected by the public; and a dirty cop David Fontenot is now a Snohomish County Sheriff’s Officer.  Sounds like people are being rewarded here.

After reviewing the pictures from the County’s so called crime scene, it’s clear to me that the so called crime scene has been tampered with, but I’ll wait to post how we know until after the State closes its case.




Interesting to read the last line above whereas Mark Roe writes “This memorandum has been generated to provide the defense notice of this potential impeachment issue.”

Note that Mark Roe cares not for wrongfully charging and convicting citizens, but only for how this might affect his office.

Commentary from the Gold Bar Reporter


At the time this post was made, this entry represents day four of State v. Lori Shavlik.

I’d like my readers to know that the only reason the Gold Bar Reporter decided to cover the case is because I have ample reason to believe that Snohomish County Detective David Fontenot and  Snohomish County Prosecutor Fransesca Yahyavi should in prison for the malicious prosecution of Lori Shavlik; and for what these criminals did to her children, I hope they sue Snohomish County for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

As an award winning journalist, with criminal defense knowledge, I intend to do everything possible to expose the cockroaches who retaliated against Ms. Shavlik, causing grave emotional distress to her family, as a favor to the building owner and the head of the Monroe School District, who with no surprise, Ms. Shavlik sued for harassing her daughter just a year prior to his good friends inside the City of Snohomish trumping up criminal charges on her.

In Washington State Bar Association lead counsel

Linda Eide’s own words, Re: Block, “Scene One


Snohomish County has at the helm of this malicious prosecution, prosecutor Fransesca Yahyavi, who is being assisted by Snohomish County Detective who just happens to be a Brady Cop/Detective David Fontenot.

The first issue several observers noticed is Fransesca Yahyavi and Brady Cop David Fontenot seem to have very very very personal (possibly sexual) relationship.

How we know is simple: Fontenot was caught massaging Fransesca Yahyavi’s buttocks with his finger tips.

Either this  is a new type of legal guidance not yet listed in Westlaw ( although admiittingly we did not search Lexis Nexis) or there exists a personal relationship.

Since this is day four of the trial,  I feel comfortable stating that anyone who uses their fingers to massage my buttocks is someone very very close to me, like my partner or my message therapist.

Now, I’m not sure about my readers but I’d say “a lawyer who is engaged in a personal relationship with their client/s is guilty of gross violations of their ethical duties as a lawyer under Washington State’s Rules of Professional Conduct.”

Now, just to make sure Fransesca Yahyavi’s is claiming some type of attorney-client relationship exist, while at the same allowing a dirty Brady Cop to massage her buttocks in a public courtroom, I wanted to make sure Fransesca Yahyavi  is trying to claim attorney-client relationship exists, so I requested her emails pursuant to RCW 42.56.

But from what several onlookers saw, Ms. Yahyavi and David Fontenot’s emails should be pretty juicy. Greatest show on Earth!

Valentine’s Day is certainly not over in Judge Millie Judge’s courtroom this week.

Heart                                 Valentines-Day-Clip-Art-Cupid-1


When’s a Dirty Copy, always a Dirty Cop


As I stated above, Snohomish County Sheriff’s Officer David Fontnote is a “Brady Cop.” That is, he is listed on the Snohomish County Brady List …er uh…Lust. “Brady” is in reference to a famous case known as Brady v.  Maryland.

For those of our readers who are not legal beagles, police officers who landed on the Brady List are known to be dishonest, as in this case, David Fontenot has not only been caught lying on search warrants, but he was also fired from employment for sexually harassing women at the Sheriff’s Office in another county, caught falsifying search warrants and stealing from crimes scenes.

Boy do I love Snohomish County Washington, it’s quite the place to raise children. Dave Somers where the hell are you?

Because of  U.S. Supreme Court’s Brady ruling, prosecutors are required to notify defendants and their attorneys anytime a law enforcement official involved in their case has a know history  of knowingly lying in an official capacity.  However, Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office, at least in this case, feel that they didnt have to disclose that information to Lori Shavlik’s lawyer.  But they need not worry, because another reporter did, and she did a wonderful job at exposing the cockroaches, a.k.a David Fontenot and Ms. Yahyavi. search

This prompted Ms. Shavlik to demand that her lawyer, John Crowley, notify the court, specifically Judge Millie Judge ( who at least appears to be trying to conduct a fair trial, at least at day four, stage one), to file a last minute motion to allow the defendant to enter information about Brady Copy David Fontenot into her trial.

Despite this well-known case law, case law that is incorporated into Official court rules,  Ms. Yahyavi moved in pretrial that Mr. Fontnote’s Brady cop history be excluded from this trial.  This is an attorney asking the court, the Honorable Millie Judge, to break the law.

It appears, Ms. Yahyavi missed or failed constitutional law or simply believes her actions to be above the law. Opps, there is that Kalina holding from Our Supreme Court that she should be very worried about. . .  but she may ask Tim Ford for advice on that one.

The court’s response was that she needed to think about it. On Tuesday, Judge Millie Judge, with the camera rolling, ruled against Ms. Yahyavi’s warped and facially unconstitutional motion and will allow Detective Footnote’s Brady history to be disclosed to the jury…although it hasn’t been disclosed as yet while Det. Fontnote “assists” Ms. Yahyavi with parading her 26 “witnesses” to the stand.

On day four, not one single witness is yet to introduce any connection to the fabricated arson scene.  This after launching a massive investigation of epic proportions deserving of a serial murderer, including three search warrants, one of each of Ms. Shavlik’s two businesses ( tanning salons) , and one of her family home where her young children were lined up in the entry hall like felons while the home was completely torn apart.

With no surprise, Our good friends from Snohomish County Prosecutor and our expert Sheriff’s Officers found no evidence supporting the state’s case for Arson I.

Wasting taxpayer monies to racket up criminal

charges as political favors


When I think of Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office, I think of cockroaches scattering every time their public records are requested.  Cockroaches hate sunlight, so those of you readers interested shining much needed light on corrupt government officials ask for their emails and telephone records pursuant to RCW 42.56. Pretty juicy stuff, possibly National Enquirer worthy.


The Prosecution spent at least 3 million dollars arraigning a tsunami of “exhibits” (that seem to be inconsistent shots of the same dryer vent) and last but not least, Brady Cop , and a fine member documenting what’s wrong with Snohomish County Sherriff’s Officer, David Fontnote’s “special” legal guidance that has juicy lust filled moments  closely associated with the first X rated movie I saw as a child “Deep Throat”  …moments not defined by law and not listed in Westlaw, but certainly prohibited by Washington State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct ( Lawyers). Worry not,

Ms. Yahyavi she will never be prosecuted under because our good friends at the bar have never disbarred a prosecutor.

RCW 42.56 is the public’s greatest tool in exposing the cockroaches

where they roam, inside  government agencies 


Snohomish County’s former Deputy Director of Emergency Management told political appointee John E. Pennington ” stop bothering Anne Block… you’re going over the radar and it will be the end of  your career.”

But sociopaths never listen . . . hence is the case here.

Detective  Fontenot is also a witness in this prosecution, and thanks to Judge Millie Judge, David Fontenot will get his videotaped 2 hours of fame when being impeached by the defense counsel about his stealing, lying on declarations, harassing women, and tampering with evidence in this case.

While sitting in on day one of this trial, I had a Snohomish County Sheriff’s Officer violate my civil rights by illegally seizing me – in violation of the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Const. Because I, as a severally hearing impaired disabled American, sat in the front pew of Judge Millie Judge’s courtroom.  The Sheriff lied claiming that only witnesses can sit in the front row of the courtroom. Trained in criminal defense, I said ” oh really, while there’s trial , your telling me that witnesses are allowed to sit in the courtroom? Bull shit!”

Thankfully another open government supporter is in the courtroom video taping this violation, and a tort claim has been filed against Snohomish County and the Sheriff’s Officer specifically. Now, the only the reason I mentioned this fact that may seem a little outside the scope of this article is because witnesses are never allowed to sit inside the courtroom while there’s an ongoing jury trial.

Why is simple: witnesses should never know what other witnesses are going to testify to before they testify.  Unless of course you live in Snohomish County, Washington.

While all of the State’s  witnesses have been painstakingly sequestered in the hallway in order to keep them from being influenced by other testimony in the trial, Brady Cop Detective . Fontnote is allowed to be present through the entire trial as Ms. Yahyavi’s “assistant” while Ms. Yahyavi reminds the court that the news camera videographer and journalists present are absolutely not to talk to the witnesses in the hall lest they create a mistrial.

This results in a court verbal order that the video footage is not to be publicly posted until the trial is complete. Meanwhile, Ms. Yahyavi launches a secondary attack on one of the investigative journalist present by scurrying out into the hallway to alert security that they need to remove this person from the courtroom because she had the audacity to sit behind the prosecution’s desk.

The smile on Ms. Yahyavi’s face as she returned from this task could only be described as that of a  Cheshire cat and captured nicely on camera. This occurred right after Ms. Yahyavi placed a 2′ X 3′ display easel between her and the journalist completely obscuring the view from that gallery view.

Sleepy, yawning, and 

“Judge I need to use the restroom”

During the trial  it appears 70% of Ms. Yahyavi’s witnesses have been on the stand. It had become a blur of minutia.  None have testified yet to ANY evidence that ties Ms Shavlik to the alleged crime of arson.  Absolutely zero.

Jurors’ spent the majority of the week yawning, eyes floating up and down struggling to stay awake, and ending with one juror asking the Judge to use the restroom. I began thinking ” Did this lawyer really manage to get through undergraduate studies?”  Anyone who can read or pay off a member of the WSBA Disciplinary Office can get a passing grade on the Bar exam, but undergraduate studies is where one learns to communicate with others. This prosecutor missed a few classes.”

I must admit the State has proven that Ms. Shavlik took money from the cash register drawer of her own business to go shopping with her daughter and buy lunch. Under these standards for proving that someone is guilty of the  crime of arson, almost all small business owners would be convicted of crimes, if not all.

Several witnesses also testified that Ms. Shavlik may not be a skilled manager of the business.

One witness, Rebecca, who was also a teenage single mother who Ms. Shavlik allowed her to bring her infant child to work,  testified that Ms. Shavlik was at times a terrible boss.

As a single mother myself, I could have only dreamed of having a boss that allowed me a little extra time with my one and only baby girl.  Rebecca hardly demonstrated that Ms. Slavlik is guilty of arson, but this witnesses testimony left me believing that this witness may have played a part in framing Ms. Slavlik to save her heroin addicted brother. But I’ll need to send my investigators out to explore that issue before writing a “tit for tat story” on this witness.

Overall most of the witnesses seem to like Ms Slavlik.

Major crimes detective Kendra Conley is still testifying. She did testify that she investigated thousands of cases, but we hear her emails may be pretty damn juicy, as juicy as her attire in court on Thursday, which we likened to a street walker ( perhaps she was assigned to Snohomish County’s Prostitution sting ring earlier in the day ?).

Detective Conley also with no surprise admitted that she too was rewarded with a job from the City of Snohomish to Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office. But what sticks with me is that  She also lied to the jury that she participated in thousands of cases.  A search of current case files documents that Ms. Conley is a liar.

Snohomish County  has yet to introduce any evidence that meets the bar of RCW 9A.48.020 Arson in the first degree and our country’s burden of proof requirement “ beyond a reasonable doubt. ”

The jurors are falling asleep, rolling their eyes, bored, and one juror  had to use the restroom so badly that he interpreted the judge saying I need to use the restroom. I presume to throw up over the stench coming from the Prosecutor’s desk.

A videographer is present, so our story is captured on camera. It certainly shines much needed sunlight on the criminals ruining our democracy.


If you look at great human civilizations, from the Roman Empire to the Soviet Union, you will see that most do not fail simply due to external threats but because of internal weakness, corruption, or a failure to manifest the values and ideals they espouse.

Cory Booker

Sometime after 9/11 public officials decided that they have a free pass to spit on citizens’ with no oversight from our federal courts. From what I’ve seen from our federal judges, Seattle Federal Court Judge Richard Jones (, Seattle Federal Court Judge Marcia Pechman (whose husband is a hearing officer for the WSBA so she dismissed cases filed against the WSBA as favors to her husband’s friends at t

he WSBA), and Seattle Federal Court Judge Ronald Leighton who appears to have a sworn allegiance to a Bible titled “Corruption” they may not be too far from the truth. See

Oprah Winfrey’s dollars well spent on Judge Richard Jones’s nominations as he continuously spits on the civil rights of minorities who sue for discrimination and retaliation. Perhaps Judge Jones was Mark Roe’s mentor.

Birds of the same feathers flock together as do pigs and swine. . . .

Dystopia, you bet, America will soon become a 3rd world country.   Reporting from the front lines of democracy, the Gold Bar Reporter.



Snohomish County confirm Prosecutor using taxpayer monies to fund a convicted criminal


Mark Roe misappropriating public funds
provides a legal defense to convicted criminal

A copy of Mark Roe’s contract with convicted criminal Kevin Hulten’s attorney John Kugler can be seen at

​In July 2012, the Gold Bar Reporters were first to break ” Reardon misappropriating taxpayer monies to fund his affairs.”  This story eventually brought down Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon.
The Gold Bar Reporters correctly reported that Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon was misusing taxpayer money to fund two affairs, one with Sound Cities Association President Deanna Dawson and one with a county employee named Tamara Dutton.
As the Gold Bar Reporters correctly reported, Snohomish County political appointee John Pennington and county public records officer Diana Rose (Ms. Dutton’s former friend) threw Tamara Dutton under the bus to save Deanna Dawson.
We correctly reported  that Diana Rose and John Pennington misused county monies and resources to provide Deanna Dawson a “wag the dog” approach to spare her from press coverage. But not without the assistance of both Diana Rose and John Pennington.
Public records from last year confirm that Snohomish County Prosecutor Jason Cummings also assisted Pennington, Rose and Margaret King in covering up Dawson’s affair with Reardon.
Our story published in May 2013 titled ” The Stoning of Tamara Dutton” was right on target.  For those of us who are political scientists’, this conduct is also known as a “diversion story” or a “wag the dog” approach to distract the voters.
It worked, as of today the only one the press ever reported on as having an extramarital affair with Aaron Aaron Reardon was Tamara Dutton.
For Diana Rose’s efforts to further the RICO Enterprise’s conspiracy, Ms. Rose was recently promoted to Director of Emergency Management for the City of Marysville, a $50,000 per year promotion as payment in kind for her efforts in assisting the RICO Enterprise’s conspiracy of throwing Dutton under the bus to save Deanna Dawson.
Deanna Dawson lied to the WA State Patrol claiming that she never engaged in an extra-marital affair with Aaron Reardon. It was Deanna Dawson who was traveling around Europe with Aaron Reardon in 2011, ordering sex toys to hotel rooms, and misusing the County credit cards to purchase Paris airshow tickets, expensive Paris meals, and hotels, etc.  These facts are undisputed since Aaron Reardon was fined by Washington State’s Public Disclosure Commission in June 2012 for misappropriating public funds on his  county taxpayer funded rendezvous with Deanna Dawson throughout Europe.
A source from Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office contacted the Gold Bar Reporter last week stating
” Jason Cummings and Mark Roe have been on the phone with the Snohomish County Daily Herald all week asking for more time before the Herald publishes Mark Roe’s Recall story.  Snohomish County Council and Mark Roe spent another $10,000.00 with a public relations firm in California titled  “e.Republic” hoping to slant public opinion on his Recall.
According to the insider, Mark Roe again misused county taxpayer monies hoping to divert public opinion
from the real issue which is that Mark Roe misappropriated over $23,000 of taxpayers money to provide a legal defense to a racketeering complaint filed in US Federal District Court  on December 23, 2014.
​Why? Because Mark Roe has been running illegal background checks on citizens for years.  RCW 10.97 makes running illegal background checks a crime in Washington.
​For those of our readers who do not understand the ” Wag the Dog” approach to what Mark Roe and the public relations firm he hired are trying to sdo you should read
Then last week, Gold Bar’s insurance company American Association of Washington Cities (AWC)  confirmed that it was not providing any legal services to the City of Gold Bar.  Recently the Washington State Auditor stated that the City of Gold Bar claimed that AWC was in fact providing in legal defense.  The Auditor recently told another citizen that Gold Bar’s Mayor Linda Loen filed a false certification with the Auditor stating that AWC was in fact providing a legal defense to Gold Bar, when in fact more public records confirm that Snohomish County Prosecutors are misusing county taxpayer monies to provide a legal defense RICO thugs from Gold Bar.  As a result, an additional Recall will be filed against Mark Roe on this basis too.
Why Snohomish County Voters should Recall Prosecutor Mark Roe
On February 14, 2013, Snohomish County Executive employee Kevin Hulten was exposed by two Snohomish County reporters from the Snohomish County Daily Herald for criminally harassing Snohomish County resident and taxpayer Anne Block.  As a result, Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon resigned and Snohomish County executive employee Kevin Hulten was terminated from Snohomish County employment for misconduct.
Kevin Thomas Hulten’s claim for unemployment was denied as a result of his misconduct.
In March 2013, the Snohomish County council ordered the criminal investigation as outlined by the Snohomish County Daily Herald’s article “Reardon’s Office linked to harassment” to the King County Major Crimes Unit.  Kevin Hulten’s county computers and cell phone were transferred to King County Major Crimes Unit for forensic inspection.
According to King County’s Major Crimes Unit, Kevin Hulten used a “wiping program” and destroyed evidence.  Upon completion of its investigation, King County Major Crimes Unit transferred its criminal investigation to Skagit County for possible prosecution. Skagit County brought criminal evidence tampering charges against Kevin Hulten, and Kevin Hulten plead GUILTY in an open public court located in Arlington, Washington, to criminal evidence tampering on July 7, 2014.
Our Recall Petition states:  In August 2014, Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe violated RCW 4.96.010 when he allocated and entered into an agreement using Snohomish County taxpayer monies to fund Kevin Thomas Hulten a convicted criminal and former Snohomish County Executive employee who was exposed by the Snohomish County Daily Herald on February 14, 2013.
RCW 4.96.010 in pertinent part prohibits use of taxpayer funds for conduct outside of the employee’s official duties and states the following:
Tortious conduct of local governmental entities — Liability for damages. 
(1) All local governmental entities, whether acting in a governmental or proprietary capacity, shall be liable for damages arising out of their tortious conduct, or the tortious conduct of their past or present officers, employees, or volunteers while performing or in good faith purporting to perform their official duties, to the same extent as if they were a private person or corporation. Filing a claim for damages within the time allowed by law shall be a condition precedent to the commencement of any action claiming damages. The laws specifying the content for such claims shall be liberally construed so that substantial compliance therewith will be deemed satisfactory.
What Snohomish County residents may not know is that in February 2013, immediately following the Herald’s story, Block placed a litigation hold on all records relating to the Herald story.  With this email hold, Skagit County Prosecutors’ Office used this to charge Kevin Thomas Hulten with criminal evidence tampering.
For those of us who have been investigating Snohomish County corruption for years, it sure appears to us open government supporters in Snohomish County that Prosecutor Mark Roe was involved in the facade that Aaron Reardon, Kevin Hulten and Jon Rudicil (no surprise connects to Senator Steve Hobbs, another piece of shit up here in Snohomish County) created by requesting records anonymously in the County’s efforts to change the Public Records Act.
We cannot think of any other reason why Mark Roe is misusing taxpayer money to fund a criminal who moved to Los Gatos, California.  As one Gold Bar resident said ” Mark Roe must have skin in the game.”
Block who filed the Recall Petition against Mark Roe stated ” if voters had known that Mark Roe funded a former Snohomish County executive officer who plead guilty to criminal evidence tampering, I doubt the voters would have voted for him in November 2014. To illustrate Mark Roe’s blatant disregard for our laws, just last week we learned that Mark Roe is also misappropriating public funds to fund Gold Bar Washington public officials Joe Beavers, Crystal Hill Pennington, and convicted wife beater Chris Wright, and Florence Davie Martin, who Block filed a Racketeering suit (RICO) against. RICO suits are criminal in nature, and I believe that Snohomish County citizens in Arlington, Marysville, Monroe, Snohomish, Lake Stevens, Index, Sultan, etc. should not have to pay for the crimes committed by Gold Bar’s public officials against me simply because Mark Roe’s officers, Sean Reay and Margaret King, committed many predicate acts in violation of RICO and 42 USC 1983 laws. Simply put, I’m fed up Snohomish County government corruption.”
For additional information relating to the massive RICO scandal involving Snohomish County Prosecutor’s Office see
We agree. Soon the voters will be the deciders as to whether or not Prosecutor Mark Roe will be Recalled from office or not.
Can’t wait to see e.Republic’s “wag the dog” approach to Mark Roe’s unlawful use of taxpayer monies to fund a convicted criminal and RICO members inside the City of Gold Bar.  We name this chapter of the Gold Bar Reporters book ” Who let the pigs out? Welcome to Snohomish County Washington.”
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Snohomish County Prosecutor’s deny any such contracts or records exist.
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