Spokane County attorney Lin O’Dell and her convicted killer husband stalking Gold Bar Reporter

On June 28th, 2017, attorney Lin O’Dell set up a fake Facebook account. Purpose, to stalk the Gold Bar Reporter Anne Block and her friends.

My readers will be disgusted to know that Lin O’Dell is a hearing officer for the Washington State Bar Association in charge of attorney discipline.  More importantly, Lin O’Dell is using her convicted killer husband Mark Plivilech to steal from her elderly clients, Theft includes SSA monies, threatening our elderly residents, and stealing their trust accounts.

Lin O’Dell isn’t stealing alone, she has a lot of help from the Washington State Bar Association’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel, mainly Doug Ende and Linda Eide.

One resident has outlined a “kickback system” and said ” we can only hope that the federal government starts looking at Ende, Nappi, O’Dell and Eide’s retirement portfolio”.

In 2007, Spokane attorney Lin O’Dell was assigned by Spokane attorney and Washington State Bar Chief Hearing Officer Joseph Nappi Jr.  Lin O’Dell is a close business associate of Nappi Jr and the law firm of Ewing and Anderson in Spokane.

Lin O’Dell’s convicted killer husband Mark Plivlech and Joseph Nappi Jr had quite the little guardian scam.  When I first stated investigating  Lin O’Dell and Mark Plivilech’s racketeering crimes, I learned that Mark Plivilech worked as a case manager inside a Spokane County nursing home.  As an insider, Mark Plivilech had access to elderly clients personal information, including SSA numbers and asset information.

Once Mark Plivilech would learn how much money the elderly person had, Lin O’Dell and Joseph Nappi Jr would misuse that information to obtain guardianship over the elderly person.  In many cases, forging trust records.

If family would complain, Lin O’Dell would move for restraining orders against the family members using one Spokane County Judge, Annette Plese ( linked to drug trafficking attorney and stealing children), a Stevens County Judge, Neilson, a Spokane County Commissioner, Grovdahl, and one medical doctor, Dr. Zimmerman ( who always overruled the elderly victim in protest to treating doctors).

Our readers should be happy to know that once we started reporting on Lin O’Dell’s fraud, Dr. Zimmerman is believed to have fled Washington State for Denton Texas.   But not before he managed to assist Lin O’Dell, Joseph Nappi Jr and Mark Plivilech with depleting over ten of Lin O’Dell’s elderly clients trust accounts.

Our readers should note that Lin O’Dell being caught red handed in the largest racketeering scandal in Washington State Bar history has trained her daughter, a person charged with countless thefts, to operate O’Dell’s new guardian scam.

More on O’Dell’s daughter soon.

How the Washington State Bar Association’s guardian scam works

Joseph Nappi Jr is the Washington State Bar Association’s Chief Hearing Officer who gets to assign attorneys of his choosing to hear complaints against lawyers from their clients.  Nappi Jr does this with no oversight.

In the case of Gold Bar Reporter Anne Block, Joseph Nappi Jr.  worked with convicted frauder and Everett Washington attorney, G. Geiffrey Gibbs who gave thousands to Snohomish County’s terminated pedophile/wife beater John E. Pennington while he was in the Washington State Legislature.  Public Disclosure records support that Goeffrey Gibbs was huge contributor to John E. Pennington’s re-election campaign.

Washington State Supreme Court Clerk Ron Carpenter told another Washingtonian in an email letter ” the Supreme Court doesn’t concern themselves with the Washington State Bar Association.”  In a nutshell this means the Washington State Supreme Court gave full authority to regulate lawyer to “free market participants” who decide who to go after and who they had no authority to monitor.

The Washington State Supreme Court’s blatant disregard for the rule of law continued  until the United States Supreme Court’s decision in North Carolina Board of Dental Examiner v North Carolina case held that anytime there are free market participants on the Board, they must be supervised and not allowed to dictate the delivery of professional services.  If they are not supervised, the US Supreme Court held,  Board and its members ( including the Bar) can be sued and held liable.

In Washington State, the Bar association is not a state agency, but controlled by private members, most, if not all, who have heavy ties to organized crime, public agencies, and in the case of G. Geoffrey Gibbs, who was convicted of fraud ( stealing clients monie sand then filing false statements with the Washington State Attorney General).
G. Geoffrey Gibbs was also involved in scamming the taxpayers of Snohomish County out of millions, from controlling the Snohomish County Public Defenders Association, to the Whispering Pines Housing scam involving attorney Lin O’Dell and being suspended for life after he was caught frauding the Washington taxpayers ( see WA State archives below).





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Attorney Geoffrey Gibbs has been sued for racketeering five times in the last two years.  But every time a case is filed against him or member of the Enterprise, Geoffrey Gibbs manages to get his friends assigned to fix the cases.

In July 2009, Gold Bar’s appointed Gold Bar Mayor Joe Beavers bragged to Gold Bar council member Chuck lie that the County was helping Joe Beavers fix cases against the Gold Bar Reporter Anne Block.

That same year, Joe Beavers even bragged ” We are going to get her Bar license for exposing the corruption.”

Joe Beavers is guilty of racketeering and theft of over 1.5 million dollars of Gold Bar’s water funds to hide his criminal racketeering crimes. Crimes he disseminated in email from Joe_Beavers@hotmail.com and Joe_Beavers@outlook.com

Geoffrey Gibbs, John Pennington, Crystal Hill Pennington and Joe Beavers are being sued for racketeering.  Beavers, John Pennington and Crystal Hill Pennington ( convicted of bank fraud 2005) are also being sued for deceptive trade practices with depositions to start at the end of the summer.

Both John E. Pennington and Crystal Hill Pennington have defaulted on the deceptive trade complaint, with a judgement of $125,000.00 to applied against the Penningtons’ federal FEMA grants.

A source said ” John has been desperately trying to get work with President Trump, but with his criminal history, there’s no way they can have him any where the President of the United States.”

What is clear is that the White House spent days looking up John Pennington, and even reviewed his deposition in the Oso mudslides – and that’s where they stopped. We assume its because Pennington lied about his termination from FEMA Region 10 in October 2005 and the feds already knew it.



Snohomish County, WA State Bar and Geoffrey Gibbs linked to Racketering 

Reposted from Snohomish County Reporter:


I recently uncovered the fact (via a source) that G. Geoffrey Gibbs was a lobbyist who was suspended from Lobbying, and fined by the state for misappropriating almost 300,000.00 from a previous client amongst many other things. His biggest favors included Judge Marlin Appelwick and at times possibly Judge Becker.
Instead of being sanctioned, suspended or disbarred Mr Gibbs becomes a key player in the WSBA, at the same time as the State AG’s Office has to attach his bank account because he refused to pay his fines.

Not only that he moved on to become a Snohomish County Commissioner, a Judge Pro-Tem, a SnoCo Mediator, a SnoCo Arbitrator, a WSBA Governor, a SCBA Treasurer, a WSBA chair of lawyer discipline, budget and audit committee, chair of investment and civil rights section a Snohomish County Bar Association, President, Trustee, chair of lawyer conduct.

There is a perversion that runs so deep in our Judiciary that it can not be fully explained by any lay person. Not only that, I am 100% positive that most of you knew of his previous iniquities and/or were beneficiaries of his lavish misspending but continued to elevate his status and look the other way.

Appelwick and Becker have made some dubious ruling in favor of Mr Gibbs and Snohomish County. Gibbs has absolutely NO business being in front of the same Judges he was involved in illegal activities with nor do those Judges have any business sitting on a Bench anywhere in our great state.

I am in the process of looking up every case that they have been involved in and notify those people and their attorneys (most of which have been disbarred) along with 3 other people in power that I have I finally have proof about that I am going to publish very soon as soon as we get a few more pieces of documentation, because this goes all the way to the Supreme Court and spills into the Federal Courts down into the local FBI Offices from the Federal Marshall and up. So we the citizens of Washington State have been at the mercy of all of you.

These are only stories about a few of the Judges, and other in the Judiciary, we have far more and at the head of this incestuous relationship is the WSBA. It is absolutely indefensible because I have seen lawyers disbarred for being a few cents short in their IOLTA accounts yet so many others have done far worse and they get rewarded (as illustrated above and below) Even if you can get the Times and other publications to take down these stories I have already taken screenshots and submitted them to the Wayback Machine.
Here are just a few of the articles about all of the laws and rules he violated, and even after the Attorney

The very same Judge who denied Ms Block’s records request against Gold Bar and the one who rules against most people in Snohomish County.

State Sues Goeffrey Gibbs Over Lobbying Expenses

Former Lobbyist Wants Out Of Lawsuit

Disclosure Panel To Let Courts Rule On Gibbs Case — Decision Pleases Olympia Lobbyist

Probe Brings Calls To Limit Gifts, Trips For Lawmakers

Senate Oks Bill To Give Pdc Clout To Collect Unpaid Fines

AG Taps Everett Lawyer’s Account to Recoup Penalty in Lobbying Case

Troubled Times For Big-Spending Lobbyist — Ethics Probe, Lawsuit, Loss Of Clients Reducing Influence Of Geoffrey Gibbs

Pay very close attention to who was one of his biggest recipients is: Our very own Appellate Court Judge Marlin Appelwick.

Just for your own edification you might want to take a look at how many wins SnoCo and the firm of Anderson Hunter Attorney’s get in front of Appelwick, or Judge Dwyer (former SnoCo Judge) and in front of Judge Robert Leach ( a former attorney for Anderson Hunter, who’s wife Vicki Norris still works for them) also out of Snohomish County. We also have to give a mention to Judge Becker who was also associated with Gibbs in his Lobbyist days…

I would like to know why any of you that are involved in this have continued to let these happen, and to be a party to absolute perversion and destruction of our “Justice System” the laws of this land were written by us, the people, not for the Judges, and Lawyers, please give it back to the people and step down.

I have disseminated all of my documents, and proof to over 25 different people and we have over 14 websites just needing to be published in case anyone is thinking of trying to shut me down, or in case anything were to happen to me “accidentally” so please don’t get any ideas.
If anyone in this email list would like me to file a formal complaint with documentation I am more then willing to give it to you, or to file any formal complaint that needs to be filed. I would also suggest that Gibbs be immediately fired as a mediator, arbitrator, pro-tem and commissioner as he lied on his application in all respects. He also needs to be immediately disbarred along with Appelwick and Becker, along with about 9 others which I will be doing stories on.
If any of you would like to make a statement about your involvement in this I would welcome them and print them in their original form. I am moving forward with these stories whether you step down or not so that you can not pervert our federal, state, county, and city anymore so this is not an “offer” of any kind. People are sick of it and are sending documents, recordings, and all types of other information, not everyone is on board with your corrupt ways.
For those of you responsible for this you can thank City of Everett Prosecutor, Michael Fisher, and City of Everett Judge David Mitchell for setting me on this path after massive violations of my rights, I was a lowly unaware autistic dog rescuer who they “tried to teach a lesson” for fighting back, now I’m something else. I just wanted my animals, my reputation and my life.
From the Gold Bar Reporters; when you see Micheal Fisher please thank him for awaking Snohomish County activist. See http://www.snocoreporter.com

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